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Parisian Jews: Anti-Semitism on the rise
Daniel Edelson
Published: 15.02.09, 12:32
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1. No place for Jews in France-or UK (end)
DT ,   TA Israel   (02.15.09)
2. antisemitism is collective punishment.
James Hovland   (02.15.09)
You know how this works, or rather doesn't as it were. Why do you keep trying to apply the same failed idea to others? Look at Islam after 911, America after Shock and Awe, and Israel after Gaza, Lebanon, etc, etc.. You never know, maybe if life is miserable enough you'll pick better leaders or stop supporting Zionism and Israel brutal policies. 1300 deaths in Gaza... Let me now when antisemitism catches up, and we'll talk sympathy then. I do feel bad for the Jewish people, but as long as they support the Zionist agenda, I say let them suffer, just like the Palestinians in Gaza. Looks like Karma to me.
3. Benhamou
David ,   sydney   (02.15.09)
Rather than flee like wimps or hide, it is time for the jews to start fighting back
4. The only place for a Jew is in Israel!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.15.09)
OK, so our system stinks. OK, so we had, have and will have corruption. But here, no one calls you a "bloody Jew" or even worse. This our home and has been our home for thousands of years. Some have tried and even succeeded to throw us out be we always come home and this is what the Jews of Europe, the UK, Venezuela, South Africa and many countries should do. Israel is the only country on this planet where a Jew is welcome and can go anywhere. Here a Jew does not have to apologize for being Jewish!
5.  G-D said "At the 'End of Days" I will bring my people back
mic ,   Israel   (02.15.09)
to their land from the four corners of the earth." He also said " First I will send the fishers, then I will send the hunters to bring you home" It's now 'the time of the hunters' eg; Anti Semites, Musies etc etc. You can come the easy way, or the hard way. It's up to you... Have a nice day. mic
6. COME HOME TO ISRAEL ! ! ! ! !
Josh ,   Bet Shemesh   (02.15.09)
All 600,000 French Jews will be welcomed with open arms in Israel! Please come home and be safe!
7. Jews - start carrying guns!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (02.15.09)
And start packing! Come to Israel!!
8. bullshit
sam ,   haifa   (02.15.09)
I'm living now in Israel since 2 years, but I lived before in France. for 28 years I didn't feel personaly antisemitism. It's true that there are some problems, but not more than anywhere else. don't forget that France has the highest jewish and arab communities in europe, so it's just a statistics matter. to be so pessimistic by publishing this kind of article is useless and lying.
9. Ah, multiculturalism comes to Europe.
Cameron ,   USA   (02.15.09)
The joys of riots & daily danger of having your family attacked on the streets, or followed home are now yours. There is a downside to letting those who loathe you & your culture, settle in massive no.s, right next to you, in your own national house. Enjoy, Europa, enjoy.
10. this is a sign , to all jews
vashDi ,   israel   (02.15.09)
come home while you still can!
11. ooooh anti-sematism
stewie ,   family guy   (02.15.09)
in france which is close to germany , i wonder if anyone is going to see it coming this time!
12. jew in europe
menachem ,   switzerland   (02.15.09)
Tighten up the security. It is time to fight back. sure it is not easy, but every one should now, to hit a jew in europe will get a reaction. Why is israel not sending some security staff for helping this jews? We jews have the right to stay in europe. antisemitism is a sickness, the best treatment for them are clubs in the fa... never again stay strong and all the best to the rech community. shalom
13. #3. Fighting back is not the solution
Josh ,   Melbourne, Australia   (02.15.09)
David, I don't think you understand the situation. Muslims outnumber Jews in France 5 to 1. Fighting back only raises the tension and will attract more violent attacks even though self defence is very important. Its time for Jews in France to make aliyah to Israel, where they can be protected and 'fight back' as part of a collective effort. Jews in France have no future.
14. To #13 Josh: Hear Hear!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.15.09)
You guys in Oz are lucky. You have a PM who told the Muslims that if they want to live under Sharia Law to get out. There are very few like him. My only disagreement with your Talkback is that you said France. You should have said the Diaspora. The only place for a Jew is, with all our crap, in Israel! Oz is good but for how long? Your neighbor NZ is already anti-Semitic and how long will it take to infest Australia?
