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Anti-Semitism makes it to China?
Boaz Arad
Published: 22.02.09, 13:33
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1. China too?
David ,   Israel   (02.22.09)
Oh well...We already knew Christians were anti-semitic, so as Muslims. But now the Chinese as well?! Is this a joke or a nightmare?
2. No antisemitism it is just anti zionist as arabs no blamed
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (02.22.09)
Arabs are also semitic but not blamed therefore it is only antizionist
3. What BS ,   New Jersey   (02.22.09)
Everyone knows that the world economy is controlled by [insert favourite conspiracy therey here] and I have profound historical facts to prove it!!!!11111!!one
4. ...
Yair ,   germany   (02.22.09)
stupidness rules the world :-/
5. songing hebird!
vashDi ,   israel   (02.22.09)
and people take him seriously? so let him sing his songs who cares, #1 have some faith in the Allmighty , David, you have the name of a great king. it's not a nightmare it's just a stupid place called china where they eat live fish and snakes, do we really need to fear these people? the only good thing about these people is the stirfry.
6. AntiSemites are wrong
Brod ,   USA   (02.22.09)
AntiSemites are quick to blame the Jews for the ills of the world. It shows how racist they are. The fact is the economic meltdown in the America and the world was caused by the high gas price that Arab Islamist-Jihadist states and their partners-OPEC ripping off the world on gas price in 2008. This led to the destruction of small businesses, job losses, foreclosures, financial meltdown, etc. In addition, the two wars that America was engaged. The lack of monitoring and control on the mortgage industry. All these led to the economic downturn. The fact is the Islamist-Jihadist states that ripped off the world on gas price should be punished for triggering this global economic meltdown. It is absolutely essential therefore that America must become energy independent from Middle East oil. The Democrats should do away with their environment god that the godless created to prevent America from digging more oil wells in Alaska. They should do away with this biggest crap of having more concern for the carribous, the mosquitoes, butterflies and other wild animals than for the good, well-being, and survival of humanity. The fact is the survival and existence of humanity is more important than animals and mosquitoes. America has the biggest oil reserve in the world buried underneath Alaska! Palin is right to urge more oil drilling in Alaska to make America free from the slavery of oil dependence from hostile Islamist-Jihadist states in the Middle East and elsewhere.
7. so it looks like Chinese can actually be stupid
bob ,   potomac md   (02.22.09)
OUr sterotype of Chinese has always been that they are somehow "smarter" than the rest of us--but if the Chinse fall into the nonsensical world of Jewish conspiracy--that means that their stupid quotient is a lot higher than previously thought.
8. I strongly disagree with you David #1
Palestinian   (02.22.09)
So you say Muslims are anti-semitic now. This is bull crap and you know it. Muslims are against Zionism PERIOD. Many Jews are against Zionism too and this has nothing to do with anti-semitism. In fact, I would argue that Zionists like yourself are the most anti-everything because you associate to yourselves some rights that you seem to ignore it and disrespect it for the others. Finally, Islam's origin is the same as Judaism. Both come from the line of Abrahamic monotheism. In fact, the word Islam means literally full submission to the one God.
9. If Jews didn't exist who would the world hate?
Adam ,   Manchester   (02.22.09)
10. Demand
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (02.22.09)
The fact that this was published by a state owned publishing house makes China vulnerable to suit at the Hague as a partner in a libellous publication. As for #2: antizionist IS antisemitism as Israel is the Jewish State. Eat your heart out, and may hatred consume you. #5: Your disdain for others' customs justifies their disdain of ours.
11. he's trying to make a fortune trough lible at jews' expense
catherina israel   (02.22.09)
why else should he publish a book about money?
12. Zionist Engineer Antisemitism... more than Muslims or Ch
RJBH ,   Methil   (02.22.09)
Christians...It suits the Zionist Ideology that Jews become Paranoid from such publicity as this.... Jews have more to fear from Zionism that either Muslims or Christians.. In Fact .. Zionism has Hijacked Judaism.
13. Christians?
Phillip ,   Toronto   (02.22.09)
I'm a born-again Christian; I write letters to my MP to support Israel, give to Israeli charities and hospitals unconditionally and know that thousands of other Christians do likewise. So, saying Christians are anti-semites is like saying Jews are rich. Enough with prejudice.
14. Chinese are smart enough they should know better
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.22.09)
Brod writes, "The fact is the Islamic-Jihadist states that ripped off the world on gas price should be punished for triggering this global economic meltdown" The fact that over 10 TRILLION dollars has flowed to OPEC countries just since 1973 would suggest their actions shouldn't be overlooked. Having lived through the economic downturns sparked by two oil shocks in the 1970s we need to at least acknowledge the impact of the oil spikes of 2008. The Chinese in recent years have developed a fascination with the Jews - not only as a fellow "ancient culture", but as a people whose historic achievements belie their miniscule numbers. But it's a small step from admiring their contribution to overstating their relevance and blaming them for what goes wrong. The major banks in the US are all joint stock companies, most run by non-Jews, as are most of the world's banks. Clinton and Cuomo, who pushed for mortgages to those who otherwise wouldn't qualify, are non-Jews. Most of those working in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are non-Jews, as are most working at the SEC and FDIC, tasked with monitoring the markets. The world's sovereign wealth funds held by China and Persian Gulf countries are likely entirely Judenrein. But faced with an economic calamity with complex origins, it's just simpler to blame the Jews.
