'Ethiopian tenants? Out of the question'
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 13.02.09, 09:06
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1. disgusting
Ilana   (02.13.09)
What an embarrassment. In my town?? A lot of work needs to be done with all these immigrants, Russian and Ethiopian. It makes one wonder... What is wrong with these people? Why do they discrimminate? So it is Ashkenazim against sepharadim? Sabra against Russians? Russian against Ethiopia? Everyone thinks they are better??? Really depressing and disgusting.
2. Can I offer a VERY politically incorrect observation?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.13.09)
The people who react most strongly & express the greatest outrage most likely don't have Ethiopian neighbors themselves. They also most likely don't have any Russian neighbors either. I am not condoning or excusing baseless prejudice by any means. But generally speaking, in every country in the world, people like living among their own. In a country like Israel composed of a rather wide variety of inhabitants with very different life-styles & customs, it would be idealistic in the extreme not to expect this type of reaction. When I chose a place to live, my first question was who else lives in the building. It had nothing to do with racism but rather compatibility & admittedly, some stereotypes as to the behavior of some ethnic groups. Ethnic prejudice does not disappear overnight - it takes generations & we should not become immediately hysterical over such incidents. Every other immigrant group eventually assimilated & so will Ethiopians.
3. #2 Laws
megs   (02.13.09)
In other countries you'll be able to take these people to court. And besides, where did I read this before in my historybooks: "Jews need not apply" or "Jews and dogs not allowed" Seems like you haven't learnt much. Can you imagine the stir it would give if a Ethiopian Jew was refused an appartment in let's say Paris: the whole Jewish world, the ADL etc would scream antisemitism.
4. Terry you're wrong, not only incorrect
Nati ,   Israel/Poland   (02.13.09)
It's nothing but racism. The very same reason why Jews were not allowed studying at universities or practising specific professions in Europe. The only reason is because they look different and have other customs than majority. What you're saying is unacceptable. It cannot be that in Israel Jews are refused living in chosen area just because they're black. And for the reason we're a nation of various immigrants such policy is horrid.
5. Assimilation?
HS ,   CPH, Denmark   (02.13.09)
It seems that the one group that refuses to assimiliate to the modern world are Russian immigrants. Of all the ills of the Russia they've left behind, they choose to cling to the well-known and virulent racism. In Russia, it used to be directed against Jews. Nowadays, it's been expanded to include anyone who is not blond and blue-eyed.
6. #2 Well said!!
Shoshana ,   Jerusalem   (02.13.09)
7. Russians go back to Russia with your racist attitudes!
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (02.13.09)
8. Shocked!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (02.13.09)
I'm shocked this isn't outlawed in Israel!
9. as a matter of fact
JL ,   israel   (02.13.09)
i have ethiopian nieghbors and they have always been the best neighbors in the building or the area..i would prefer them anyday to anyone..they are clean...quiet and polite...everything desired in a good neighbor
10. Racism in Ashkelon
Yosef Chaim ,   Jerusalem   (02.13.09)
The citizens of Ashkelon should reduce the value of the properties of these racist Russians by picketing their buildings. Who will want to live in those buildings then?
11. Getting along
ST ,   Yesha   (02.13.09)
I live on a "West Bank settlement" and in each of the buildings here live Ethiopians, Russians, Americans, French, South Americans, Indians, native Israelis-Sepharadim and Ashkenazim, etc - Jews from all over the world. Everyone gets along fine, and if there are arguments among neighbors, it is about other problems and not where a person is from. I think that we are a great example of "kivutz galuyot".
12. #2 & #4 - Read more carefully what I wrote.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.13.09)
I wasn't defending discrimination - I'm just saying that getting all hysterical about various incidents is, well, an hysterical reaction. Look, there is a definite campaign to paint Israel as a racist society - it comes from the Arabs, from the looney-left Europeans, & from our own home-grown lunatics. The rather horrendous examples of racism in other areas of the world is mostly ignored. But every incident here in Israel is given major exposure. What is really incredible in Israel is the opposite phenomenon - considering the diversity of our population, there is very little racism (although I don't like that term). We are not exactly fighting in the streets - we all manage to get along pretty well. In this particular example, you have Russians who came here with certain attitudes & who are themselves the object of prejudice coming into contact with Ethiopians who are very much different & it is unrealistic to expect no problems. This happens everywhere in the world - this is just a fact of life. I did not say it was right - which I clearly said, evidently not clear enough. But over-reacting is not the best response. If, for example, the deputy-mayor, Mr Vaknin & Mr Blai had made a less ''political'' response & had arranged an informal meeting between the Ethiopian couple & the building's residents in a social setting, letting them get to know each other on a personal level, they perhaps would have accomplished more.
13. Terry
Ilana   (02.13.09)
First, it is incorrect to say that. It is irrelevant whether we have russian or Ethipian neighbors or not. It is the prejudism that is disgusting. I have Russian neighbors, so? And if I had Ethiopian neighbors I would be very pleased. It would mean good things any way you look at it. I do not want racist neighbors, or people who throw garbage on the streets, or people who act ugly, or expect me to change my lifestyle due to their beliefs (religious etc). But I have no problem and even would enjoy a mixed cultural, secular and religious neighborhood. And that would include my my arab neighbors, who I enjoy and get along with just fine-more than fine even.
14. sad
dan ,   london   (02.13.09)
This article and some of the response sadden me greatly. Reminds me of a line from old British comedy; "I'm all for equal rights, but when they get the same as us it has gone too far"
15. I would never buy a flat w/ Russian neighbors
Mendel   (02.13.09)
They are not even Jews, are drunkards, noisy at night, inconsiderate, unfriendly, many of their young whelps are violent, who needs it?
