IAF attacks Hamas position in Gaza
AFP and Ynet
Published: 12.02.09, 06:57
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1. Thank goodness we didn't harm anyone in our attack!
mic ,   Israel   (02.12.09)
What a bunch of idiots. I hope we phoned them first to give them time to go into their tunnels. These crooks that run our gov. just want to sell cement to our enemies and live in Hertzelia outside missile range. Skunks!
2. No to the ceasefire : Hamas must be crushed.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.12.09)
Not breaking the resistance force of Hamas today means that hundreds of thousands of Israelis will be brought within range of Hamas rockets later. A ceasefire agreement with Hamas means that we will soon receive a stronger, more protected, better-armed and better-trained Hamas. Cities such as Ashdod, Be'er Sheva and Kiryat Gat are in Hamas-rocket range. Several Hamas leaders have declared: "We will strike beyond Be’er Sheva…" More about Hamas and Gaza :
3. #1 but your goodness is dancing, does not give a damn
Livni   (02.12.09)
4. Now the question is....
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (02.12.09)
How many rockets does Hamas possess, how many missiles in IDF arsenal and how many buildings left in Gaza. If the number of Hamas rockets and IDF missiles outnumber the number of buildings left in Gaza, then Gaza will be flatten in no time. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out.... but then Hamas is too stupid to count.
5. i knew mr khaled kaparana personally
rashid ,   palistinian   (02.12.09)
he was a good man only a farmer i wouldnt lie to you we was good friend and i use to call him kapara for short now kapara is gone believe me
6. Silly Acrobats from Tired Zionsits
Wissam ,   Batal Falasteen   (02.12.09)
Nothing new here, since 1948 you steal, demolish, and maim Arab lives and property. You are a settler state after all, hoping to be perpetrate your crimes while being accepted in the Arab Middle East. Only difference today is that your government will be composed of criminals and opened racists, and the world will finally open its eyes to this apartheid side-show called "Israel" - A democracy for jews only on Arab land! What silly, demented people. Abbas will soon resign, and declare to the world that Hamas was right from the beginning. Only armed resistance will bring about justice and the Europeans already agree!
7. US-Madoff-Israel Axis of Evil
Wissam ,   Batal Falasteen   (02.12.09)
American arms at play once more! The Americans continute to interfere with our affairs so they'll be dealt with. Oh wait, they're already struck and doomed for their greed.
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