Barak to Labor MKs: We'll sit in opposition
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 11.02.09, 13:12
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1. Hope he sits in the bin
2. Well I guess it's decided then - a national unity coalition
Alex ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.11.09)
with the Likud, Kadima and Yisrael Beiteinu. It isn't too bad actually, any coalition without Shas is a blessing. The questions that remain open still are the identity of the coalition leader and more importantly just how much time can such a government hold out without falling apart. It looks as if we are going to have another election in a year, I just hope they'll change the party system and the form of government by then.
3. Can I rewrite Barak's statement?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.11.09)
We'll sit in opposition because no one needs us. I'd jump at the chance to be in anyone's coalition but I've become the ''kiss of death'' perhaps even more unpopular than Olmert. When Netanyahu hinted I would stay on as DM, it probably lost him three seats. The results require us to learn from our mistakes but we won't. We've been making the same mistakes for 20 years so why stop now? Look at me, I've made nothing but mistakes for almost my entire career but I still made a lot of money. I will continue to serve myself in the best opportunistic way possible. I couldn't care less about what's good for the party or the country, I only care about myself. We understand Labour's problem, we're like political dinosaurs. We're a bunch of rich people talking about poor people while we rip them off. Unfortunately, too many voters see reality so we have to come up with a new pack of lies to sell.
4. Wonderland?
Sidney ,   USA   (02.11.09)
"Livni won the elections. What is Netanyahu thinking?" Kadima got 23% of the civilian vote. Where other than Alice's Wonderland would this be considered a victory?
5. #3 yawn, boring - get a life
alex ,   israel   (02.11.09)
6. #5 get a brain and you might understand him.
Jjay3 ,   Israel   (02.11.09)
7. Barak and Labour
jeremy ,   Hula Valley Kibbutz   (02.11.09)
Barak who are you kidding, you won't sit in the opposition. You want a seat at the table and you will make any deal possible to get there. You are an egoist no more so than members of Meretz or Peres. If you sit in the opposition you might as well take another time out because you would be useless. I do hear the knives getting sharpened because of your bad showing
8. Response to #3 Barak's statement
jeremy ,   Hula Valley Kibbutz   (02.11.09)
Bravo Bravo, this says it best about the whole of the Left and Barak Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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