Geert Wilders detained in Britain
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Published: 12.02.09, 17:38
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1. the Hypocracy of people
Devil's Advocate ,   Ottawa, Canada   (02.12.09)
If someone criticizes and ridicule your own religion you get mad and full of anger. When you start criticizing and mocking others you start claiming freedom of speech
2. Will the U.K. be the first Islamic country of West Europe ?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.12.09)
Islamists pursue their campaign of intimidation against the West seems nothing new, but what does seem surprisingly new, compared with the legendary fighting spirit of the British, is the seeming capitulation of London and other European capitals to their tormenters , and in any case the baffling incomprehension that they exhibit of the Islamist phenomenon which has repeatedly declared itself so clearly as inimical to them as explained at :
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.12.09)
For the usual anti-Semitic brit posters to blog here about some alleged censorship in Israel when the brits have so openly surrendered to the islamonazi caliphate
4. Brits are complete morons!
secede Texas & Okla. ,   from socialist USA!   (02.12.09)
Too stupid to pick up Islamic holy writ and read it! GaaAAgh!! It is funny how those who follow this religion most devoutly are also okay with all the terrorism going on! Even worst than that is how LIBERTY FROM TYRANTS and the most import freedom of all... the FREEDOM OF SPEECH are slowly but surely being snuffed out!
5. As a Dutch citizen...
female ,   TA/A'dam   (02.12.09)
I'm not a big fan of Mr. Wilders, but I do believe in freedom of speech...there wasn't anything new watching the Fitna movie, we have seen all those pics before...England and probably most of Western Europe will be populated soon by mostly Muslims...ridiculous that Mr. Wilders will be prosecuted in the Netherlands and the Morrocan population who don't intergrate and special the younger ones end up in the criminal circuit, are protected by the Dutch government, no harsh punishments for these Muslims, just a coockie and a cup of tea...sad....
6. shameful
Micha ,   Berlin   (02.12.09)
The Brits are the worst cowards in Europe when it comes to Islam. I don't understand why. The fought heroically against fascism in WWII and did not surrender even when things looked very bad for them. But today, they are the first to surrender against islamic imperialism. They turned their proud country into the heartland of Eurabia.
7. #1, Everyone feels free to ridicule Judaism and Christianity
Jake   (02.12.09)
Books have been written claiming Jesus did not even exist. "Reputable scholars" claim that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did not exist, that David was at best the chief of a couple of hills, and that Judaism originated during the Persian era from Zoroastrian ideas. Those who propound these crackpot ideas are free to trumpet them as loud as they wish, and indeed they do, because they know nothing will happen to them. But, the guy who wrote "Satanic Verses" that was considered an affront to Islam, cannot even walk the streets of the West without the fear of being assassinated.
8. There will always be a "wachtacallit?"
Gideon Reader   (02.12.09)
Great Britain again showing unambigiously why it is not "Great". Foolishly it sometimes calls itself the United Kingdom. It is hardly united. It is however, a Kingdom. (accent on Dumb) This incident with Geert Wilders is so sad it is funny. Maybe the move to bar MP Wilders comes from a Gym attendee riding a bicycle to nowhere. I can see official FCO policy being made around a perspiration soaked towel amidst loud bleats and farts about Israel, Jews, and Dutchmen, ruining the peace and harmony of residual britain(lower case letters intended).
9. A Lebanese - I Support this Person
Yuhanna Alqarmidi ,   California, USA   (02.12.09)
I support this person and there is absolute proof that the Koran is a book that promotes violence (because I have read it in Arabic), sectarianism and barbarism towards the non-muslims. Not only this book should be banned in the West and Christian societies, but all those who believe in its teachings should be expelled back to their country of origin, i.e. Islamic countries, even if they or their parents were born in a Western country.
10. Dhimmidom in action
Charles   (02.12.09)
11. why?
Ilana   (02.12.09)
How can this be?! And allthose protest against Israel and boycotting efforts of academicians in Israel didn't insult the Jewish population? This is very scary indeed. It should be brought to the supreme court of justice. Where will it end? Holocaust info was removed from textbooks in order not to insult the muslim pop! What will be next? Will seeing a church insult them? Will a cross insult them? WIll a boy and girl necking infuriate them in a public place and cause an "uproar"??