15. kinda agree with sam
(-) ,   jahrusalem   (02.15.09)
i kinda agree with u sam tho it is not a lie that anti-semitism is growing - especially after political unrest in israel. The fact of the matter is you have alot of hostile emmigrants living in france that might not be the brightest, or humblest of people who should be thankful they are living in france where they have better opportunities. the sad reality is that they feel marginalized, living in ghettos' - while the french live well. it is absurd for them to be hostile towards the hand that granted them entry - obviously - but the fact remains that they are hostile people in general - towards jews, french, elite classes, etc. i had an *incident* once while travelling in paris that could have ended really badly, with robbery, and possibly rape...murder? who knows>!>?!?!?!? the fact of the matter is these guys didnt know me from a can of tuna and were extremely hostile and borderline violent had they been given the opportunity, who knows how it could have ended - we were lucky we arrived into a public place with witnesses and the jerks left us alone! this was not anti-semtism. i was not wearing a magen david. my friend is actually black (caribbean, african american decent) - so this is pure opportunistic foolery and nothing more/nothing less. yes- jews should be careful in france! no doubt! but EVERYONE should be careful in france as well. and watch your purses on the champs delysees ladies!!!!!
16. come home
Ilana   (02.15.09)
Please come to Israel. They don't want you there, and they don't want you in Israel. Where do they want you?? Come here and help build a strong and good Israel. It is not perfect and it has its problems, but I believe itis a much more moral place than anywhere else. And who cares what the rest of the world thinks.
17. Enough political correctness !
Ben Yosef ,   Paris, France   (02.15.09)
It is not the French who are antisemites. It is the "Youngsters", "Les jeunes", another French euphemism for Arabs and Muslims in general ! The 'Jeunes" are cutting themselves off the French society, and are digging their own graves...
18. no surprise here
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (02.15.09)
As long as countries bow to every demand of Muslim immigrants this is not surprising. No one says Muslims should not be welcome in Europe ( or the US) BUT they should be becoming European or American WHILE keeping their religion. Christians wake up--read their Koran. Don't you realize that when the Jews are all gone you will be next. They make no secret of wanting the world to be a Muslim state, run by Muslim law.
19. #2 please spare us your BS.
Tahl ,   Israel   (02.15.09)
Your attempt to excuse and justify these antisemitic incidents, by relating them to Israel's policies with the Palestinians - is demagoguish and hypocritical. First, you see only one side, and completely ignore the other. WHY have there been 1300 deaths in Gaza? Maybe because the Palestinians would not accept to live in Israel peacefully, after we've already given them Gaza? They've done everything they can to bring this war on themselves. Second, the Israeli public would not be bullied by violence, into electing the leaders that YOU want us to have. We are not like the coward Spaniards. And the Israeli public, as well as world Jews, would certainly not be bullied into opposing Zionism. Zionism IS Judaism. Third, there is absolutely NO excuse for antisemitic incidents worldwide - these diaspora Jews just mind their own business and have done nothing against anyone. By this token, every time an Arab kills a Jew in Israel, then European Jews are expected to kill European Arabs. I wonder when was the last time that happened? Fourth, it is amazing that your criticism comes not against those who perpetrate these horrible hate crimes, but rather - against the victims! And this clearly shows your true Jew-hating colors.
20. Speaking of "barbarism"
Marlene N. ,   New York City   (02.15.09)
It's a wonder that Ben-Haim has not looked at what Israel has done to the Palestinians as what is considered to be the "norm" the way it has gone on for 60 years and only escalated. Better to live as a Palestinian and know whatt it is to be subjected to barbarism and atrocities, or how Palestinian Arabs are treated in Israel. At least the acts carried out in France were not done on behalf of the state, but by individualsl unlike Israel. Not one word in this article about any feelings for the people of Gaza. The indifference is astounding, but should not come as a surprise. Anyway, this is what Israel wants...for Jews to leave Europe...and come to Israel. The demographical situation needs you there.
21. Armed and very dangerous
Gideon Reader   (02.15.09)
To Chaya #7 in Bat Yam Thank you for the terrific advice Chaya, I do. (carry a firearm; actually two. Everyday) but that would stop if I moved to Israel, where I would not be legally allowed to own a firearm, or carry a personally owned firearm unless I completed service in the IDF. That idiotic rule has many North American Jews who would make aliyah reconsider their options. Quite a bit beyond military induction age leaves some well trained and "blooded" CCW poeple out. As an aside the Israel Government goes into Kafka- European socialist mode anytime personally owned weapons are brought up for discussion.
