Do the right thing
Yair Lapid
Published: 12.02.09, 11:00
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1. To understand the Knesset ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.12.09)
You need a degree in Parasitology.
2. Yair thank you. I only hope they take your words seriously
Steve ,   Tel Aviv   (02.12.09)
3. Can you imagine ......
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.12.09)
Any private corporation run like the Knesset? They would be bankrupt in no time. Yet government can be inefficient, irresponsible, & unaccountable, no problem. They can be lazy, make endless mistakes, accomplish nothing much, be totally incompetent, & still keep their jobs. The same management principles that apply to private industry should be applied to government.
4. enter and vote: www.Israel-vs-Hamas.com
Israel   (02.12.09)
5. Avoid conflicts of interest and be honest
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.12.09)
That advice coming from Yair would be too cynical to be accepted. Can a MK promote a commercial interest like Bank Hapoalim while getting a salary from the public?
6. Ah Yair, sadly you hit the nail on the head again!!!!
Sheila ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (02.12.09)
7. What a pointless scribble..........
Sandi   (02.12.09)
8. do the right thing
elliot ,   usa   (02.12.09)
a lot of sanctimony--the new mk's are there to advance their faction==that is your system!! the 'right' thing is to go home,do less, and leave people more free!!!
9. Ichud Leumi
Brian ,   Mashabei Sade   (02.12.09)
won't be taking days off, they will be fighting all day everyday, except Shabbat. NEXT TIME VOTE FOR HONEST DEDICATED POLITICIANS! http://www.leumi.org.il
10. Yeah take the job seriously
eli ,   naharia, israel   (02.12.09)
Steal as much as you can -- look at your American brother legislators. They took all sorts of money from the bank's lobbyists. You guys in the Knesset are just pikers compared to them!
11. Left + Shas = 59
AK ,   OC, CA, USA   (02.13.09)
What about: Kadima (28) Labor (13) Shas (11) Hadash (4) Meretz (3) Total (59) Minority Government that could work with only two outside votes from either Balad or UAL. I bet the Arabs would rather have Shas (Sephardis) than have Lieberman/Likud in Government.
12. This Is What Has To Be Done
Mark ,   Kibbutz Elrom   (02.14.09)
The only way I am going to take any member of the Knesset seriously if he or she pushes for a change in the way the system works. The minimum requirement needs to be raised to 5% or we will always be stuck in these same mess.
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