ElBaradei: Israel seen undermining disarmament
Published: 16.02.09, 19:49
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1. Take a hike Mohamed.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (02.16.09)
2. idiot
CEK ,   The US of A   (02.16.09)
This guy is an idiot. He should be forced from "office". It is clear that his loyalties lie with the arab states. Get him out of the UN now before he does anymore damage!
3. El Baradei is a glaring sun of the beach
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (02.16.09)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.16.09)
5. Took them long enough...
Adamush   (02.16.09)
Israel has had no faith from it from the start.
6. El Baradei -- proven enemy of Israel
Kenny ,   USA   (02.16.09)
Israel does not threaten its neighbors except in self-defense. The reverse, of course, is not true. El Baradei wishes to pressure Israel to giving up its (alleged) nukes, which are Israel's best guarantee against destruction, and to show weakness in the face of brute force and terrorism emanating from Gaza. In short, he wishes Israel's destruction. He must be ignored.
7. But Pakistan is the one proliferating these weapons.
Mike ,   Atlanta USA   (02.16.09)
8. The only difference....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.16.09)
is that Israel does not threaten any other nation while these Arab/muslim nations continue to threaten Israel and each other. There is a bi difference whether you give a gun to a responsible, civil person or a criminal!
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (02.16.09)
Another big zero sucking up public funds , enriching himself with absolutly no results. And this is the kind off jerk that has to prevent nuclear arms from falling into the wrong hands. For sure we are going to see some big mushroom clouds around the world. And then this duffus wants more money being wasted on our U nwanted N obody's who are a joke and a half .The UN should have been dismantled a long time ago. If the USA wants to save some money in these hard times they should stop paying half the UN's budget.
10. Pardon, Mr. El-Baradei?
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (02.16.09)
Israel didn't sign the NPT. Thus it is not subjected to its limitations or the benefits inherent to it. You would do best to ask yourself why Israel didn't sign the NPT - could it be the WMD stockpiles spread across the Middle-East in the form of chemical and biological weapons, with the chemical ones having seen extensive use over the years? Could it be the fact that to this day, there are calls for total war to eradicate the state of Israel?
11. Paying the UN's budget #9
Bill H. ,   Oregon, USA   (02.16.09)
Yes, and we should let them have their headquarters somewhere else. It should be someone elses turn. France or Russia should take a turn.
12. He is a terrorist
13. ElBaradei aka UN Nuclear pariahdog
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (02.16.09)
What you just said is utter BS The consensus is Arabs countries feels more safe to have nuclear Israel than nuclear Iran. I said it before and I say it again. Baradei will be responsible for a nuclear WW3.
14. "Leader who has vision, courage &credibility" not ElBaradei
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (02.16.09)
ElBaradei has proven that he has no courage and he has no credibility after he gave Iran a clean bill of health while holding their copy of instructions for building a bomb. Talk about double standard.
15. DR, what are you talking about?
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (02.16.09)
"The only difference is that Israel does not threaten any other nation." Are you telling me Israel hasn't threatened Iran for even having a nuclear program and the bomb itself. "There is a bi difference whether you give a gun to a responsible, civil person or a criminal!" Agreed. I don't know by what standards you judge criminals, but Israel just killed 1300 people in 3 weeks. But you'd say those 1300 were all militants, regardless of int'l numbers and the fact that the IDF didn't allow reporters in. Fine, I can't argue with that nonsense, but you're telling me these 1300 were responsible for killing the 19 or whatever Israelis by rockets in the last 7 years? And if you did such a good job and only killed militants and only destroyed "terrorist infrastructure" then how come rockets are still being fired at will? How come the tunnels are still operating? And more importantly, how come the civilians are still living in tents on top of the rubble that was their home?? Face it, the IDF failed in every aspect during this war, and Olmert and the rest are putting on the biggest front to try to make this seem like a victory. You only destroyed civilians.
