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In her shoes
Yair Lapid
Published: 20.02.09, 16:11
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1. You merciless Rabies!, defrost the woman
observer   (02.20.09)
enough with tying her to the Agunah
2. #1 she is not an "aguna" its her choice
Asaf Golan ,   Sugar Land   (02.20.09)
Arad's family refuse to declare him dead even though Military Intelligence believes so. "One of the reasons for the government's insistence on this is the opposition of Arad's family to any change in his status. But if Tami Arad were to ask to remarry, it is quite possible that a beit din would find the intelligence assessments sufficient to confirm her as a widow." But she chooses not to. Its her choice.
3. arad
fcd ,   israel   (02.20.09)
the government should have done MORE. We know that Rabin was asked to pay a million dollars to release Arad but he refused - it was too much money....... DISGUSTING on the part of our leaders. as a grandmother today I would not like to see my grandchildren in the army. it's a nasty thing to say but it's how i feel.
4. #2 It's her choice?
observer   (02.20.09)
how many crimes are perpetrated under that slogan?
5. Very touching .. but no pity for 10,000 Palestinian wives..
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (02.20.09)
..waiting for the chance to see their husbands, incarcerated by Israel for years on end for no crime other than wanting to be free. On the scale of human suffering in the world today, that of Tami Arad, doesn't amount to much.
6. Chanalau
Lee ,   Arlington VA   (02.20.09)
Give me a break, Chanalau. The prisoners in Israel get family visits, they can study for degrees, watch TV. Not saying that I'm not sorry for the families involved, but the prisoners have not been disappeared and killed, unlike Ron Arad. I happen to support the establishment of a Palestinian state but you really have no decency.
7. #5, The Palestinian wives visit their husbands weekly
Jake   (02.20.09)
in Israeli prisons, though I dismiss your 10,000 figure as a Pallywood fake. The serial killer Samir Kuntar obtained a univiersity degree, and got married and had conjugal visits, all in Israeli "prison". He probably even had access to a golf course during his 5-star stay in Israel. In the end he was released in exchange for dust and bones. By contrast, Tami Arad, whose suffering you callousy mock and belittle, is the all the greater because her husband is missing and whereabouts unknown, likely because Israel's deceiving enemies do not have the guts to admit that he was incapacitated and murdered in cold blood. Your post is the final straw.
8. What a load of BS! #5
Dan   (02.20.09)
How dare you? Israeli jails are not packed with innocent Arab men but they are packed with terrorists. Most of them would be freed in an instant in exchange for a peace deal, which is not anywhere on the horizon thanks to useful idiots like you aiding and abetting the Islamic fascists.
9. #5
Tamir ,   Los Angeles   (02.20.09)
god you are a sick excuse for a human being. those 10,000 wives waiting for their husbands were most likely accomplices in their husband's attempts (or accomplishments) to kill innocent israelis. Those same palestinians rotting in jail for actual crimes that they commited at least get the decency of being fed and having a normal jail life and the opportunity to be visited by the red cross. Where is this same "humane" treatment for our boys? you think arad was given the same courtesies? he was probably tortured endlessly until he was ultimately killed, the same thing that happened to our boys captured by hezbollah who we ultimately released the baby killer Kuntar for. Do you see Shalit getting any visits from the red cross? he is probably dead after being tortured for years. Please spare me your disgusting venomous comments because your defense of the "innocent" is nothing more than a veiled attempt at anti-semitism and pure hatred. I only pray that one day you get captured by these extremists arab regimes and then maybe you will understand the difference between good and evil.
10. Tami Arad.
Marco ,   Spain   (02.20.09)
I would have felt sorry for you Tami, but in all honesty, I dont. Ron's plane was shot down over Lebanon. He was not on a sight seeing flight. His overflights into Lebanon caused a lot of death and misery in Lebanon. No disrespect intended here, but may be he deserved what he got.
11. " 5 chanalau
hans ,   stuttgart germany   (02.20.09)
do not worry about palestinian wives they are proud of the so called martyrers so live them in thad pride
12. Why she has begun to talk now?!
John ,   NY, NY, USA   (02.20.09)
She wanna be involved in politic for sure. It's a pretty understandable desire, however.
13. I wish he is going to come back,I really wish...
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (02.20.09)
It is sad,very sad... I wish Israel departs itself of so much evil;I wish Israel builds an aura around itself that is going to impede anyone from the outside to hurt it anymore.I wish this evil to end very soon and its perpetrors to burn in their own hell,the imbelievable hell they create to all humanity..
14. Tami is herself and yet she is all of Israel's widows!
There are thousands of army widows in Israel any one of them could have given this interview. Yet it is important that she has chosen to speak now and what she says has value. She speaks now because we are still waiting for word about her husband but mostly because we are still waiting for Gilad Shalit to come home.
15. #10
You are a pitiless inhuman unclean animal. There are "rules of war" that dictate that a captured soldier is allowed to communicate with his family and is allowed humanitarian visits by neutral parties. May you rot.
16. #5
Malone ,   Hfx   (02.21.09)
You're a cold one for sure!
17. How wonderful to have a great love that is sustaining for
Rivkah   (02.21.09)
both Tami and Ron Arad. Many people have come back from imprisonment in Siberia which was horrific. Alexander Solzenitzen came back and wrote about his many years there. I asked an Iranian-American family if they could find out if Ron Arad is still alive since they have a relative in the military in Iran, but there is no word from them. It is too dangerous perhaps to get such information. If only Ariel or Omri Sharon could train people how to contact other people telepathically via the energy chakras in the body, to let someone know they are alive. They are very good at that because the love in their hearts is so saintly. They could teach Tami Arad and she could contact Ron if he is alive. That would be a comfort to him even if he cannot get out. Praying in the name of Emmanuel, the Messiah, is another way to comfort a soul on another part of the earth who cannot be reached any other way.
18. 12 John: Maybe Tami Arad did not realize how silent she was.
Rivkah   (02.21.09)
The injury to her heart and soul was slow to heal, perhaps. People recover in stages like the waves on a shore. It doesn't happen with the first wave or the thousandth. But healing does come. Closure would be helpful in the process.
19. #10 Hola Gringo
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (02.21.09)
And nobody,yes NOBODY,will pity you when you get your just rewards.We will all say,maybe YOU got what you deserved.
20. veseit usa ten days
mishael ,   dubai   (09.06.09)
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