Arabs fear rise of hard-right in Israel
Associated Press
Published: 11.02.09, 16:14
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1. so what have arabs contributed to peace? anything?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.11.09)
the arabs (ie muslims) have been expecting israel to give, give, give, give in order for there to be peace. now it appears that the israeli public has reached a tipping point and is not so keen to give anything for peace. instead, israelis want to protect themselves and not count on a "peace of the braves" with people who don't know or care about peace. and who can blame them? arabs (ie muslims): you pushed your luck a little too far, so go suck eggs.
2. it was the right who made peace with egypt
3. Live in fear!
Sandi   (02.11.09)
4. Arabs upset, afraid of peace
Ron ,   Tel Aviv   (02.11.09)
Livni and big money of her very wealthy supporters bought her votes. Bibi should understand that very wealthy people want rockets on Sderot,Ashdod, etc. With big money you can buy everything. I know this people. They wanted Omert but Livni is Olmert's student and they will try to keep her.
5. arabs need to create their own democracy
nate ,   canada   (02.11.09)
before they start lecturing and giving opinions on israel's.
6. What did the Arabs think?
J K ,   NYC, USA   (02.11.09)
Did they think Israel would get 8 years worth of missiles, 2 wars and people dancing on rooftops and handing out sweets for Jews dying and nothing would happen? This swing to the right is happening now (should have happened a long time ago) and no one should be surprised by this.
7. A setting of your own making, Arabs
Cameron ,   USA   (02.11.09)
You dummies.
8. JK #6
David ,   USA, exile   (02.11.09)
You are spot on! I have never in all my life witnessed such patience. If the US had had only one day of rocket fire into the states the offending parties would have been blown off the map. Eight years of rocket fire into Yisra'el while Yisra'el provides medical assistance, power, food etc. for Gaza is just way beyond the normal expectations of any people to show patience. I say, let the Arabs fear what the G-d of Yisra'el has in store for them, and let them fear what the Yisra'eli right has in store for them.
9. Baruch haShem!! Let them fear us!!
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (02.11.09)
10. #9 Joe
Realistic Arab   (02.11.09)
you are right, the Arab "leaders" fear you but trust me the masses DONt, and unless changes in the Arab world come from Top, Israel will continue to bahave the way it does. Shalom.
11. there is no peace...
Michael ,   Dayton, USA   (02.14.09)
There will be no peace until Sar Shalom comes again. There are many all over who have no fear of Yahuweh, the elohim of Yisrael, the elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Why try to establish peace with a people who do not recognize him as elohim? They do not want peace, they want opposition and to wipe the people of Yisrael off the face of the map. They fly their fingers in the face of elohim. Let every man be found a liar and the elohim of Yisrael be found true. Watch these last days folks! Man has flown his face in the face of Yahuweh long enough! Baruch ha shem Yahuweh and his son Yahushua!! May His kingdom come and may we all see the peace of Yahuweh be established and may all who come (whether it be Jew, christian, muslim, etc.), come and give honor to Him as elohim! For all will come, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Yahuweh!!
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