Gov't to speed up discussion on prisoner release
Roni Sofer
Published: 15.02.09, 11:10
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1. When Arabs fear our leadership, we're on the right track!
Doron ,   Israel   (02.15.09)
2. Goodness gracious me! Hamas never feared Kadima?
Alan ,   SA   (02.15.09)
3. hmmmm
Ahmed ,   Jordan   (02.15.09)
I give Israel 10 to 15 more years. may be a bit less than that. Do you believe that Palestinian refugess forgot? We will come at on day zero after we get the chance. Ohh btw I am a third generation refugee, and I want Palestine back more than those from the first generation.
4. Hamas "fears
DT ,   TA Isreal   (02.15.09)
Fear ? What - with Livni in it ! It will just be more of the same.
5. 3 "Ahmed"
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (02.15.09)
Go ahead with your empty threats maybe next time we'll push the rest of the fakestianians from the West Bank into "Jordan" (real name Palestine). Lets be honest, the more likely scenario in 15 years time Ahmed still writing the same meaningless posts on ynet along with the 4th and 5th generations.
Siul ,   Madrid SPAIN   (02.15.09)
If anything cause sadness to the enemy, thats right¡, THATS THE WAY , meaning thats OK for Holy Nation. UP ISRAEL¡¡, DOWN ISLAM¡¡. With the best wishes from SEFARAD.
7. Good luck, Ahmed
Cameron ,   USA   (02.15.09)
The best you can hope for is a chance to set up shop in Gaza, or the West Bank. You & yours have as much chance of returning to Israel as Hindus have of returning to what is now Pakistan.
8. I'll be waiting
Ahmed ,   Jordan   (02.15.09)
your bla bla bla sounds fine with me. BUT I just want you to remember my comment when the day comes. Please do! You will have to tell you children this story when you're back in Russia and the US, coz by then I will be back in my hometown, Nablus. insha'Allah!
9. Thanks #7
Omar ,   Syria   (02.15.09)
Thanks very much for the luck wishes but we wont need luck we will only need God and like Ahmad said we will fight beside our Palestinian brothers to let them get their country back.
10. Is this what Israel calls a "deal"? I call it a disgrace.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.15.09)
Those who have followed this saga since the beginning will recognize that Israel will be paying a much higher price in 2009 than was initially demanded in 2006. As we kept warning, it was Israel's talk of "paying a high price" that gave Hamas the excuse to keep raising it. According to these sources, in stage one Hamas gets prisoners and border openenings, Israel gets... nothing. In stage two, Hamas gets more prisoner, Israel gets Shalit transferred to Egypt (dead or alive we don't yet know). In stage three Hamas gets yet more prisoners and everything else they started a war for; Israel gets one soldier. Hamas will have demonstrated that "resistance" brings them victory. And more Israelis will die. Given such a track record, I wouldn't send these clowns to negotiate a bag of tomatoes for me.
11. Ahmed read the Koran
Barrels ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (02.15.09)
Dear Ahmed, I understand your wish, but unfortunately it's written in the Koran that the jews and not the muslims inherited Israel. Moreover it's His wish that the jews return. Read for yourself what an Imam said about this. Barrels
12. Ahmed & Omar
Doron ,   Israel   (02.15.09)
You've been pinching allah and ranting about Israel's destruction from day 1, so how is a few extra years gonna help you? You remind me of wannabe losers who call themselves actors, but never performed on stage or have any screen time. First, fight a war against us that don't end for you in a loss or a cease-fire, then we'll talk. In the mean time, enjoy the fruits of our new right-wing gov't that you Arabs brought into power. :)
13. One life worth the nation?
Dan ,   Titusville florida   (02.15.09)
How can we trade one life for releasing 300+ terrorists, opening the border for more terror attacks, and committing national suicide? We need Bibi in office now!!!
14. Olmert and Livni have gone and deterrence is back! :-)
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (02.15.09)
15. #3 - good for you! where do you prefer Gaza or Jordan?
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (02.15.09)
16. to #11
Ahmed ,   Jordan   (02.15.09)
This "Imam" says 'Dwell in this land [the Land of Israel]. this is wrong translation. (Alard) Earth in Arabic, does not mean Land of Israel. It mean Earth as a planet. So when God says live all in the planet that doesnt mean live in Israel.
17. lmao
eric ,   nyc   (02.15.09)
my 3 yr old son would not even make a deal 1,400 killers and low lifes for this the best israel can do after so called winning a are a pathetic country
18. Russian passports
ahmed ,   Jordan   (02.15.09)
war IS coming! start getting your Russian passports ready! you will need it
19. Gilad - speed up
Marlene ,   Israel   (02.15.09)
Gilad must be handed over at the same time as some of these prisoners. No more fooling around or trickery. Why must we hand over prisoners first. No opening of borders or prisoners until Gilad is home.
20. Do you fools think Gilad Shalit is alive and breathing ??
John Andolora ,   Cedar Rapids usa   (02.15.09)
Do you think those mindless morons let him live ???? Are you going to trade a thousand moron murderers for a dead body ???
21. Ahmed
Maurice ,   Montreal   (02.15.09)
You sound pathetic! Poor you..
22. Ahmed et al
X'   (02.15.09)
Your psychotic ranting would be funny if your ilk wasn't such a demonstration of delusional backward thinking. You and your people on the west band and gaza will be stateless until the end of time and Israel will still be there. It is much more likely that Jordan and Egypt will take over government of the so-called Palestine, and the rest of the Arab world will come to accept Israel as a neighbour than you being able to push the Jews into the sea.
23. #9
Ak ,   Bahrain   (02.15.09)
Oh yeah, like what you said; you only need God, which apparently was not on your side for the last 60 years. Or you mean you are gonna fight Israel just like the way you did back in 1948, 1967 and 1973? I mean your country joined the war with everything and got out with nothing! I doubt you can even get your strategic Golan heights. If you could not get your land 40 years ago, while the iron was hot - as we say in arabic, why would you get it now; especially with a good-looking London-graduate doctor/president who is not interested in war nor in peace! I mean cmn, back then, you had the USSR, you had all the arab states including the rich ones united behind you ... and all you could get was a divine victory - just like the one in Gaza. Give me a break of your usual arab rhetoric! Your army had better find Christian melitias or Muslime brotherhood insurgents to fight, that way much better. Cheers
24. Ahmed friend -are u having a quiet day selling soos that u
Alan ,   SA   (02.15.09)
got so much time to write your stories?
25. right !
Kidon77   (02.15.09)
They have every reason to fear the new governemnt. They will not be a second Olmert. With Bibi or Lieberman, hamas will be smashe dif they dare shoot a rocket. there are no room for mercy with these terrorists.
26. These muslims miss one essential point
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (02.15.09)
If a true war for survival will come, we will carpet bomb their cities, pack the survivors on trucks and send them to Jordan/Lebanon/Syria. This happened once (without the carpet bombing though) in 1948, this can happen again.
27. to ali ahmed 3#
yahud   (02.15.09)
blah blah blah blah and blah
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