Palestinian ministers want Israel probed
Published: 13.02.09, 18:53
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1. ya Right
2. State at war
Sidney ,   USA   (02.13.09)
If they claim to be a state, then they are responsible for acts commited from their territory. There are repeated attacks from Gaza on Israel. This means that their "state" is at war with Israel. Any cooperation with them would be unthinkable and an invasion of the West Bank would be permissible. They love to play it both ways, claiming the rights of a state while denying the responsibilities.
3. IF there is a "pali state" then
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.13.09)
Why doesn't the Israeli FM and AG initiate war crimes charges against the pali leadership? NUMEROUS homicide bombings paid for by the pali 'government'; thousands of rockets and mortars fired at Israeli civilians by the palis; terrorist attacks planned and paid for by abbas, qurei, and maliki. Palis should be careful what they seek!
4. If Palestine is legal state Israel can ask for probe
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (02.13.09)
If Palestine is legal state then Israel can ask for probe into the daily declarations of war by members of a part of their "legal" "democratic" government by shooting missiles at civilians.
5. what a crock of
SWL ,   USA   (02.13.09)
gee - no surprise here - but it's ok to lie, cheat, steal from your own people, put the money in swiss bank accounts, and then tell your people you are poor, undeducated, no jobs, no future - and it's Israel's fault....haha ...stop blowing yourself up, stop hiding behind women and children and crying foul about your self inflicted casualties..go fly a kite...
stude ham   (02.13.09)
Let it not be said that Israel stands in the way of peace when these bitterly controversial harassments are launched by the enemies of the state. Let it be known that the Palestinians never wanted, nor ever will be interested in, any kind of peace between themselves and Israel.
7. The Pali terrorists are sick. They kill and than they point
Frank ,   USA   (02.13.09)
their ugly fingers at those who refused to be killed. They always blame those who defend themselves.
8. If your a state
Yuval ,   Panama City, Panama   (02.13.09)
Then definitley we can hold all of the pals account for all the suicide bombings since 2002, it's like turkey they talked about convicting our leaders and we got the armenian card out and they've shut up now, this is a joke by this loosers
9. palestinian delegation
do not forget to include hamas who has murdered your people, 400 of them, in cold blood after the war without tial, without due process and without the justice of a court. this action indeed is deemed more worthy of an international trial than holding israel responsible for defending its southern citizens against 8,000 gaza sent rockets in 5 years.
10. pa wants probe of israel
elliot ,   usa   (02.13.09)
the fruits of oslo--a plo-hamas terrorist state not yet in existence will act at its birth to de-legitimize israel--this demand is a preview of their behavior if israel permits it another reason for the jordanian option
11. #3, If Israel files charges, then it respects ICC authority
Mike ,   Atlanta USA   (02.13.09)
Not sure Israel wants to go that route
12. palestinian ministres
ldh ,   world   (02.13.09)
the palestinians are occupieing the land of israel the land of the jews they can run around all over the EU but it is and will all ways be the land of israel like the europeans would say jew go to israel so if you arabs what you real are do not like it find an other country and go there if they would like to have you we jews do'nt want you in israel
13. What for? The PA already blamed Hamas for the war
Jake   (02.13.09)
as did Mubarak. Hamas should be probed, as should the UN for falsely reporting that a UN school was hit by Israel, and later retracting the accusation that it was a "clerical error".
14. If Palestine is a state than prosecute Arafat for war crimes
Leon ,   Los Angeles, USA   (02.13.09)
Plus add all of their terrorist leaders dead or alive. Furthermore force them to stop calling for the destruction of israel and using civilian population as shields and using under age children as soldiers and suicide bombers.
15. if Palestine is a state. What are the borders?
Leon ,   Los Angeles, USA   (02.13.09)
are they ready to settler on Gaza and area A? or are they claiming all of Israel too?
16. Be careful what you wish for,you will be subject to the same
Jo   (02.13.09)
If this is a political game then it is one that can be played on all fronts. This is politics and PR. But as games go, you play by rules and then are asked to be judged by the same rules.
