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Naaman factory: Settlement's building blocks
Nadav Man
Published: 15.02.09, 10:53
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1. fascinating ------thank you !
virginia orrall   (02.15.09)
2. Nice see, our Palestinian neighbors?
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (02.15.09)
This is how a nation builds a country. You should try it sometime. You would be amazed at how much more rewarding it is than blowing people up in pizza shops and on busses.
3. #2-Andy
your Pal neighbor ,   Palestine   (02.17.09)
Sure! We would like to try that sometime. For starters, how about you get your settlers off our back first so we can try it, then we can have something that resembles a country more than Swiss cheese. Of course, that's not your plan, is it?
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