16. So in other words let's destroy the planet
Steve from Raleigh   (02.16.09)
Let's destroy the planet if only to assuage the ever irritated Arabs.
17. double-standards???
smith   (02.16.09)
18. Wrong comparison. Israel's existence under threat
semsem ,   New York, USA   (02.16.09)
Baradei's comparison is wrong. Because Israel is the only country whose existence is threatened. He should be sacked from his position.
19. double-standards???
smith   (02.16.09)
arabs understand want they want to understand. ISREAL DONT SIGN THE TNP!!!!!! Once again ISRAEL DONT SIGN THE TNP. If arabs want nuke, dont sign the TNP, once again, dont sign the TNP, once again, dont sign the TNP
20. its not double standards Israel just never signed up
zionist forever   (02.16.09)
The arabs chose not to develop nukes and the signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty forbidding them to do so. Israel wanted nukes so it never signed up. Neither India or Pakistan who are the only other two current nuclear powers other than the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. The arabs & the Egyptian El Baradei might not like it but the fact is Israel has broken no rules. If you don't sign your not bound by the obligations, it doesn't even matter if Israel doesn't have nukes and everybody got it wrong all these years same its still not double standards. Its also not the job of the IAEA to look for solutions on how to disarm countries with nucear capabilities its to make sure that the signitories to the NNPT dont break the rules. This is a further example of why Israel should not sign up to the Saudi plan it sets a precident. If the Saudis drew up a plan to decide Israels future. We say its ok first time but then we say to ourselves well we found it acceptable to let the Saudis come up with the solution once so can it hurt to let them find the solution this time its alot less hassle for us. We eventualy become an arab controled puppet on s string.
21. 15
zionist forever   (02.16.09)
Israel is not breaking any laws or treaties by having nukes because just like India and muslim Pakistan it hasn't signed the NPT so it is not obligated to any of its conditions. Israel for its own strategic interests doesn't want enemy states like Iran & Saddam Hussains Iraq both dedicated to Israels destruction. The solution is to try and destroy their nuclear program sure its illigal to go to another country and bomb its facilities but its not breaking any laws by having nukes. Also both Iran & Iraq were signed up to the NPT making it illigal for either of those states to have nukes. As for Gaza the IDF did a great job the Israeli government failed us by calling for a unilateral ceasefire before the IDF finished the job so now the tunnel network is starting up again. If the palestinians are upset about the fact they are sitting on rubble they have only themselves to blame. Without support from the streets neither Hamas or any other terror group could exist. You support the terrorists who attack Israel then you face the consequenses when Israel decides it won't sit back and allow the terrorists to do their worsrt and not retaliate. Its like an election if you vote for a party whose policies are going to harm your interests then don't complain when the government makes your life a misery because you voted for them. You want Hamas who are attacking Israel so Israel is retaliating so don't moan about it do something instead turn on Hamas without your support the organistion will colapse.
22. Arabs lose confidence in things they can't manipulate
William ,   Israel   (02.16.09)
There is NO reason to come down on Israel for any perceived nuclear possession. This is just a way Arabs are trying to disarm Israeli defenses while white-washing over Iran and Pakistan. Both Iran and Pakistan signed the NPT and very openly defied it by spreading nuclear technology to rogue states. Israel, on the other hand, is NOT part a signatory of the NPT, has never shared its know-how, and never indicated using it's deterrence even when threatened by death several times. This is simply another step to demonize Israel, make it defenseless, then help the Arab illegally get an advantage.
23. #15 - typical lack of Arab responsibility
William ,   Israel   (02.16.09)
"Are you telling me Israel hasn't threatened Iran for even having a nuclear program and the bomb itself." Actually, that threat is in response to the increasing threats coming from Iran for over 20 decades now. Iran has made it very clear it wants a massive weapon to do away with the infidels and their president repeatedly talks about brining the 12th Imam, which requires a massive death count of Jews. Your claims that 1300 people in Gaza were civilians also does not ring true. The only Intl numbers cited are those given to the press by Hamas. Was there any fact checking by UN, ICRC, BBC, etc? "How come civilians still living in tents, tunnels still working, rockets flying...?" - Go ask Hamas, apparently the one in control of Gaza and the one who hides behind civilians and places their welfare ahead of yours. My question to you is: why are you sitting here posting when you should be out demanding a better life by those who rule you with an iron fist? Oh I know - because you're all willing to eat salt and olives if just the kill a Jew.