16. I understand their point!
As these people were used to live with only Jewish people in Birobijan, they do not understand why they would have to live with non-russian Jews now. Excuse me? They are not russian Jews? They are Russians, who came to Isreal for economic purpose only? And, in the country of origin, the habit was to force Jews to move and live in Ghettos, just because others Russians wanted to live only with Orthodox Russians? OK: my fault! Please discard my first comment. And consider they imported they racist attitude from Russia.
17. We Jews will never learn from our history
Eric... ,   Israel....   (02.13.09)
When the goys do it too us then we cry,but when we do it to our own people its ok.When you dont learn from our history this is what happens.Ignorance is the word.
18. Racism in Israel
Greg ,   Rehovot , Israel   (02.13.09)
I'm not aware what is going on in Ashkelon, I'm just able to tell about Rehovot where I've been living for about 10 years and had witnessed of a very drop of entire neighbourhoods populated by Ethiopian immigrants. Unfortunately this phenomenon has established on a very reason. For instance I personally have been shocked occasionally to find that one of the well known religious estate in Rehovot has got the written term in property purchase contract – “Never sell this property to ones from Ethiopian descent” Concerning the racism in Israel as a one of Russian descent I've suffered a lot - probably from such scumbags as #7 Gil and any others like her who takes the advantage of any opportunity to express theirs hatred against Russian immigrants. Greg
19. Sounds like Jewish Russians picked up some bad habits...
Yitzchak ,   Yerushalyim   (02.13.09)
Sounds like Jewish Russians picked up some bad habit from their goyish neighbors back in the RUSSIA! From an ANGLO/ITALIAN!
20. I'm sorry, I disagree with you
DS ,   KA   (02.13.09)
I have nothing against Ethiopians, but how is that policy different from, let's say , whole neighbodhoods'GEARED TOWARDS THE RELIGIOUS PUBLIC"? If religious people can decide who lives with them, why not Russians? PS: I am not Russian
21. It needs to stop now...
Concerned realist   (02.13.09)
when reading the article, I felt knots in my stomach imagining the disgusting arrogance and racism of these Russian immigrants talking like this. Truly despicable!! And in Israel no less. We are all one people. Enough of this turning on ourselves. If the moslems want to do it, so be it. But the Jews need to stick together...all Jews, all colors, from all backgrounds.
22. I don't see what all the fass is all about
Eyob ,   Addis Ababa   (02.13.09)
All my neighbours are Ethiopians and there are no problems what so ever.
23. Racism ?
Sergey ,   Tel Aviv   (02.13.09)
Hmmmm ... Well your talkbacks people say it all . Seomeone like Mendel sounds so much liberal yeah ! Or another comment about all russians go back to Russia also sounds really cool . I mean why they write an article when it comes to "russians" you know we are not jews right . Like there no issues betwen Israelis from Iran and western europe or iraq or many other countries . Why always when it comes to so called non jewish russians they write huge article ? I am not saying these people are right, but you have to be a litle bit more objective because it happends everywhere in this country . I do agree with Terry we are all mixed and most of us live in closed comunities. So please people stop blaming russians we are not that different and just for your information in Russia we used to be Jews but here we are just russians .It says all about the way this country accept immigrants . Good luck to everybody and i hope we will get along.
24. For me,if Ethiopians are genuinely Jews,they are my brothers
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (02.13.09)
If not,they can be my fellows,as human beings,but in relation to Israel ,I will have restrictions about them. Up to now,I am not sure if they are relly Jews,or only part of them are ,or even none of them...
25. My Ethiopian-descended neighbors are lovely
Yael ,   Tel Aviv   (02.13.09)
I find this incredibly shocking and am absolutely disgusted. I only hope none of those racist, biggots are planning to sell and move into my building or my area. I've a lovely young Ethiopian couple living upstairs from me. They are not only quiet and tidy but always have a warm and pleasant greeting ready when we meet, in stark contrast to some of my other neighbors who are rather unpleasant people.
26. i wonder...
yoseph ,   france   (02.13.09)
To all Ethiopians jews living in Israel, i feel sad when i hear how they are treatening you in israel, i suggest you you go back to ethiopia wher no one will abuse you racialy, or come to europe where people are civilised.
27. #12 Terry I see your point :) but
Nati ,   Israel/Poland   (02.13.09)
I agree with you that we manage to cope with each other without major perturbation but discrimination in our society against Ethiopian people is a big problem. As you said we need social campaign of awareness for all Israelis to cope with diversity issues rather than political statements. Ethiopians specially need to be taken care of because they're volnurable and are subject of common prejudice. Even here in TBs people who're bashing on Russian immigrants are doing more damage to our nation rather than helping advocate rights of minority.
28. There are lots of people that I would not
Kev ,   London   (02.13.09)
...want to live next door to - Ethiopians come near to the top of that list. You all know what's happening in 'Eurabia'. Political correctness is lethal. That's my firm, established opinion. I intend to live my life - not direct my energies towards a clearly failed political experiment this is destroying us all.
dovdevan ,   ASHDOD, Israel   (02.13.09)
because the israeli society is racist and if you don't struggle you will get nothing !! racism in Israel is well alive we can see in cities like ashkelon ,ashdod or bersheva almost gettos of Ethiopians people ! reports about people who don't want ethiopians children to be in the same classroom than their childrens or the mayor of north town who don't want ethiopian in his town !!
30. Israel needs more Dimona.
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.13.09)
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