22. YOUTS.
Gideon Reader   (02.15.09)
To BenYosef, (#17) in Paris Yeah. Well the "Youts", LesJeunes are causing trouble does not matter. It is the permissive atmosphere of the French and the French government that has a deep and underlying forgiveness in matters dealing with anti-Semitism. France, and the UK, and appearantly many other EU nations are happy to be rid of their Jewish Problem, even if there are NO Jews in their countries. The Muslims will soon be the majority or at least the agressive plurality in France and the UK. Time to get out or at least open a channel so that scarpering later is not foreclosed.
23. Parisian Jews
Adam ,   Warsaw EUrabia   (02.15.09)
It's not antisemitism but islam on rise. PC Israelis and American Jews wake up and stop blame Christians for all your truble. French Jews voted for left and imigration just like liberal American Jews voted Barack Husein Obama into Power. Either stop helping our enemies, stand up and fight with us agaisnt islamo fashism/comunism in west or return to Israel before it will be flooded by Arab muslim invaders. The times of peace and tolerance are gone.
24. Marlene
menachem ,   switzerland   (02.15.09)
keep your mouth closed us an american. What happen with the indians in the states. We israeli do not need advise from People the live in a place the stolen after the killed the real americans. Please it is still time to be silent us an american.
25. #20 Marlene...
Tahl ,   Israel   (02.15.09)
Israel treats the Palestinians with "barbarism and atrocities"? First, if the Palestinians would have accepted Israel's right to exist instead of lobbing thousands of Kassams at us, and detonating themselves inside our buses, markets and restaurants - then peace would have been achieved long ago. They chose war, they bear the consequences. Second, you speak of barbarism and atrocities? Funny how all the critics of Israel conveniently forget or condone the best examples of barbarism and atrocities - which are committed by the Palestinians against their own people. Needless to say that Due Process and Human Rights are not too closely followed in such cases.... This is just for you Marlene:,7340,L-3671573,00.html
26. The Jews are welcome in Morocco.
Kingdom of Morocco ,   Morocco   (02.15.09)
History is repeating itself. Jews are being driven out of Europe, but there will always be a tolerant country close to them. Virtually all the Jews in France are of Moroccan descent and Morocco would be more than happy to welcome them back. Even if they aren't of Moroccan descent they are still invited to live among a peaceful and tolerant population. The King's father, H.M King Hassan II, has invited them back and so does his son, King Mohammed VI. Welcome to Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Tangiers, Essaouira (Mogador), El Jadida (Mazagan), Fes, Meknes, Agadir, Taroudant, etc. etc. etc..
27. barbaric
Ilana   (02.15.09)
1. terror groups like Hamas are barbaric. They kill their own for voicing differing opinions by shooting them, shooting their kneecaps, throwing them out of windows, sending threatening letters to their 10 year old children, beating their women for singing... 2. Terror groups are barbaric: they bash theheads of 4 year old girls, shoot babies and their mom trying to protect them while in their beds, send 7000 missiles to towns and if there were no shelters, think of allt hose kidergardens that were hit, schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, houses, bus stops, shops... Marlene, do you kids have armed guards protecting them as they enter preschool?? You sound so so so one sided and either pro gaza( blindly) ot very very ignorant of the whole picture. Either way it is despicable.
28. You think as well as you write, #24.
Cameron ,   USA   (02.15.09)
No wonder Europe is going to hell in a handbasket. As always, you wankers work hard at ignoring reality till it grabs you by the neck.
29. If jewish people leave youre country.
JOE C ,   BROOKLYN, NY   (02.15.09)
We are gods chose people. If we leave you're country will collapse. Muslims have too much hate in their bodys, I really feel bad for them, they dont know how to enjoy life.
30. #20 Marlene
Stefan ,   Tel Aviv   (02.15.09)
Marlene, sorry to say, but you don't understand anything. First, Israeli Arabs (Palestinians) have all the rights that the Jews have and they are not treated differently from the Jews. However, they are becoming increasingly militant because of the rise of Hamas in the areas. Secondly, the Palestinians in the areas have chosen a war path and they have to deal with the consequences. There are no free meals. Hamas in Gaza (not occupied) actually demanded a war and they still do. That will cost lives as you probably can understand. I was surprised (positively) to read the message from "the Kingdom of Morocco". I don't think that too many Jews will move to Morocco, but the sound of the message is one that should be greeted as promising for the future. The Israelis know that the Moroccan royalty (with the Jordanian) has always been beyond the other Arab leadership in wisdom and understanding of the issues. If only the Arab street would listen to them. Unfortunately it is the Muslim Brotherhood that seems to thrive.
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