24. El-Baradei needs to save face
William ,   Israel   (02.16.09)
He couldn't budge the Iranians, he failed while monitoring the Iraqis, North Korea still laughs at him, and Syria led him to claim the radiation came from uranium-tipped munitions and not activities in Syria.. He did NOTHING over the period of his leadership. So rather than persevere for justice he gave up and went after an easy target like NGOs, human rights groups, etc. Israel isn't bad, it's just the whole world agrees they should be a target. El-Baradei caved.
25. el baradei is a biased muslim arab who undermines ..........
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (02.16.09)
.......the credibility of the agency he heads. Israel has never threatened its neighbours with nukes but its bloodthirsty neighbours are capable of anything and must be pre empted.
26. El Baradei is completely and utterly wrong
Zvi   (02.17.09)
Israel never signed the NPT. It is not bound by it. Nevertheless, Israel has neither proliferated nukes nor threatened to use them. Iran, on the other hand, DID sign the NPT. Iran IS bound by it. Iran IS violating it. Iran IS proliferating nukes. Iran IS threatening to use them. And Iran IS destabilizing the entire region. The Arab world didn't worry about Israel's nukes because the Saudis, Egyptians, etc. knew that Israel would not use nuclear weapons against them. What has discredited the NPT is the fact that el Baradei and the rest are letting IRAN get away with VIOLATING IT, without doing anything realistic to stop it. Instead of blaming IRAN, El Baradei is blaming Israel. El Baradei is the problem here, not Israel. Thank G-d he's headed for the exit.
27. November can't come soon enough.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.17.09)
I'm not the only one who won't miss this clown. Oblivious to what was going on in Libya, Syria and Iran, powerless to stop North Korea. So what does he do? Attack Israel, which is not even a member of IAEA, so he has no authority there.
28. Addressing the wrong problem.
Aryeh Wetherhorn ,   Elazar, Israel   (02.17.09)
A careful reading of "Arms Control Today" over the past few years will show that there have been confirmed or suspected nuclear weapons programs in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran. All of these programs were believed to be aimed at acquiring nuclear weapons for the purpose of destroying Israel, NOT for self defense or protection against an Israeli nuclear threat. The AIEA under Mr El-Baradei actually investigated some of these programs, but since his agency is a totally toothless tiger, relying on some ephemeral 'world opinion' to bring violating states back in to the fold, he can point to a perfect record of not having done anything to prevent or dismantle any of those programs. If the Arab states weren't intent upon destroying Israel why would they want nuclear weapons? If Israel has such weapons, as many believe, do they really pose a threat to any neighboring nations? It seems the IDF has sufficient conventional capability to defend Israel without reosrting to nuclear blackmail. So the problem is not whether Israel has, or hasn't, nuclear weapons. It is why much of the Arab world refuses to recognize Israel. There would be no "Palestinian refugee problem" if those same states had decided to resettle the unfortunate people who fall into that category. The name, itself, is a problem. Fully half of the so-called refugees, and possibly many more, are descendents of Arabs who moved to what was then British controlled Palestine from Syria, Iraq, and other areas. The Arab world needs to recognize that they created the "Nakba" disaster of 1948, and have perpetuated it ever since. They did so because they refused to accept a UN decision. Now they say they have lost faith in the NPT? Is this just a cover for an attempt to try once more to build nuclear weapons for the purpose of destroying Israel?
Nudnik   (02.17.09)
UN=IRAN   (02.17.09)
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