50 killed in NY plane crash; 2 Israelis suspected onboard
Ynet and AP
Published: 13.02.09, 15:08
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1. You know a Clinton is in power when airplanes drop
out of the sky and all the passengers, including the targeted one, die. MOA=Method of Operation.
2. An article in American Free Press Feb.9,2009
by Victor Thorn may reveal why this plane AND the plane that landed on the Hudson River went down...and it was not birds in the engines as reported to assuage public fears. "Miracle Landing Coverup" says the FAA warned 320 planes were dangerous. The engines at risk are CFM56-5B's and both engines on the plane that landed ninthe Hudson river were CFM56-5B's that had problems a coulple of weeks before. That SAME plane had an engine fire after a loud noise on January 13. When the plane took off and landed in the Hudson River, the loud noise and engine fires were again reported, but in BOTH engines.
3. #1
Avi ,   Israel   (02.13.09)
If you have nothing intelligent to say, then I suggest you shut up!
4. People who give bombs to People who Bomb
RJBH ,   Methil   (02.13.09)
children cannot think that they are immune to just retribution...In Fact etc etc.....
5. To #4
mea   (02.13.09)
Sure. That's why you lost in Gaza, dude. Enjoy.
6. The plane that went down was a Canadian Made Bombardier
Jimmy Two Shoes   (02.13.09)
Here in Montreal, this plane is being made. Montreal of late has become home to a huge radical Moslem population. As a matter of fact Bombardiers assemply plant is situated in St Laurent Quebec where a huge molsem population resides. Also a large mosque is situated within spitting distance from the Bombardier plant. All these things make you want to say Hmmmmmm....
7. #5 ,6 sick and stupid .
8. #6
Mike ,   FL   (02.13.09)
see #3
9. #3 Avi: You are the one who should shut up considering
the research of Paul Craig Roberts, a noted author and retired USMC Reserve Colonel and retired Oklahoma police detective that showed certain people were targeted when all passengers onboard died during the Clinton Administration when planes exploded. You have forgotten TWA 800 that was shot down with a Stinger missile according to many witnesses with military backgrounds? You have forgotten the plane with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 32 CEO's that went down in Eastern Europe after Ron Brown threatened to expose Clinton if Ron Brown got indicted? You have forgotten the convenient crash of John Kennedy Junior's plane when he was going to announce he was going to run for the US Senate that Hillary Clinton wanted? You have forgotten that two planes piloted by Muslims trained by the Red Chinese who paid for the Clinton elections hit the WTC towers on the morning that documents to file an indictment against Bill Clinton which were located in one of the buildings and were to be taken to Washington, DC that afternoon? Maybe you don't read much or maybe you don't retain what you read or maybe you should shut up.
10. #3 Avi: The person on the Buffalo crash plane who was
targeted was most likely Susan Eckert, a 9/11 WTC widow who would not accept the official version of events and sued the government and lobbied for an investigation and who was still lobbying for an investigation when she died. That is consistent with other downed planes when the objective is to silence someone. A former military pilot said the plane with John Kennedy Jr. that went down had to have had an explosion (sabotage) on board for it to go down the way it did. Kennedy was going to announce a run for the US Senate which would have derailed Hillary Clinton's chances of getting elected. You are the one who should shut up if you don't want to read some more.
11. A question for #1, #9, #10....
Tahl ,   Israel   (02.14.09)
And the reason you write your posts completely anonymously is because you're afraid the long hands of the CIA would hunt you down and eliminate you as well? Seriously dude, get a life. Sounds to me like you spend way too much time in DEBKA.
12. #9
Avi ,   Israel   (02.14.09)
I think you are high on something #9Anyway, watch out, for you might be targeted by Hillary to avenge Bill, after all she has never forgotten the Monica affair and she is looking to get even. The choice fell on you, idiot.
13. #10
Marco ,   Spain   (02.14.09)
Are you a freak, Or did you just escape from the twilight zone?
14. #12 Avi: If Hillary wanted to get revenge on Bill, she would
have divorced him. They have both had lovers, so they have an open marriage. I read it was the affair with Barbara Streisand that caused Hillary to stop having children after Chelsea was born. I do not use illegal drugs as you suggest. Perhaps you do and that is your problem.
15. #11 Tahl: There have been many attempts on my life.
I cannot say it is the CIA, but it could be. More likely it is the devil who hates truth.
16. #13 Marco: The plane that crashed in Buffalo was an airbus
according to the news I listened to and read. That means the engines could be the type in tb#2 that theFAA warned are dangerously defective. Is that freakish? Only to you and freaks.
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