Report: Flatulent fuehrer had foul manners
Published: 17.02.09, 18:11
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1. i am a bit confused...
are we talking about the monkey of tehran here? or about arafat?
2. is it just me
or is it ironic that he had a gas problem?
3. And this is newsworthy
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (02.17.09)
because? Actually, Hitler -- may his name be cursed for all time -- was a vegetarian. Hence the gippy tummy.
4. and this is newsworthy?
Lisa ,   Switzerland   (02.17.09)
why is this even in the paper? Must be a really slow newsday. Who in his right mind cares what made this animal tick?
5. Hitler was vegetarian because he opposed cruelty to animals
Jake   (02.17.09)
He would often chastise guests at the dinner table who ate meat, describing to them the horrible and barbaric conditions to which animals were subjected at the slaughterhouse.
6. "passive masochism in his relationship with women"
Jake   (02.17.09)
What a freak!
7. I read this stuff 30 yearas ago
bob ,   potomac usa   (02.17.09)
I read this stuff thirty yeaers ago in a paperback biography Hitler yimach shmo--this is not news--but filler--I believe the book was by Toland
8. To: Jake at No. 5
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (02.17.09)
Jake, my love ... (a) He was responsible for the deaths of over 70 million people, so cruelty to people is okay? (b) He did eat fish. Ever see a fresh fish being prepared as a meal? Not pretty. (c) Didn't he test the efficacy of the cyanide capsule by feeding it to his dog? Hypocrisy seems to have been that devil's strong suit. The only one.
9. To: Jake at No. 6
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (02.17.09)
I believe that is psychobabble for "he couldn't get it up." Apologies to all for my rather direct language.
10. #4
nate ,   canada   (02.17.09)
I'm interested in small details like this. I find them quite interesting.
11. wow sarah, #5
j   (02.17.09)
ive seen people miss irony before, but that was astronomical. i believe jake was pointing out the hypocrisy of it...
12. To Sarah #8 Hitler was a vegetarian (except eggs)
Jake   (02.17.09)
I am not trying to tar vegetarians though "guilt by association". What I was trying to point out was Hitler's supreme hypocrisy in abstaining from meat, due to his abhorrence of cruelty towards animals, yet having no qualms about butchering millions of innocent people. Incidentally, Hitler did not eat fish, in addition to meat. He only allowed eggs at the table (including caviar). His close friend SS General Leon Degrelle said of him: "He could not bear to eat meat, because it meant the death of a living creature. He refused to have so much as a rabbit or a trout sacrificed to provide his food. He would allow only eggs on his table, because egg-laying meant that the hen had been spared rather than killed."
13. Schoen, FARTig Fuehrer
Gideon Reader   (02.17.09)
Ach. But he vas a dandy dancer, und zo gut to his hund, "Blondie". Look, a Fuhrer has a few boyfriends, maybe does some time on his knees, or increases his consumption of KY, wears a black leather, spike studded collar, a ball gag,and right away you are willing to denounce him. Is THAT right? Is THAT fair? Where is the fairness of it all? I tell you. It was the JEWS! The J-E-W-S!!!The Fuehrer never wanted to get rid of all of the Jews. It was just that it was so hard to tell which ones were causing all the trouble.Those pretty boys who haunted his dreams. It was the temptations. (No. Not the singing ones) the other ones. Those pretty boys. the little ones. Mein gott. Those brown eyes, and curly haor. Those smooth cheeks. What's a Fuehrer to do??
14. i'd expect better manners from a genocidal maniac
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.17.09)
you'd think that these murderers would have more decency than that.
15. This document is a fraud.
It is nothing more than a shameless attempt to smear Hitler's character.
16. #15....The only thing smeared
Ivri ,   IL   (02.17.09)
Is the Fartin-Fuehrer's underwear after a long day in the bunker. The shame here is on you.
17. To: Jake at No. 12
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (02.17.09)
I knew exactly what you were saying, dear. Frankly, I was much prouder of my talkback at no. 6. Which everyone is ignoring!
18. #15 "smear Hitler's character"?
Tahl ,   Israel   (02.17.09)
Whatever gastronomical problems, or awful table manners this animal had - these were the least of his problems. You don't need these details to smear his character since he was a real sicko to begin with. These details only complement the picture about what an utterly abominable and disgusting person he was. As for you - I wonder what would motivate a talkbacker here to come to Hitler's defense? And why are you nameless, by the way?
19. This document is nothing more...
than a cheap attempt at character assasination.
20. 15 and 19
Ivri ,   IL   (02.17.09)
and one day,scumbags like you will dissapear from the face of the earth,just like the Arian Flatulance.
21. 15 & 19
MM ,   USA   (02.18.09)
For character assassination, you need to have character, first. I am with #16: Hitler, may his memory be erased, had no character and was apparently even more full of crap than Iever suspected.
22. #2
alisa ,   nyc   (02.18.09)
you are too funny! i burst out laughing when i read your post.
23. Peein' on graves. Laughin' at funerals
Gideon Reader   (02.18.09)
#20 Irv in Illinois No. Sadly flaming gapers like these will NEVER be gone from the face of the earth. They like the sick and poor will always be with us. But the upside is that they are the backstop of a target rich environment.
24. Rumors of Hitler's quirks
Josh ,   San Jose, USA   (02.18.09)
I suspect that this anonamous Nazi official was just telling British Intellegence what they wanted to hear. Ever since Hitler's death, the rumor mill has been filled with stories about strange character quirks that Hitler had. Somehow, no one can believe that a psycho like Hitler could possibly be outwardly normal. However, the fact is that he never could have gotten as far as he did if any of this were true. This is a man who inspired such a devoted following within his inner circle that they went to their deaths rather than save their own necks by turning him over to the Soviets. They wouldn't have gone to their deaths for a vegetarian farter. So to set the record straight: 1. Hitler was not a vegetarian. 2. Hitler was not missing a testicle. 3. There is no evidence Hitler was kinky. None of his 3 known lovers ever talked. Hitler was cruel to his girlfriends. All 3 made multiple suicide attempts. 2 succeded. And of course, Hitler killed 6 million Jews, 6 million other minorities in the concentration camps + 20 millions Soviets + 1 million allied soldiers. That last part tells you all you need to know about his character whatever his table manners were like.
25. HItler and Vegetarian
Marilyn ,   USA   (02.18.09)
Their are different types of Vegetarians, however there are no ideas of part time vegetarians. I think that some want us to believe that he was on similiar to a weight lose diet and that he occasionally cheated. However this is not the reaction that a strong Vegetarian would have. They would become violently ill if they accidently eat such. Not like the quote that he occasionally relished ham.
26. The rotting corpse also had syphilis
27. # 2
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.22.09)
No ! The German Mesiah,had a brain problem.
28. # 4
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.22.09)
Well well ,one wonders,had the German people known about it,would they have continued to scream Sig, Heil,and the German army,who countinued to fight,even when they knew that they lost the war,just out of loyalty to the mad man.
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