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Surge of anti-Semitic attacks in UK
Associated Press
Published: 14.02.09, 15:16
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31. Surge of Anti-Semetic Attacks in the UK
Nick Nikora ,   New Zealand   (02.15.09)
To Dana # 30 Thanks Dana for putting me right regarding the Irgun issue. Yes, I am Maori and there has always been a close relationship between Maoris and Jewish dating back to the 19th century because the only foreigners that the Maori chiefs trusted were Jews. For this the Maori chiefs gave Jewish businessmen greater opportunity to continue their business affairs and protection. They afforded them these privileges because Jewish businessmen didn't come preaching with bible in one hand and a gun in the other. That close relationship continues today NZ's current PM is the son of a holocaust survivor his relationship with Maori is getting closer each day.
32. To Jalal #5, a cannon-fodder
Yon ,   Haifa, israel   (02.15.09)
Dear Jalal, from what I've learned about your (HAMAS, Hizballa, etc.) leaders, you're just a cannon-fodder for them. The more Palestinians killed the more profit (power, international stage, money) they have. "Suffering of Palestinian people" is just a goods to sell. Though, seems a slightly rot already. Poor lamb!
33. To Nick #31
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (02.15.09)
Dear Nick, Thank you for this interesting piece of information. I must say it deeply moved me. Now, I notice (it's hard to miss) that there is a surge of anti-semitism and anti-Israelism in NZ too, and I find it distressing and hard to digest. The situation here is much too complex for people from overseas to judge so one-sidedly. Additionally, it is clear that Jews are automatically much more harshly judged than any other people, and Israel more than other nations. That can be explained by nothing other than very deep roots of antisemitism. The things you wrote, Nick, teach us how wrong this basic antisemitism is. People also don't bother studying the case and have an extremely short memory in regard to Israel's history. It's not that Israel's actions can never be examined and criticized, but there is a lot more than meets the eye in our situation here, and everything should be viewed on the broader background of Middle East politics (including Iran), the history of Palestinian terrorist organizations (the FATAH established in 1959, for instance), and the constant threat to the very existence of Israel. Thank you for "listening" and responding, Nick.
34. Dana # 22 AMEN TO THAT!
Petra ,   USA   (02.15.09)
and the seam of the thread of propaganda has come unravelled. The UN's recent disclosure of the theft of blankets, food, meds, etc. was but one boo boo Hamas had made. The word's out. Even propaganda is exposed for the lies they are.
35. The world is getting smaller and smaller for Israelis&Jews..
Where Israeli&Jews can go? No UK, No France, No Spain, No Italy, No Europe, No Middle East definitely, No Turkey, No Latin America, No India, very soon it will be No USA too.... Israelis and Jews will be stuck in Israel and will not be welcome anywhere in the world.
36. Nick I want to rub noses in Maori greeting
Alan ,   SA   (02.15.09)
37. Nick Nikora 28
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.15.09)
When the Irgun Zvai Leumi attacked people , it was ALWAYS in retaliation for murders comitted by those people . There was already a Jewish prime minister in N.Z. : Julius Vogel from 1873 to 76 .
38. Is ETA also a "reaction" Marco, #15
Noam ,   Boca Raton   (02.16.09)
Judging by what Marco wrote, I would only find it "natural" that people react by hating Spaniards for all the cultural and ethnic repressions they practice against the indigenous Basques in their home country? Would ETA murders, car bombs,assassinations, and kidnappings be consider a "natural reaction" to Spanish occupation? What should Israel do when attacked unedingly with rockets aimed at civilians? But you probably wish all the Jews left Israel, so their wouldn't be this conflict with the Palestinians. Problem is who will take them? Would we trust your Spaniards, after having betrayed us in 1492? My ancestors were among those expelled but you don't see me hating you and all Spaniards automatically for that.,,
39. UK and Spain will be the 1st EU countries to be Islamised
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (02.16.09)
40. AntiSemitism a mental disorder
shrinkDave ,   Miami USA   (02.16.09)
Anti-Semitism has all the hallmarks of a mental disorder. The symptoms include a pervasive hatred of a particular people, despite no apparent threat or contact with those people, and a high level of anxiety and paranoia despite the absence of any threat. The pervasive nature of this behavior renders this disorder non-treatable. At the severe end of this disorder, the anti-Semite may become violent, and a danger to others, which presents a challenge to Jews because Jews become the target of economic, and physical violence. At the mild level, anti-Semitism is manifested as criticism of Zionism or other intellectual rationalizations such as degrading economic and cultural stereotypes.
41. marco
ryan ,   jerusalem   (02.18.09)
your comments at #15 fuel my zionism. thank you for the reality check. its people like you after reading such an article then commenting the way you did proves that we jews need to live in Israel. again thank you for the reality check.
42. UK Antisemitism
purplehelen ,   London, Uk   (02.20.09)
Wasn't it a good thing that Britain (it's Britain, btw, not England) didn't allow Geert Wilders into the UK? He's racist - against Muslims. The UK is a meritocratic state that doesn't discriminate against colour, religion, ethnicity or disability. We've also been trying to expel Abu Qatada for years. The same Abu Qatada whom the European Court of Human Rights granted 2 grand compensation today, against the wishes of the UK government. Just last week, several individuals were arrested in the UK, allegedly on their way to Gaza. Unfortunately, 7 of them were realeased today, due to lack of evidence. I live in London - this is not Londonistan; it's a multicultural, mostly tolerant city, where people of many different cultures, colours and faiths live together more of less harmoniously. It's not perfect but, largely, it works well. Come and live our fair capital city, and see for yourselves.
43. UK Islamicised
purplehelen ,   London, UK   (02.20.09)
I believe that there are far more Hindus in the UK than Muslims. I'm a Hebrew speaking (Church of England born) atheist. I respect Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and and any other -ism you can think of (although I'm a bit resistant to Christianity, but that's me). I think that the British are too lazy/self-indulgent to become Muslim. Give up beer and bacon? You're having a laugh! Pray 5 times a day starting at circa 5am? What Brit would bother? No worries on that score..
44. Purple Helen Im Glad in your list of Tolerations theres No
RJBH ,   Methil   (02.20.09)
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