Katyusha hits Galilee community; 3 lightly hurt
Hagai Einav
Published: 21.02.09, 09:49
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1. Fired by Accident?
John ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (02.21.09)
Why, you're right, it could have been by accident. I know that whenever it rains I accident fire a few Katyusha's as well, no biggie?!
2. It goes on...There will only be 'peace'
Nudnik   (02.21.09)
When all of Israel's enemies are annihilated. That will never happen because she is too soft. Just think... if the roles were reversed ...there would be no 'nakba', we would only record Israel's momentary existence as every single Jew would have been slaughtered. No one left to bleat for 60 years that their land had been 'stolen'.
3. serious consequences
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (02.21.09)
Israel is entitled to retaliate in a far more overwelming way . Leb, hiz, and especially UN have to learn that such "mistakes" have serious consequences Moshe
4. "Accidental firing?"
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (02.21.09)
That's the second time in several weeks they've used that excuse. Third time's the charm. Poor old Hizbollah. They've been trotted off the world stage by Hamas of late, and they're just jealous. Little kids, clamoring for attention. Dangerous little kids, nonetheless. Of course, Hizbollah is sponsored by Iran and, more directly, Syria, and the new United States administration has requested a meeting with the Syrian president, but that couldn't have anything to do with it, now, could it?
5. didn't happen
roari   (02.21.09)
it's all a lie. arabs did not send a rocket into israel and no one was wounded. let israel use this same measure of words in its response but on a much larger scale. a thousand fold. do not send any jets or shells flying to kill untold numbers. deny deny deny.
6. Sure it fired by accident, this is the
EY ,   Haifa   (02.21.09)
Middle East, where pigs fly. Right, accident, gimme a break!
7. And what does the UN say about this? NOTHING!
Jjjay3 ,   Israel   (02.21.09)
8. This is what half of voting Israelis wanted
Tony Maroni   (02.21.09)
Plus another 40% couldn't even be bothered to vote, so we can say that deliberately lost wars is what the majority of israelis want.
9. act two
So, Lebanon's next ,   USA   (02.21.09)
they must love having their infrastructure blown to bits. is someone rehearsing Sinioras tears yet? Love to see a grown arab cry.
10. perhaps newer firing mechanism is the solution
Dennis ,   us   (02.21.09)
Or better yet, newer upgrades on all their "supplies" so this won't "ever" happen again and we can rest assured...
11. Funnily Enough
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (02.21.09)
What a coincidence: last week I was doing a spot of spring cleaning when,lo and behold,I "accidentally" fired off a Katyusha.Well,shit happens I guess.Ma they are spitting at me,"no son,it is raining."
12. Israel's Failure
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.21.09)
In the neighborhood Israel lives in you don't have peace unless you defeat your enemies. Israel has forgotten this while playing the losing 'peace' game of the corpulent nations.. The left and their failed appeasment and surrender for rockets and mortars in return have not yet learned this reality. We see Hizbollah and Hamas RESCUED from defeat by the defeatist Kadima and Labor . The Israeli left has fed and encouraged and strengthened this enemy by their pathetic failure to defeat them.
13. Faces of islam - only one way to end conflict
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (02.21.09)
Annihilate the enemy.
14. where?
kiryat atta israel   (02.21.09)
does anyone know exactly where this rocket hit?
15. Given that the 1%ers are showing some backbone
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.21.09)
finally, a response of decent magnitude needs be initiated. Not long term ... just one that will clearly show the hezzbullah dominated UNIFIL protected lebanese government that "accidental" rockets that threaten our security and safety is unacceptable.
16. And where are the blue berets of UNIFIL?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.21.09)
Probably drunk and partying with hezbullah supplied 'virgins' to keep their mouths shut
17. Put 1701 in your A...
USA   (02.21.09)
If Israel had a real PM have of Lebanon would be part of Israel permanantly. And you would be us to take the land and we would give you the peace.
