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Surge of anti-Semitic attacks in UK
Associated Press
Published: 14.02.09, 15:16
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1. The anti-simtitism weapon
Israel useing this word to scare the world from criticize them they didn't realise yet that the world is changing and this old tricks will not work anymore ... so call it what you want to call it but it's anti-Israeli crimes
2. The brits don't need any excuse to exhibit anti-Semitism
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.14.09)
It is inherent in their culture. For centuries Jews were banned from the formerly anglican (now muslim) state During the Shoah, they had no issue with hitler's doctrine;they purposely sunk refugee ships carrying Jews trying to escape;after they purposely sunk refugee ships carrying Jews to kill them.There is a long and embedded history. Claiming it is gaza just serves as an excuse to exhibit their "manifest destiny!"Why,even their 'prince' loves to banty about wearing a swastika!
3. What does it take for Jews to appreciate the danger we face
David Turner ,   Richmond, the galut   (02.14.09)
in galut? For 2,000 years we are constantly surprised that our neighbors really do see us as Other, outsider no matter how long we have lived among them, no matter how close we feel to them and their country. Our German community had a history or residence along the Rhine from before the first century. When did the so-called aryans arrive? But when a charismatic leader decided the time had arrived to finally solve Christianity*s Jewish Problem, where were our friends and neighbors then? Not even our intermarried relatives. Sure there were those few righteous gentiles. But compared to the millions who actively murdered us, or stood by and watched; and not just in the execution chamber called Europe; England and the US contented themselves with platitudes of sympathy knowing the truth. Christianity as religion is the foundation for lethal antisemitism. Unless and until that religion purges its gospels of accusations of deicide and calls to avenge the death of Jesus on the Jews antisemitism will continue and, when circumstances such as economic depression and war arise, the Jews will again become target. And perhaps the next Shoah will truly prove to be final for our Diaspora. What does it take for Jews to appreciate the danger we face in galut? If mass murder at the swords of the crusaders; if burning at the stake of the inquisitors; if the recent Shoah itself fails to convince. By what tragic act of denial do we ignore the obvious evidence of Diaspora history and await the next and, thanks to advances in the technology of computer data banks, detection and death, likely final solution to Christendom*s Jewish Problem.
4. Targeting Jews as surrogates for Israel is antisemitism
David Turner ,   Richmond, the galut   (02.14.09)
Targeting Jews as surrogates for Israel is antisemitism, pure and simple. Appreciate the real, abandon Denial. We can*t really crave their love and acceptance so much as to sacrifice life, our own and our children, to achieve it?
5. more wars = more jewish hating
Jalal ,   Gaza   (02.14.09)
simple normal people hates wars jewish love wars simple result people will hate jewish criminals
6. What Jesus really said in the Bible
Melissa ,   Pewaukee, USA   (02.14.09)
The "religion" of Christianity does not teach "deicide" or revenge against Jews. The words of Jesus (Jeshua) in the Bible are: "The Father loves me, because I lay down my life in order to take it up again. No one takes it from me; I lay it down of my own free will, and as it is in my power to lay it down, so it is in my power to take it up again; and this is the command I have been given by my Father."(John 10:17-18). Jesus also said with regards to those who crucified him: "Father, forgive them; they know not what they are doing." (Luke: 23:34). Anyone who is a "true Christian" - who actually reads and follows what the Bible teaches - does not persecute the Jewish people - but rather stands with them against any that would do them harm.
7. Excuses, excuses
Rina   (02.14.09)
Anti-semitism was on the rise in the UK long before the Gaza operation, and the online news brought us regular installments of it. The UK antimsemites were practicing their "art" while the civilian population of Sderot and surrounding areas endured daily rocket attacks from Gaza. So don't think we're stupid enough to believe this. The antisemites in the UK don't need an excuse, they hate Jews. Period.
8. 'ere. A real shocker, that.
Gideon Reader   (02.14.09)
Who could have possibly forseen the UK as a center for anti-Jewish, anti-Israel attitudes and even part of their foreign policy? Grow up. These scumballs(who can on occasion be charming or more appropriately "quaint" if generally unwashed, are little more than Frenchmen with less cultivation and better beer, if poorer wine. Either way. They are Euro-Wankers and deserved the comtempt they earn on a daily basis.
9. #4 yes we know, we've heard it before
Edithann ,   USA   (02.14.09)
You've been singing that same song for over 1000 years, and have learned nothing... TATA
10. We didn't really need proof
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (02.14.09)
to anti-Israelism being a modern version of antisemitism. Brits, you are so ridiculously hypocritic, with your greedy colonialistic heritage and your occupation of Northern Ireland (remind me who gave up the fight, there?) etc.. We're here to stay and we'll defend ourselves, whether you like it or not. Cheers and have a most splendid day.
11. #1 : Are you blind?
Frenchguy ,   Paris, France   (02.14.09)
Or are you just full of hatred? So for you beating innocent people to a pulp, throwing molotov cocktails in synagogues is not anti-semitism? "Old tricks", you say; "the world is changing". You seem quite proud of that, too. Well you may see these despicable attacks as "changes" towards a more civilized society, but all I see is history repeating itself : people giving in to hatred and violence, and targeting innocent people who have done nothing wrong, simply because they were born Jewish. And you support this. How do you live with yourself?
12. After barring entry to Geert Wilders I hide my UK heritage!
redbourn ,   Tel Aviv   (02.14.09)
After preventing Geert Wilders from entering the UK the British bulldog is now seen throughout the world as a sniveling coward that has come under the Islamic heel. I`m Anglo/American but from now on when fellow Israelis ask me where I`m originally from I shall say 'America' because I`m ashamed of what England has become. Mike
13. uk antisemitism
c.c. morris ,   forrest, tennessee   (02.14.09)
just last week england refused to allow dutch parliamentarian geert wilders to enter the uk because of his film "fitnah" which exposes islamofacism. any wonder jews are feeling the heat from britain's new residents?
