Jordanian MP to file war crimes suit against Israelis
Roee Nahmias
Published: 16.02.09, 14:02
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1. at least israel never killed 1.5 million people
2. The Jordanian petition has ZERO credibility!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (02.16.09)
How about the Hamas war crimes of sending thousands of rockets indiscriminately over the southern Israel's civilian population! The Jordanian petition has ZERO credibility!
3. Is it too late....
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (02.16.09)
Is it too late to bring Jordan to The Hague for "Black September?"
4. Nothing will happen. Everybody knows its all BS
Nudnik   (02.16.09)
It'll be popular in arab and lefty circles in and around various governments and places - but , who cares? There's millions who don't believe a damned word of it.... and in any case it wont be long before Israel will be back in Gaza again giving Hamas another well-deserved belting... that's all these stupid imbeciles understand, is force.
5. we should charge them in Israeli courts
Gilan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.16.09)
Olmert, Livni and Barak should stand trial for endangering the state by not finishing the war and destroying Hamas.
6. Let's sue them first.
Israel   (02.16.09)
For continual suicide bombings and rocket fire. Or is it OK to send them into Israel, but it's not OK for us to defend ourselves? LOSERS!!!! the lot of them!
7. What about Jordan's assault against Fatah
George ,   Antwerp   (02.16.09)
back in (Black) September 1970? Didn't they kill thousands of Palestinians? Why do people always have such a short memory..
8. Jordan a “Western-oriented” country ?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.16.09)
A Jordanian court recently summoned twelve European citizens to answer criminal charges of blasphemy and inciting hatred. Critics of Islam face the imposition of a death sentence, "if the charge is blasphemy and it is being tried by a sharia court. This isn't a joke. It isn't sufficient to avoid travelling to Jordan. It means the condemned "libeler" needs to be careful to avoid travelling to any third country — even just a stopover at its airport — that has an extradition treaty with Jordan. It also indicates that Jordan — which is lauded as western-oriented — expects Muslim law to be obeyed by Europeans. The only reason to the existence of Jordan at :
9. yawn
Danny   (02.16.09)
another day another press release, wake me up when it gets thrown out of court
10. I hope the government remembers this
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.16.09)
the next time Shin Bet uncovers a plot to murder Jordanian ministers
11. #7 George, Antwerp
Mark Wilson ,   USA   (02.16.09)
Israel is liable for its actions regardless of what Jordan may or may not have done in the past. You are welcome to file suit on behalf of the Palestinians if you are so concerned about their plight, but you have to have a mandate to do so.
12. #6 Israel
Marco ,   Spain   (02.16.09)
You say "Lets sue them first". Sue them for what? Sue them because their children would not die quick enough? Or because you lost so many bullets and phosphorous bombs on the children and you want to be compensated for your expenses?
13. "Holy" Jordan
Anny Matar ,   Ramat-Hen Israel   (02.16.09)
How come the Jordanians never inquired how it feels to be bombarded for 8 years? They didn't ask anyone what to do with the Palestinians in their country They just murdered them and created Black September !!! Did they inform the Palestinians and warn them, as we did, to escape our bombardments??Which country has ever done it before??Germany? when the first V2 hit London?? No one seems to comprehend that Israel has done as much as it could,certainly not enough in our eyes, to find shelter for its population but where could the people of Gaza hide? According to their own stories, if they tried to find shelter outside their houses they were shot on sight. Let NO ONE teach us, They can still learn a lot from us!!!! Anny Matar Israel
14. To George #7. IF Israel is not allowed.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (02.16.09)
Jordan is allowed to kill Arab terrorists -- but Israel is not allowed to kill Arab terrorists. Just see the double standard practiced by the Arabs -- they can kill terrorists, while Israel is not allowed to kill terrorists in order to protect the State of Israel and the Israeli citizens. IF Israel is not allowed to kill terrorists -- that will mean that the Jordanian MPs (who are criticizing Israel) are OUTRIGHT racists.
15. Who do we sue to get back our land
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.16.09)
that the limies gave to abdullah's great grandfather? It was about three quarters of the mandate that was supposed to be for a Jewish homeland by the league of nations.
16. To Robert #8. Sharia law does NOT apply to Westerners.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (02.16.09)
Quote :”.. Jordan … expects Muslim law to be obeyed by Europeans.” That is NONSENSE. Who the Jordanians think they are ?! The Western governments should make it clear to Jordan that the Sharia law does NOT apply to Western citizens of their countries.
17. The dark forces colluding
Brod ,   USA   (02.16.09)
Islamist-Jihadists and AntiSemites are colluding to prosecute Israel for defending itself. In WWII they were in cahoots in exterminating 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. Their ugly heads are resurfacing. Israel should be resolute and strong in confronting these external challenges. The world should reject the crap of the dark forces.
18. Jordan
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.21.09)
It was Israel,who in 1970 saved Jordan from their syrian and Palestinian brothers,this is tipical Arab gratitude.
19. Marco # 12
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.21.09)
Marco of Spain !why don't you marry Teyfun of Turkey ? it will be a perfect match,The spanish inquisition,with Alkeda.
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