12. Wilder's worst nightmare,the Brits
Jan   (02.12.09)
The brits are just plain crazy. Like their Prince. Let's not forget that the world has to thank them for the creation of the biggest nightmare on earth -- The Middle East.. And they intend to continue their Fiasco (as usual) with someone called Wilders. It's OK for the outlaws of the muslim world to parade in London, spewing their venom towards jews and others (including brits), garded by the Law, but someone who comments on their barbaric statements, insults, and videos, showing what muslim ideology and fanatism is all about ,is not something they relish not hearing.
13. Geert Wilders
Tania   (02.12.09)
What I had seen on the internet of this movie, were quotes from the Koran, where Mr. Wilders let the Koran do the talking. The Dutch are prosecuting him and now the English have detained him. How come they don't detain and prosecute the hate filled Muslims that threaten others??? I have seen Muslims in Britain with posters that are chilling, threatening non-Islamic people; I have heard the hate filled,threatening sermons of Mulim Clerics and nothing is done in Europe. Are we in an upside-down world or what? What Mr. Wilders is doing is opening people's eyes to the threats that Muslims are not shy to make and to the uncertain future, non-Muslims WILL have in Europe. There are many European neighborhoods where non-Muslims cannot enter. It's just the beginning...
14. They're a threat, but one can't talk about it.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.12.09)
Robert Bernier (#2) asks if the UK will be the first Islamic country in Western Europe. Indeed, I've suggested a pool betting which country will be the first to fall. The UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden are all contenders. Spain,, Italy and Germany will come next. It's already clear they won't need a majority to effectively remake the countries in their image. What *is* clear is that the UK is the leading terror gateway into the West. Its large and increasingly radical Muslim population (largely Pakistani) is tolerated in the extreme. But they, and the threat they pose, can't be discussed. That's why Wilders is being banned. So indulged is that community that when in 2005 Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks was knighted, that act had to be "balanced" by granting knighthood to a Muslim - in that case to Islamist Iqbal Sacranie. Scotland Yard is currently monitoring a few thousand Muslims for radical activity, but can't deport them because of the "human rights" standards of the courts. So they run free, often living off the public dole. The CIA now has to devote more resources to the UK, fearing that's where the next attack will come from.
15. Geert Wilders detained in Britain
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.09)
Geert just say you are anti-judaica and you will receive VIP treatment
16. We are lions led by donkeys.
The 11th Man ,   London   (02.12.09)
Believe me, many, many, British people are sick and ashamed of the socialist (read communist) moral cowards who are in our Parliament. THEY DO NOT REFLECT THE GRASSROOTS OPINION OF BRITISH PEOPLE. We are being betrayed daily.
17. Wilder should stay out
English guy ,   London   (02.12.09)
In contrast to what all the previous posters have said, this is obviously a public order issue and nothing to do with that xenophobic blond Dutchguy's opinions. I think you'll note that almost any country in the world tries to keep out people whose very presence could cause public disturbance. It's a practical matter. Even the great US of A bans people from its shores for the tiniest of infringements. The fact that Wilders is a "lawmaker" in no way obviates the sheer hatefulness and provocative nature of his message. If you think we should let in Geert Wilders, then you probably also support Bishop Williamson's freedom of speech and David Irving's right to publish odious crap. You angry people should remember that freedom is a two-way street - once you allow these rabid and moronic Islamophobe morons to spout hatred, you'll have to give a platform to rabid anti-semites also.
18. salman rushdi also offended islam, what happened to england
unbelievable change   (02.12.09)
19. Sinking fast ......
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.12.09)
Not only are they going bankrupt financially but they are evidently morally bankrupt as well. I generally take a glance at The Religion of Peace website every morning & it is most rare not to see a small article or two on Muslim doings in Britain. The cumulative effect of reading such articles over a period of several years reveals a most disturbing evolution (should I say devolution?), a pattern of Britain ceding it's culture & traditions, of unlimited ''accommodation'' to Islam, a country voluntarily becoming a nation of dhimmis. The British elites, like their Eurabian counter-parts, are very, very afraid of their Muslim imports. We know this phenomenon here in Israel as well. People who are unwilling to fight for their freedoms will soon lose them.
