Habayit Hayehudi wants broad government
Amnon Meranda
Published: 13.02.09, 13:31
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1. everyone who voted for Habayit Hayehudi
Brian ,   Mashabei Sade-Israel   (02.13.09)
maybe now you will wise up and next time vote for Ichud Leumi, it's been just a couple of days since the ballots and already it has become clear that there is only one true Zionist list/party who will defend the land, Jewish religion, culture and security, and fight outside influences. The rest of the parties and lists lied just to get your votes and are oppurtunists and nothing else.
2. WOW! Aren't we surprised! They think he is the Messiah!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.13.09)
Give him time and will give away everything just as he did with Hebron! Remember the Wye Plantation thing my religious friends? As for the Golan Heights and the Galilee, well, until last week he didn't even know where they are as on the Likud map of Israel they don't exist. Luckily he had his GPS with him! Netanyahu will show his true colors very shortly. His ego reigns supreme and his only consideration is what is good for him and not what is good for the country. We saw this last time and leopards never change their spots! Remember also that last time he lost he run away to America and abandoned his party just as Barak did. Pity they both didn't stay they!
3. An Emasculated Party
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (02.13.09)
They got clobbered because they failed to see that it was the fruits of the very trees they planted themselves whoturned their backs on them. They also lack direction and a clear vision, and have done nothing in years to advance Torah observance in the public domain. It will hardly serve their image well as a "religious" party to put someone in the Knesses like Mr. Auerbach who enjoys complaining about Chareidim. This is a frum Yid?
4. I can't believe they want Kadima
Steve   (02.13.09)
Habayit Hayehudi wants a "broad coalition" with Kadima? Kadima is the progeny of betrayal, mass-expulsion of Jews and retreat. Why would anyone on the right want Kadima?
5. they should demand in coalition talks that instead of
randi ,   Jersualem   (02.13.09)
instead of changing the rules for conversion and marriage, they should change the decsion makers. Formal religious observance in Israel should be handled by religious zionist rabbis, not by heredim. break the rule of heredim, not Judaism!!
6. know what ? better have arabs rule Israel...
avi   (02.13.09)
(a nation of all its citizen after all !!!) maybe as jews would remember what jew means, do we need another shoah ??? yes "israelis", be frightened, really now, not much time to go for last ride. I hate talking like that but its just the awful REALITY, Shabbat Shalom ???
7. When will they force Orlev to grow his mustache?
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (02.13.09)
What has Kadima done in the past that the mustache men would like to see continue? Can they point to anything?
8. Ramon should replace the profesor
Rivka ,   Tel Aviv   (02.13.09)
Albert ,   Buenos Aires ARG   (02.13.09)
do not change those haredis for the patriot Lieberman, he is a must in a government
10. #2 Let's list all YOUR mistakes in public
ichud + bayit   (02.13.09)
Yes hes made awful mistakes, he knows they've been noted, and they're in the past, which is good. He knows exactly who is watching him very carefully while working with him, and up close, so these mistakes aen't likely to happen again. If they do, Gd forbid then blame us and the new players we all put there, to put things right. Hey, maybe you don't even want things to get better. All the more to grouch about. You'd lose your favourite raison d'etre. Have a lovely Shabbat . We will, while waiting for positive changes with all the new talent we've all helped to put there, and havin helped to move many of the losers out of the way.
11. Israel’s democratic dream
H.H.M ,   Israel / Jerusalem   (02.13.09)
Israel’s democratic dream Knesset election 2009 magnified in old Israel political sickness of splitting the Knesset votes into too many party groups as well as these parties are ruled / governed by relatively small groups who elect their own leader. This time coalition majority problems are centralized to under Mrs. Tzipi Livni ( Kadima, ) Benyamin Natanyahu, ( Likud ) Avigdor Liberman ( Israel Beitenu ) together 70 Knesset seats but questioning who will form these new government as its Premier with these 1,881,663 votes. Somehow it seems that Natanyahu is to become Prime Minister with a coalition of his election opponents of Livni and Liberman. On this basis the Ha-Bajit Ha-Jehudi MK’s Hershkovitz / Orlev ( 3 Knesset Members = 96,765 voters ) suggested joining this coalition. Additional rumors speak of Chaim Oron ( Meretz = 99,611 votes ) for fusion to Haavoda Ehud Barak ( 13 MK’s 334,900 voters ) which brings us up to 2,412,935 votes all together. Actually we face a “... c o m p l e t e d e c e p t i o n ...” on the basis of so called coalition possibilities concerning 83 Knesset’s seats with their 1,881,663 special /specific votes which were given to very, very different political parties, each headed by different personalities, not to speak of their own party p r o g r a m s . - The voters decision / opinions are to be sacrificed / adjusted to the will / needs of party leaders without having been asked / consulted and without any veto to ability until the n e x t k n e s s e t e l e c t i o n ! WHEN? The order of the day for the new Knesset is a change of our elections laws to secure real democratic influence on the Knesset law giving members.
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