18. Grad , Katyusha , Qassam !
Palestinain ,   Hamas land - Gaza   (02.21.09)
Before gaza operation there were only Qassam rockets in the south ........ After the operation there is Qassam , Grad rockets in the south and even Katyusha in the north ....... nice job !
19. So, why Katyusha in the north?!
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (02.21.09)
because of Israel's non-occupation of south Lebanon?
20. Sorry, but
Eyal ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.21.09)
to refresh your memory, the Grads were fired into Israel prior to Cast Least. Don't worry, we are soon to be right and when that happens, we will go into Lebanon and destroy you all, so you can claim your victories. No Problem.
21. The arabs, UNIFIL, and UNRWA proving their point
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.21.09)
That it is not about occupation, oppression, "imperialism",or "ethnic cleansing." It is pure unadulterated islamonazi attempts to eradicate the Jews, aided by the UN and UNIFIL!
22. accident.
David ,   USA, exile   (02.21.09)
Siniora says, "Israeli artillery fire is an inexcusable violation of Lebanese sovereignty." Please excuse just this once. It was an accident. BTW, I hear IAF is very accident prone. Me thinks Hezbolla is an accident waiting to happen. Maybe Siniora will have an accident.
23. Replace “peace” with strength and determination.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.21.09)
Current proposals like the Road Map are totally unworkable and should be abandoned. Considering the fact that the only possible relations between the Muslims and the non-Muslims are war or a limited ceasefire, it follows that the word “peace” should be deleted from Israel’s lexicon as well as the notion of peace with the Arabs as a viable, political possibility. The maximum that Israel can aim for is a limited ceasefire or an armistice, taking into consideration that the Arab side will violate it at any time, as the Palestinians have been proving on a daily basis since the signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993. The solution to the Israelo-Arab problem should be find elsewhere as explained at :
24. to # 14 - where
M. ,   Jerusalem   (02.21.09)
It fell in Ma'elia, that's a christian arab village close to Maalot.
25. Fired prematurely?????
vicky45 ,   Ashkelon Israel   (02.21.09)
So when was it supposed to go off? I thought they had learned their lesson the last time. Will Someone tell Carter that you CANNOT trust and Arab!
26. Preview of what Hizballah has planned
Josh ,   San Jose, USA   (02.21.09)
I'm sure Hizballah has thousands of these rockets planted all over S. Lebanon ready to be launched by remote control. Every once in a while, one of them is going to launch accidentally because Katyushas are such junk. Israel needs to be ready for thousands of these to start falling on the North simultaneously when Hizballah starts getting an itchy trigger finger again.
27. Rocket Prematurely Ejaculated
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (02.21.09)
28. Arab tactic "shoot-a-bit" WORKS!
uli ,   jerusalem   (02.21.09)
The Israeli government is still too stupid, too afraid or too leftist or everything togehter to realize that Hizb'Allah and Hamas found the perfect new terrorism deal: Shoot-A-Bit!!! Thus you create the same fear and terror in the israeli population, destroy their saftey, make them think to leave Israel etc. let them know that their government is a children soccer group and at the same time you don't get any serious answer from israel. barak, olmert and livni even stoped to say their EMPTY warnings. JUST DISGUSTING that our government let's this happen! Right government fast!
29. Sorry Seniora, response is NOT violation to UNR
William ,   Israel   (02.22.09)
Arming Hizbullah to the teeth and having terrorist groups still operate in your South - THAT is a violation! When one of them breaks it by firing on Israel, Intl law is clear - Israel has every right to respond to it. You should thank your god that Israel responds directly to the terrorists and not to your front door in Beirut.
30. #5 It's only untold because Arabs cant agree
William ,   Israel   (02.22.09)
Is it 2000 civilians, is it 20000 civilians, is it genocide where Israel killed 1 million Gazans, all children under the age of 4? Arabs can't get their minds straight when they are condemning Israel. It's just who can muster the better fairy tale. However, back here in reality, it seems the "told" amount are almost half of that quoted by Hamas and mostly their men. But then again - Hizbullah had the same problem with math, right? Must be the educational system there.
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