Peres tasks Netanyahu with forming government
Aviad Glickman
Published: 20.02.09, 15:10
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1. A Likud Government is a Shas Government!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.20.09)
The question is will Lieberman sell out to Bibi and the Rav Ovadia and betray his supporters? Kadima MUST go into opposition and force Netanyahu tomake good on his promises, if he can!
2. great news. go bibi.
debra ,   usa   (02.20.09)
3. NO Kadima, NO LIVNI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandi   (02.20.09)
4. Every girl has a pric, Dave
Rivka ,   New York   (02.20.09)
I disagree. Livni simply wants Lieberman. Kadima is very, very close to Lieberman.
5. Were are the discrimnation groups? women rights groups?
jill ,   usa   (02.20.09)
6. End Israel's Ghetto Mentality
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.20.09)
Can Netanyahu stand up to international pressure and not capitulate like the Bulldozer P.M. Sharon did ? Does he know how to say no ? Or is he just another poodle in the pocket of failed foreign interests which destroy Israel thru peace,a counterfeit peace. The Ghetto Jew mentality which seeks to appease an unappeasable world by playing nice with their enemies instead of defeating them. Israel's amoral and craven leaders care for more worthless international PR than their own citizens. The Jewish mindset of groveling and begging and retreating will gain influence and friends from the nations is the biggest threat to Israel.This is the same failed mentality trying to show the world how adorable and cuddly Jews are which only leads to a second holocaust.Israel had better stop trying to show the International community how nice they are because it is having the opposite effect of what was intended.
7. #4 Rivka
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.20.09)
What is yours ?
8. WHOOOOOOOSHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Gideon Reader   (02.20.09)
That was the sound of me releasing a gigantic breath held; uncertain if Shimon Peres Platinum Card Holder in the Socialist Internationale, would defy the voting public's political direction and appoint the "Mossad Beauty"; the "Kadima Charwoman", with the task of forming the new government. Well that moment of fear and trepidation is gone. On to the next. Bibi. This is serious shtick. Do NOT reach across the line towards the Left. They will bite your hand and reflexively do what is worst for Israel, and by extension, you. You want to throw them a bone? Give Mofaz Infrastructure or Security. Keep your friends closer than your enemies. Then if they need to be "struck" the good guys do not become collateral damage. Oh yeah. Ko lHaKovod!!
9. Welcome back, Bibi! The ELS Bible codes at ...
Rivkah   (02.20.09) show "Netanyahu" crossing off "Livni" in the Livni matrix. What the leaders and people of Israel must do at this dangerous point in history is to call on "Emmanuel/Yahshua", a name of the Jewish Messiah, to come deliver Israel from the enemies that surround God's holy mountain. He will come WHEN His people call on Him by NAME.
10. Finally! Congratulations! Good luck Mr.Netanyahu!
11. Bibi the richmans idol, the poor mans curse.
Vicky ,   ashkelon israel   (02.20.09)
Lets see how long it takes before he devalues our pensions!
12. Marcel - a classic self-hating Jew.
whatever   (02.20.09)
pathetic, whatever
13. Thank GOD! Change We Can Believe In
David H ,   Marietta USA   (02.20.09)
Iran has enough uranium to make a bomb. Hamas is still lauching weapons into Israel proper. Obama the Arab wannabe remains confused. Our brilliantly qualified Secretary of State has gone from baking cookies in the White House to asking the North Koreans to please return to the bargaining table. Arab antisemitism is rampant in Europe. It's time for Israel to FINALLY show some muscle and sense in a weak and senseless world. Mazal Tov, we need you now Bibi! Don't mess us up.
14. The rejectionist coalition
Amos ,   USA   (02.20.09)
Enjoy Israel, you're about to become far more ostracized by the rest of the world than you are now. Netanyahoo will become the new P.W. Botha.
15. Liberman in coalition with SHAS, UTJ?
Gavriel ,   Budapest, Hungary   (02.20.09)
Mazal tov for the Likud BUT: can you immagine Liberman and SHAS sitting in the same governement? it won't be easy to take decisions related to issues like separation of state and religious oligarchy, civil marriage etc. In these issues Liberman is the biggest democrat in Israel!
16. Livni is better for Israel
Nik ,   London   (02.20.09)
17. Already Two State Solution
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (02.20.09)
Livni, there IS a two state solution. Are you clueless? The two states are the State of Israel on one side and the state of chaos on the other. Bibi: get it right this time!! In light of the news Iran now has enough uranium to build their bomb and Livni wants to Kumbaya with Israel's intractable enemies, why even suggest a coalition government with these patsies? You have the mandate to take action against Gaza in the near term and Iran shortly thereafter. Send Nasrallah, Assad and monkey Ahmadinejad and his chimp mullahs a message they understand. Wipe out Hamas in Gaza, sending the message that the other three are NEXT!
18. Outstanding
augustine e johnson ,   Birmingham-usa   (02.20.09)
19. zipi you are great let him eat it alone
ami ,   israel   (02.20.09)
20. nr 13
ami ,   israel   (02.20.09)
do you maen we need you now bibi in america thats were you are now?
21. Jordan is Palestine, please Bibi!!
Salim ,   Amman, Jordan   (02.20.09)
Palestinians in Jordan welcome Bibi.
22. To #12 "whatever" - Marcel #6 is not a self-hating jew type
Avi ,   Geneva   (02.20.09)
on the contrary, he is warning against such types.
23. the coalition
there is a historic chance - to form a SECULAR COALITION for the first time in Israeli history - and they are certainly going to blow it
24. oh mam looks whose coming to dinner????
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (02.20.09)
Oh well doubt anything will happen; maybe the Government will at least start to limit retched evangelism in the Eretz Yisrael. New Harris pole shows that Barack Obama is now more popular among Americans than jesus christ which is also good news. #13 you should be ashamed of yourself don't you have a Klan meeting to attend down there in Marietta or perhaps Xtian Identity or some other such nonsense rather than (bad mouthing) your President?
25. #12 - ummmm....Marcel is not Jewish....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (02.20.09)
so his vitriol is doubly stupid and smacks of antisemitism.
26. To: Marcel at No. 6
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (02.20.09)
Brilliant analysis. BRAVO!! World opinion of Israel and/or Jews will not change, no matter what we do. They will not be happy unless we disappear. This, we know. So why not do what is good for Israel for a change? (What a concept!) I agree with you 100%, Marcel.
27. 12 Marcel is not a self hating Jew, he isn't Jewish.
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (02.20.09)
He's a Christian fundamentalist who believes nothing short of ridding Israel of all Arabs so it can be totally Jewish and therefore ready for the second coming ... of Christ! lol... all this from his comfortable computer desk in sunny Florida.... pretty path.
Orao Stranka. ,   Tsarigrad. u Srbia.   (02.20.09)
Yes Israels future and existence hangs in the balance. Any Israeli Political leader who does not consider the Word of God is a fake. Any Israeli Political leader who will not take the stance of the Word of God, will eventually and spiritually in the end, end up on the Enemy side of Israel. Orao.
29. Prediction: New elections by August.
Tel Aviv   (02.20.09)
30. #24 Igno-rant
Robert ,   New Jersey. USA   (02.20.09)
Lamb of G-d you're not! If you read real polls and watch the news, you'll see how your Messiah is crashing and burning in the US And as for your Ku Klux Klan allusion, this bastion of racism is a Democrat institution established and still maintained by your donkey party. Even have Robert Byrd, one of its old Grand Dragons as Senator from West Virginia! So shut up and go worship at the Temple of your Democrat Lord Obama while the rest of us try to survive his assault on liberty and freedom.
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