IAF strikes targets near Rafah
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 19.02.09, 14:06
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1. Hamas should be totally destroyd
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.19.09)
Israelis know that Hamas is totally dedicated to their personal and collective destruction. The group will not moderate, cannot be bought off, and will not respect any agreement it makes. As a result, the usual kinds of diplomatic tools — concessions, confidence-building, agreements, moderation resulting from having governmental responsibilities, will not work. Any solution short of Hamas's fall from power will bring more fighting in future. Hamas shouldn’t exist :
2. nothing has changed
Eli ,   LA, USA   (02.19.09)
This is exactly the pre-war situation. Hamas may have been weakened, but even a weak Hamas can keep poking Israel with sticks to make themselves look strong and victorious. And the Muslim world, desperate for any sense of self-worth will believe their stories of greatness.
3. Hurry up Bibi + Right Wing Block! Finish Gaza Campaign!!
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (02.19.09)
4. I thought they were "militants", when did they become ...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.19.09)
terrorists again? Is the media playing games with the public?
5. To #4
Zion   (02.19.09)
There's a difference between Ynet and goyish whitewashing AFP, AP, Reuters reports.
6. To #5
Barry ,   New York USA   (02.19.09)
Umm..... No, not really . At least AP and the like are as you said "goyim" but this website and their newspaper, are as whitewashing self hating as you can get.
7. Reactive Tactics.What A Humiliating Spectacle!
Adina Kutnicki ,   Israel, new olah   (02.19.09)
Swatting at flies, nothing short of TOTAL victory and retaking of the corridor will change the calculus. These actions are all smoke and mirrors.
8. AP and Reuters white wash? Not here in America.
DANNY ,   America   (02.19.09)
They just copy and paste what ever terrorist propaganda that comes down the pike. They don't even try to hide the fact the writers don't speak real English. Just parrot all the bullcrap Israeli bashing. My favorite quote is "a Palestinians said... blah blah blah." Like that means it's true. We aren't buying it any more believe me!
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