20. Truly floored by the transformation of Europe
Cameron ,   USA   (02.12.09)
They toss their birth-right, culture, and reality out the window with an indifferent sigh & shrug. Fate was kind in allowing my sister, the boys, and Brit husband to pack out of Merry Old England before it reaches crisis point. My God, what a mess, and it's only going to get worse.
21. Koran
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.12.09)
The Koran is the Mein kamf of today ! The first mein kamf caused the death of 50.000,000 people.The Muslim mein kamf,will bring to the destruction of all species on this planet,including muslims,so ,they will be rewarded by Allah for destroying the infidels,by sitting on his lap in the company of 72 maidens,the ifidels shouldn't complain,The American bill of rights,grants,the pursuit of happinnes as a basic right,so,if death and destruction makes the muslim happy,so be it.
22. Couldn't happen to a nicer country.....
Yaron ,   USA   (02.12.09)
I am personally happy to see the Brits behaving as who they really are. The war in Gaza was what brought what was always there to the surface. The UK is in the grips of their old attitudes and behavior and at least we can clearly see their objectiveness. You get what you deserve....fools!
23. I wonder
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (02.12.09)
I wonder if muslim disturbers of "community hamony" will have the same fate ? I heared yesterday that Sir Ahmed threaten with violent manifestation if Geert Wilders was allowed in Great Britain.
24. The left loony governments:
Juan ,   Spain   (02.12.09)
The left loony governments: Such as Britain's "NuLabour" will always align with Islam, because they are both anti-Christian, and anti Jew. Get used to it, Britain is sunk, politically, morally, spiritually.
25. amazing!!!!!!!!!
smith   (02.12.09)
facho-islamist can go in the UK but they refuse Wilder. Shame on you UK, some day you will pay...
26. Hamas, Hizbollah, Al-Qaeda welcome in UK
Kevin ,   Port Elizabeth   (02.12.09)
but no to a Dutch MP? England back to its shameful , cowardly, appeasing ways again. England is doomed for sure.
27. 'Community harmony?!'
Jeff ,   Oxford England   (02.12.09)
As a Brit, I am horified at the decision not to allow Gert Wilders into the country so as not to upset 'community harmony' according to the government. This basicaly means that we have already lost to the Islamisation of Britain if we cannot say what we want for fear of upsetting imigrants. In 'liberal' Britain, any hint of critisizing Muslims in public is seen as racicm, consequently a true open dicussion cannot take place. This is what Wilders was trying to do with his film. He did not comment but just showed word from the Koran. Nobody will ask Muslims the obvious question in Britain, Do you believe and try to fulfil the jihadist message of the Koran? This sort of question is not asked openly because it might upset 'community harmony'. I used to be proud to be British - now I want to emmigrate!
28. English guy, #17
Kev ,   London   (02.12.09)
You are a blind moron.
29. he is not a writer
nana ,   jerusalem   (02.12.09)
from all the books are written by people he do not find to attack only the koran .it is god words i know that more than him aand he is not awriter he is a naughty mouse .let him in britian or in any place no one will trust his writing and h will be in hell after the death or may he believe he will not or he believes there is no god or there is no justice from god . believe on man . how idiot he is
30. #16 - Encouraging & Hope-Isnpiring Words
Yuhanna Alqarmidi ,   California, USA   (02.12.09)
I am a Lebanese who legally worked and studied in the United Kingdom for many years, and eventually was granted British Citizenship, a fact that I proudly cherish. Although presently I reside in United States, my heart and mind is with UK and Europe; and it saddens me to see the gradual eroding of Britain and Europe through the rise and influx of the Muslim population, with withering of Western values that I greatly esteem. People like you are a hope, and we should mobilize other people and make them aware of the Islamic danger that is looming against UK, Europe and the West. Islams do not integrate in the societies where they live, and eventually civil strife (Fitna) and turmoil will ensue with the non-muslim societies where they live. I am afraid that if this predicament goes on unchecked, all of Europe is going to witness a type of Balkanization; this is a foreboding thought, and Enoch Powel was right.
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