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European rabbis urge Ukraine to prosecute local politician
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 20.02.09, 11:26
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31. #Petra-- Jews make much better neighbors?
Ken ,   Switzerland   (02.22.09)
How can you sleep with all the bombs going off? Oh, right, your in the USA, but even there, it's pretty loud. As for Israel, didn't their ex President just get charged with Rape?
32. #20 half right
dave s. ,   sanb fransicko, ca,   (02.23.09)
I've been saying for decades to our liberal congregations and friends, teach your kids to box and shoot, but also, unlike #20, also let them play chess and violin. There is an excellent M-1 .30 carbine for sale on consignment in Novato, all WWII parts. L'chaim, Dave
33. Since when is antisemitism in the Ukraine news?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.23.09)
They were making pogroms for generations before the Nazis.
34. Racism in Ukraine
mike ,   canada   (02.23.09)
There is racism in every country. What the racist fellow "Kirichinko" really meant to say is that the Commmunists stole everything from them, took it to Russia--all under a "friendship treaty" with the Muscovites. What more can I say. Some Ukrainians still seem to love their communist past, still long for Stalin, and still think that because they are poor, they are being oppressed by "Jews, Chinamen, Koreans, Greeks, Canadians Americans, Frenchmen, Germans,Pakistanis, and last but not least--Guatamalans!" Their poverty is their own doing. Their brand of racism is one born of the downtrodden, who have allowed others to take away their heritage--all the way to Moscow--for the bosses that were. I know--I worked there for a year and a half. I talked to people, and I saw what was done. "Kirichinko" is just a silly dozo--a fool.
35. Kirichenko
Sam ,   NYC   (02.23.09)
What do you expect, he' a Ukrainian. Their hatred of Jews, real or imagined, is of a clinical category. Take it from someone who grew up there. The Holy Trinity of the Ukrainian mind: Alcoholism, Anti-Semitism, and Kleptomania Perhaps Israel could embark on an emergency national project to invent a pill to relieve symptoms of Jew-itis. We could then ad it to our respective Diaspora's water supply.
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