17. Failing the test of history.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.13.09)
Israel's enemies have always wished to destroy it, of course, but what's new this time is that they are avoiding the set-piece battles that lost them all previous wars, and are instead elaborating the tactics of terror. Islamist Iran has made itself the driving force. The terrorist movements Hizbullah and Hamas are both Iranian satellites, and their presence on Israel's borders ensures that Iran can already engage in terrorism on its own terms and at times of its own choosing. There's a civilizational dimension to it as well: Science and technology have hitherto given Western states their supremacy over the Muslim world. As Iran moves toward possession of the nuclear weapon, this historic advantage is neutralized. A nuclear-armed Iran will be able to promote terror at state level, changing the balance of forces as never before against the West in general and Israel in particular. But for the Arabs living today in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, ongoing failure to achieve statehood reflects the ultimate indicator in determining that, indeed, they do not deserved statehood as described at :
18. Is a “Palestinian State” legitimate?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.13.09)
Along with modern Israel, the Gaza strip and the West Bank was part of the territory of Palestine within which in 1922 the League of Nations gave Britain the task of re-establishing the Jewish national home because of the unique claim by the Jews — the only people for whom it had ever been their nation state, hundreds of years before the Arabs invaded it. In other words, far from being ‘Palestinian land’, the Jews are entitled to claim it under international law, which also gives it the right to hold on to it in self-defence. Yet ‘progressive’ opinion not only denies both law and history but demands (as do the Palestinians) the ethnic cleansing of every last Jewish settler from a putative Palestinian state (just as half Israel’s population was created by Jews driven out of their ancient homes in Arab lands). So much for anti-racism. For facts and international law :
19. A repeated lie…
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.13.09)
The greatest Middle Eastern success in public relations opinion-shaping in the last forty years has been the Palestinian self-definition of themselves as a separate people and as victims of Israel and the West. The entire world, it appears, has been convinced. Europeans and many Americans, not to mention members of the Muslim umma, trip over each other offering sympathy and buckets of money to the Palestinians. The United Nations makes unique arrangements for the Palestinians, and numerous UN bodies devote themselves solely to the needs of the Palestinians. And those same Europeans and Americans, and the members of those UN organs, risk apoplexy in their violent denunciations of Israel - Israel the bully, the oppressor, the colonialist, the racist - for thwarting the Palestinians. …Goebels would be green with envy. As for the truth :
20. When did the Pals become a State?? Was I asleep for 1000 yrs
William ,   Israel   (02.13.09)
I don't recall one current statement of independence by the Pals, nor any borders, or even history for that matter. So they have a school system, a pseudo government, and a flag - so what? So do the Kurds and Basques! Yet, with the two groups I just mentioned, you don't see their representation in the UN, no specific UN committee focusing on them, or an Olympic team under their name and flag. It seems creating a State is simply just to make a unilateral border and claim your neighbors are abusing you. I want to make my own State of William in Ra'anana and pay no more taxes, but I want aid. Further - if the Pals are "a real State" couldn't we just drag them all in front of the Hague as well?
21. This is Rabin's gift to Israel.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (02.13.09)
Hopefully ,the new leaders of Israel will take this "gift"back.
AMERICA JUSTICE   (02.13.09)
and i guarantee that if israel probes them the war crimes committed by israel will FAR EXCEED the ones committed by Palestine....
23. Instead...
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (02.13.09)
UN should probe Palestinian government because it does nothing for stopping thugs live in his «terrortorie» and shoot Israël.
24. A "state" - that fags off another for everything - including
Scott   (02.13.09)
its wars. What is left for the "pal state" to claim? These suicidal, murderous good-for-nothing barbarians feed off Israel in every respect whilst trying to kill and destroy - bite the hand. Its still astonishing to think that Israel actually provides power and many other basics to the 'independent pal state' - while at war. Incredible!
25. Self-proclaimed "human rights fighters" today
William ,   Israel   (02.13.09)
Murderous racists yesterday and tomorrow.
26. #22 - Polls don't exactly support your claim
William ,   Israel   (02.13.09)
The majority polled in the US still show support of Israel over the Pals with most blaming Hamas for the Gaza war. If you think Pals committed hardly any war crimes, then perhaps your definition is different than ours. Suicide bombings, use of women and children soldiers, civilians as human shields, targeting mostly unarmed civilian Israelis, and an open declaration of genocide proclaimed by Arabs in 1947 and continued until today - definitely falls under the current definition and Arabs are guilty of all of it. But they can (and do) always play the "we have no control over rogue elements" excuse despite evidence showing direct leadership involvement and payment, right?
that is jsut jew propoganda. ask the average guy on the street. do it. i dare you. take your own poll...
28. William 26, Maybe the answer is
Darren ,   Oakland, CA   (02.13.09)
reformation of Jewish paramilitary groups like Lehi and the Stern Gang? If the Arabs play the "we have no control over rogue elements" why shouldn't the Israelis?
29. Palestine,A legal state? on what planet?
Lisa ,   Auckland,New Zealand   (02.14.09)
You have to be so totally deluded to say that Palestine is a legal state!! maybe on planet Mars! I guess this is a reflection of the "intelligence" within the Palestinian leadership. Can you even call them Palestinians?? There is no actual country called palestine. Talk about a joke!! Palestinians could have had their own legal state or country in 1948 had they been smart enough.
30. LOL
JG ,   Asheville NC   (02.14.09)
Hahahahahahahahahahaha You are so funny abASS I guess there were no Kassams since 2002.
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