14. UK anti semitic rise
DT ,   TA Isr   (02.14.09)
What would you expect in the EU's home for Islamic terrorism
15. Action and reaction.
Marco ,   Spain   (02.14.09)
For every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. When you kill children in GAZA,its only normal that people around the world would react negetively towards Jews. What did you expect the world to do? Hand out candy to Jews?
16. #12 Mike
Marco ,   Spain   (02.14.09)
You are one less looser that we should worry about.
17. #15 Marco, Hypocrite Inc.
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.14.09)
Where were you Marco when over 3000 kassams bombed the hell out of Israel last year? Were you marching through the streets of Madrid protesting or busy producing anti-Israel signs and anti-semitic slogans in anticipation of Israel's response?
18. Anti-Semitism
Choni Davidowitz   (02.14.09)
There is only ONE effective antidote to the poison of anti- semitism.. ALIYAH.
19. Antisemitism brings Jews closer to Israel
Liliane ,   Brighton, SX, UK   (02.14.09)
Antisemitism brings Jews closer to Israel and strengthens it. We have lived in Britain for 400 years since Cromwell. I don't see another 400 years.
20. #16 - Marco regarding losers
Maurice ,   Montreal   (02.14.09)
Real losers are those who prefer insulting others instead of discussing (just like yourself). By the way you don't even know how to spell the word 'loser'!
21. Who is *we* edithann, if Jew then Denial, if not then antise
David Turner ,   Richmond, USA   (02.14.09)
22. Jalal #5
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (02.14.09)
Simple Normal people hate terrorist attacks and missiles aimed at civilians on a daily basis Palestinians love the mentioned above means of killing and destruction Simple result People are still antisemitists and applause to the Palestinians for their excellent propaganda. Judging from how you choose to live, propaganda is the only thing your leaders do well.
23. To Marco # 15
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (02.14.09)
If the principle you're teaching were relevant, people would loath the Palestinians. You do realize they've been killing Jews long before the occupation of territories in the 1967 war? Have you ever learned of the massacres of Palestinian Arabs in Jewish people in this land before the establishment of Israel? If the principle you're teaching were relevant or even true, people would ban most Muslim leaders, most African leaders, not to mention China, Russia and what not, for systematically and deliberately killing innocent people. Something that Israel, by the way, has never done. But who cares? Let the Palestinian propaganda speak, it's as holy as the bible.
24. Everyone who denies this is anti-semitism
Korem ,   New York, USA   (02.14.09)
or states that this is just what Jews get because of Israel's actions, deserve to die. That includes Marco and Edithann. I don't hear you saying Chinese should be attacked for actions in Turkmenistan, Turks for actions in Armenia, Arab Sudanese for their actions on non-Arab Sudanese, Muslims worldwide for 9/11, or any of dozens of other examples. You are basically saying an innocent Jew outside Israel who has done nothing other than strive for education and a good life like his fellow countrymen deserves to be attacked for the actions of Israel's government. Without even getting into whether Israel is justified or not, making such a statement makes you so rotten that you are THE reason no Israeli or Jew takes you seriously, the reason Zionism exists, the reason I and my Zionist brothers and sisters will continue the struggle for generations to come.
25. Korem from NY, USA
Gábor Fränkl ,   Bp, Hungary   (02.15.09)
All I want to say to you is Thank you very much - personally! You are great!
26. Jalal in Gaza's war mongering "projection"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.15.09)
Psychiatrists speak of "projection" as a neurotic imagining of a characteristic in others that really reside in themselves. Jalal (#5) in Gaza provides us a perfect example. He writes "normal people hates wars... jewish love wars... simple result... people will hate jewish criminals" This nonsense comes from one whose forbears gained empire not through persuasion or wisdom, but through the sword. How many tens of millions were brought to the "religion of peace" through conquest? Huntington was right when he wrote of Islam's "bloody borders". The truth is Islam sees the imposition of its ways, by force if necessary, as legitimate. The Jews just want to be left alone.
27. Marco - what a joke you are.
Adam ,   UK   (02.15.09)
You're an anti-semite yourself Marco - go on, admit it. In a recent poll, the Spanish came out as the most hateful in Europe. marco's just one of these jerks.
28. Surge of Anti-Semetic Attacks in UK
Nick Nikora ,   New Zealand   (02.15.09)
To Dana # 23 You stated; "Have you ever learned of the massacres of Palestinian Arabs by Jewish people before the establishment of Israel"? Yes, I have. Between 1937 - 1946 a Jewish terrorist organization calling itself IRGUN lauched 60 attacks against Palestinian Arabs. In fact one of its leaders was to become Israel's PM in the 1970's - a Mr Begun.
29. To Nick #28
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (02.15.09)
I wrote : "Have you ever learned of the massacres of Palestinian Arabs in Jewish people in this land before the establishment of Israel? " - Not at all the question you wrongly quoted. I apologize for possible language barriers, but you simply quoted me wrong. As for the misinformation you wrote: There was no organization called IRGUN. There was the ETZEL - IRGUN TZVA'I LE'UMI, if that's what you meant. One of its leaders was indeed PM Begin, who later led the peace process with Egypt. Additionally, I do suggest you check your history books again in regard to this organization's attacks' targets etc..
30. One more thing to Nick # 28
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (02.15.09)
You are expected to give up your NZ passport. You reside on Maori lands and Maori blood is on your hands. Many Maoris still feel like class B citizens in your country, isn't that so? (If you happen to be of Maori origin, I do sincerely apologize to you, but the principle remains).
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