Soldier who fired gunshots in Hebron to be jailed
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 12.02.09, 09:35
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1. Good! he's not given a weapon for political use
Israel   (02.12.09)
2. A country run FOR the Arabs
Marcella   (02.12.09)
with institutions and politicians heavily favoring Arab rights at the expense of Jewish rights. A country for the Jews?....The dream has been betrayed! Jews now live in fear in Israel and are being increasingly disenfranchized of their right to defend themselves.
3. ynet, who's side are you on?
dave ,   uk   (02.12.09)
4. A soldier defends himself and gets jailed for it? disgustin
ari ,   jerusalem   (02.12.09)
An Israeli sodlier is attacked by Arabs and fires in the air and gets jailed for it? Would you rarther he have been beated or stoned to death? How dare he be punished for defending his life!!
5. 3# No one's side, we're not Al-Jazeera
To media here is not the common biased Arabic media, we're trying to deleiver honest news even if hurts the image of Israel as you can see. I have a question to you too: If it happens to be a war in UK what side the BBC will support, as you're familiar with them(BBC)?
6. #5
tobs ,   uk   (02.12.09)
haha, great reply ynet.
7. 6# So you think I used
Dani ,   Israel   (02.12.09)
reverse psycholigy?(In case you were cynical, if not I take it back) First I'm not Ynet(But I understand how you could think I am mistakenly), but you're probably not going to beleive me cause neither of us can prove wheather I'm Ynet or not(If that what your t/b meant)
8. enter and vote:
Israel   (02.12.09)
9. to No 5 - are you a spokesman for Ynet???
PHERST   (02.12.09)
10. 9# No, I'm #7(5)
Dani ,   Israel   (02.12.09)
11. to No. 5
Stanley Brains   (02.12.09)
F Y I during the last Iraq War, the BBC was banned from being shown on some British War ships and aircraft carriers located in the Gulf because their reporting was exteremely anti British and the Commander decided that it would not be good moral for his men and women to be watching such tripe...
12. Dani
Pary Marks   (02.12.09)
no offence meant here, but, if you were from ynet, then, well...spellcheck...?
13. 12# So that's proves I'm not Ynet!!!! Thanks #11
Dani ,   Israel   (02.12.09)
I'm not Ynet, read my previous posts! And yes my English is not so perfect when I write quickly,I need to work harder to make an 'official' post. I'm not offended ;-) No. 11 thanks for informing me, I think it's a bad thing when your own TV stations extremely going against you , though I do beleive both sides should have honest and unbiased coverge, but the World Media is driven by Interests and so called 'Politically Correctness'
14. This is an outrage!
David Hartman ,   Raleigh, NC   (02.13.09)
How sad that the left dominates the IDF policies to the point that the soldiers cannot effectively perform their job & protect themselves. These Arab haters have no fear of rubber bullets & tear-gas, yet are allowed put soldiers and equipment at risk. When an IDF soldier responds appropriately, he gets a jail term?!?! WTF?
15. In the USA no law was broken
No law broken ,   United States USA   (02.16.09)
Opress your own people = This is the way of the Liberal. Thank God Netanyahu is PM.
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