Livni wastes no time, meets with Lieberman
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 11.02.09, 14:30
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1. She knows she didn't win
Sandi   (02.11.09)
2. Lieberman to Livni ...?
DT ,   TA Israel   (02.11.09)
If Beiteinu goes in with Livni in a coalition it will finish him politically and so it should. He will have betrayed his voters and will just be another "political prostitute"
3. Its time
max ,   vienna   (02.11.09)
for the government of Austria for a warning towards Livni - in case she takes this rightwing extremist Lieberman into her government, they will recall their ambassador from Tel Aviv. E-mails to the Austrian foreign ministry are on the way.
4. #3 Max
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (02.11.09)
Maybe you should worry about your nazi rightists, for example the late Jorg Heider and his bunch. Take care of your own basement first.
5. Majority of Kenesset went to right, she's deluded..
Observer ,   Florida   (02.11.09)
or just spinning the facts that the majority of the country does not want her as PM. The majority obviously wants a rightest PM. Waste of time.
6. Right wing voters were warned that Lieberman was for Livni
Seth ,   ashkelon israel   (02.11.09)
Lieberman joined Olmert's government after the failed lebanon war. How much more proof do you need. Lieberman also agrees with palestinian state including east jerusalem. Liberman and Livni agree on civil marraiges. They are very much alike. Lieberman sat in Kadima's government for a year when they did nothing about the tunnels. But somehow he got into a shouting match with an arab mk and became the left's trojan horse. Left wing parties on their own couldn't get a majority so their secret weapon was lieberman to steal voters from the right thinking they were strengthening the right when they were really helping Livni. Livni ran attack ads accusing Lieberman I am leaving Israel. I can't stay in a Livni lead israel as she sell out israel to the UN, EU and Turkey. Livni wants Turkey to patrol gaza strip and stop IDF. Livni refused to allow the IDF to go in on the ground and take out the 2,000 smuggling tunnels. I can't stay in Israel and watch for the forseeable future Livni sell Israel out. Livni lead Israel is a security disaster. Livni was the architect of the plan to leave the philadelphia route. Smuggling tunnels went from 20 to 2,000. There is no democracy in Israel. In one on one matchups Bibi was crushing Livni by 15 percent. You should have the top two square off to win a majority. This democracy is a joke where the minority left kadima keeps power because of the trojan horse lieberman. All his voters thinking they were standing up the arabs what a joke. All they were doing is kissing their butts by helping Livni be PM. Livni will do nothing as right now iran is arming hamas with long range missles that can hit tel aviv. They are smuggling them in right now. Israel voted for political suicide. The left wing voters voted strategically and came to livni while the right wing voters split up into many different directions. Minority left Kadima rules in israel. Kadima's Israel is not the israel i love.
7. #3 ^
yvonne ,   nl   (02.11.09)
you're so funny. you think someone cares in israel about what austria might do? lol.
8. #3 Send your emails, we don't care
Sandi   (02.11.09)
All we care about is what is good for Israel, take your ambassador. A german should be the last to talk.........
9. Livni-Liebermann
Punta di Lancia ,   Basel, Switzerland   (02.11.09)
Zipi Livni is a wonderful "political animal"; and Avigdor Liebermann can become the same, if he restrains from certain propaganda during election.
10. I was thinking about making aliya in the end of the year
Yuval ,   Panama City, Panama   (02.11.09)
But after this election result I prefer to stay here where I have peace and quite and not have to worry about my home going to hell aldo I am deeply and very worried about all my family in Israel, I was there when 2nc LB War Broke out and puting Livni back in power for sure sends a clear message to this terrorist, they succeded, like Ahmadinejay said, the Zionist Regisme is about to end and yes, they were the ones who pushed us where we are right now, probable in less then 2 years we're going to have elections again because of kadima's failure in the next round
11. tell it to someone who cares....
oded   (02.11.09)
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