Kadima officials: Livni should consider sitting in the opposition
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 12.02.09, 00:55
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1. Of the people or for the people.
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (02.12.09)
I hope Leiberman makes the right decision and becomes the representative for the people. Israel Act Now.
2. Article testifies to the Left controlling the Legal
Jae ,   Lynn USA   (02.12.09)
jurisdiction in Israel. why is this? There was a poll that came out today that right wingers outnumber left wingers 2:1 in Israel. So why does the minority left wing own the legal system to the extent that they can make life comfortable or uncomfortable for anyone from the government to the layperson? Is this the eilte maintaining their power monopoly? Do they own the TV networks and the supreme court? My guess is a resounding YES. How did this happen, why is it maintained and how can we change this to be representative of all sectors of israeli society?
3. Heaven help us
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (02.12.09)
It's just too bad for Israel that a bad-news character like Lieberman is in a position to actually influence the path that the country takes.
4. I agree
Joshua ,   Jersey City, NJ   (02.12.09)
Although there is a lot of crowing about the "right bloc" doing so well, the fact is that the six parties have many cleavages and differences and cannot last very long. Lieberman and the ultra-orthodox hate each other, the settlers parties hate Lieberman, and all of them hate Netenyahu. I wanted Tzipi to win, but a better long term strategy is to take on the role of opposition, because Netenyahu's coalition will collapse. Even if she could forge a coalition of 61 seats, it would be virtually ungovernable.
5. I hope for the following:
Asaf Golan ,   Sugar Land   (02.12.09)
I hope the Kadima Right will join the Netenyahu led government along with the right wing parties. I hope the coalition would be large, unified, and responsible.
6. here's an Idea
Millicent ,   Israel   (02.12.09)
Why not a runoff election brought to the people to decide between Bibi and Livni! Isn't it about time we in Israel had a Government by the people and for the people and decided by the people and not by the establishment?
7. Pathetic that being left wing saves from prosecution
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (02.12.09)
It's stated here as a Likud theory but the fact is that Lieberman was already spared investigation when he was inside of kadima and only became the subject of scrutiny when he opposed the left. Compare Weizman to Deri. Sharon is another fine example. Let's face it. Left wing is fascistic police state that uses the courts and police to enforce their politics.
8. Can Peres be trusted?
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (02.12.09)
After the "Stinky Maneuver" he tried to pull with Shamir, Peres cannot be trusted to honor the democratic process and the will of the voters. Just as he bent the rules to benefit Livni a few short months ago, I strongly suspect he will do so again.
9. Lieberman will not commit political suicide.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.12.09)
Have some common sense - joining a coalition with Kadima would be the end of his political party. Lieberman worked too hard to build a successful career as leader of a party - joining Livni would lose him 2/3 of his constituants. The feeling of betrayal would be unpardonable. We expect our other politicians to be slimy betrayers of principle but not Lieberman. He would not be so short-sighted. I hope I'm right.
Brian ,   Mashabei Sade-Israel   (02.12.09)
Until Moshe Feiglin ( rises to the top and returns Likud to it's true Zionist roots voting Likud is a big mistake, I voted Ichud Leumi (, I'm a member of The Hatikva Party ( headed by Arieh Eldad ( who is #3 on the Ichud Leumi list. Ichud Leumi is the only True Zionist Party/List, and that's a fact any one who voted for Israel Beiteinu, is an uniformed fool who was duped, Lieberman is not right wing, or nationalist he might even be a worse opportunist than Livni. ISRAEL NEEDS TO BECOME EDUCATED AND INFORMED BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION, THE NEXT ELECTION WILL BE SOON, THIS GOVERNMENT WILL FALL APART!
11. I would agree
JO   (02.12.09)
Bibi, Shas, and National Home is a nightmare coalition which will do us no good and rob us blind. NH is too radical, Shas is only out for themselves ( more welfare and housing). And if Bibi caves in to Shas, well, he has a record of doing so. I would like to see Likud, Kadima, Labour and possible Israel Beitanu ( I did not vote for him but I think he would be more pragmatic and reasonable than either of the above) This would give maximum freedom to act without the blackmail of these parties.
12. my respect to kadima if this will be true
though I did not vote for zipi but for meretz (main reason was my fear she would cooperate with lieberman and natanyahu, kadima has my respect if they will not run after those negative politicians.
13. Tzipi had her chance
Earl ,   JHB South Africa   (02.12.09)
Kadima failed to form a government when they had the chance. That is why there was an election this week. Only an overwhelming majotiry would have given them a second chance. It seems that the voters echoed the politicians veiws and rejected Kadima as worthy leaders.
14. fake democraty
gregg ,   Haifa   (02.12.09)
There is something I don't understand ... Why in a state who claims to be democratic, will the President give the power to some party (to make a government) that hasn't been chosen by the majority??? Elementaire mon cher Watson !! Israel is a fake democraty !!
15. I sure would like to see a Shas-Free Government..
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (02.12.09)
Those greedy money grubbing crooks have blighted the government for too long.
16. enter and vote:
Israel   (02.12.09)
17. attacking from opposition means you can talk but not act
zionist forever   (02.12.09)
When your in opposition you can attack the government but your not in government and your not in a position to bring down a government only the coalition partners can do that. If Bibi can put together a right wing coalition play safe be nationalist but don't be to nationalist to try and walk a fine balancing act between the many parties in the coalition. Even if his government does only last 1 - 1 half years thats still time he can be doing things that Kadima don't want done and because they are in coalition Kadima can't stop either. Without Kadima in his government pulling him to the left while on the other side he is being puled toward the right it limits his problems and even makes it easier for him to stand up to the US. Please Livni decide you want to sit in opposition and attack the right. The big tests now will come from the IDF who will their uncounted votes go to. Its unlikley that it would be Livni probably either Labour because Barak was considered a good defense minister during the Gaza operation. They may also go for Likud simply because the rightist feelings in the country and as he was in opsition he has done nothing wrong. The one thing Bibi did thats hurt him was moving Felgin down the list Bibi this time round next time Felgin for PM.
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