15. Ahh look at where the author lives, good ole USA
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (02.22.09)
All this 21st century "anti-Semitism" can be traced to one profound catalytic event. During the Reagan administration a Kulterkampf to the civil rights era occurred called the "conservative revolution” During this period in America you can note both a simultaneous swell in national patriotism and religiosity (primarily) Christian fundamentalism. Concepts such as accountability, pluralism, acceptance and even multiculturalism were stricken from the public discourse. Topics and statements that didn't reflect Americas perceived preeminence or “manifest destiny” to hold hegemony over the globe were taken as epithets of weakness or passivity. The 1980s the burgeoning American economy was deemed indicative of America's historic biblical role becoming manifest. All this gave rise to modern protestant evangelism fused with a republican political platform of big indefatigable federal government shepherded by a strong unrestrained chauvinist executive king-like figure. In short with the natural decline of the American currency and economy as a natural result of national abandonment of the basic martial principle of avoiding costly open-ended military adventures, these social conservatives have responded with a nearly identical reactionary method of the German National Socialist of the mid 1930s. GOV. Palin, SEN. McCain, SEN. Frist, SEN McConnell, SEN. Chambliss and other hawkish conservatives form a nexus of a political dogma bereft of ideal and premised on dire new testament originated xenophobia, eschatology and a robust malicious contempt for anything deemed alien, unfamiliar, or atavistic. Although the incompatibility of Dominion-ism with constitutional democracy is apparent, the ranks of these modern “christian identity” theosophical groups continue to expand.
16. lol
jerusalem   (02.22.09)
"how to make money like jews," make a living
17. #2 Tayfun, you deserve a Nobel Price
Raphael ,   Netanya   (02.22.09)
You discovered that antisemitism targets the Arabs, as Antizionism targets the Jews. This confirms Hermann Goering's sentence "I am no antisemite, I like Arabs".
18. To David #1
Amir ,   Canada   (02.22.09)
Please don't talk about Muslims being anti simitism,. Jews were living in their full rights and in a lot of harmony in all Arab countries, they also used to live in Islamic Spain (Granada, Cordoba, and Andalucia) until the Christian Inquisitions came and started to torture both Muslims and Jews. Please a litlle of sense and read the history before judge.
19. #13 - phillip examine the record of events as
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (02.22.09)
recorded in the emergence of nascent Christendom. Anti-Semitism is an inseparable and unavoidable element of the super-session displacement Dogmas i.e. Christianity and Islam. I am sorry about this but pretending anti-Semitism isn't in your "gospels" is just unrealistic. I believe a better course is to accept the fact that anti-Semitic statements are contained within the text but also accept that the text is marginally flawed and not inherently infallible.
20. China, antisemitism, and the invisible Jew
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.22.09)
China has a history of innate antisemitism dating back to the initial visits of the europeans. While 99.99% of Chinese nationals never met a Jew, they were influenced by stories from the west - the old where there's smoke there's fire philosophy. The Chinese culture believes in the written word being infallible leading to the histrionics created by books like these. As for scapegoats, the Chinese are no different than their eurabian counterparts:in tough times, seek out an easy scapegoat. And attacking Jews is easy since China is almost Judenrein, except for a trader's and diplomatic contingent in shanghai and Beijing. The Chinese not only attack Jews, but other ethnic and religious groups to explain away the pending collapse of the great red empire. Welcome to the real world of antisemitism.
21. tayfun in turkey finally admits the point
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.22.09)
anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism!! No where does the article speak of "Zionists." It speaks of Jews! So in your comment stating it is about Zionists, you prove the point we have been making all along Anti-Zionism is truly a thinly veiled alter ego for anti-Judaism. Thanks for the admission
22. #8 please you know very well what the arab and muslim world
rachel ,   usa   (02.22.09)
think of Jews and Christians and any other faith .....I remember when those beautiful peaceful Buddhist statues were blown up those savages ......who have no respect for anyone ....
23. #18 I think you better reread you true history ....
rachel ,   usa   (02.22.09)
jews have always lived in fear under islam .....Most jews would never tell an arab he is jewish .....instant hate would come out of him ...he can't help it ....its taught in his mother's milk ...please don't deny it kow very well its true ....
24. Maybe its true,maybe we the Jews have
Eric... ,   Israel...   (02.22.09)
more brains than the rest.We are the choosen people.We are the greats doctors, actors ,scientists,writers,and of course the greats businessmen and women in the world.Soo people give us a little respect.Iam proud to be a Jew
25. Jewish control
Steven ,   USA Colorado   (02.22.09)
OK, those clever Chinese have outed us. Yes, it's true. We Jews control everything. Banks, markets, weather, sea level, everything. We have controlled everything since I personally snuffed the last stinking dinosaur. (Talk about unclean!) Pardon me while i much some of my blood drenched matzoh. Ah, that's better. Now, on to the destruction of the non Jewish world. From now on, I command that all Arab men dress in pink. Bwaahhh hhhaaah. You jeans, I say. HHHAAAHH. We rule, we rule! Don't you get it? It took a smart Chinese writer to expose us but we'll overcome this. We control CNN. Steven
26. Tayfun in Turkey
Mikhael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.22.09)
Since no mention of the word "Zionist" was used in this article and yet you still say it is anti-Zionist, I can only assume that you think many forms of prejudice against Jews is veiled as "anti-Zionism". P.S. Anti-Semitism means hatred against Jews as an ethnic, racial or national group. Stop saying that because Arabs are "Semites" one that hates Jews shouldn't be called anti-Semites. Definitions of words are not always simple enough for people like you to understand.
27. AntiSemitizm can be anything: a hobby, occupation or busines
Morpheus ,   NYC   (02.22.09)
In this case it is a way to make money. Moreover, one does not have to be an anti-semite to make money and it, as we see, works.
28. #18 Amir, lets do talk about current events.
A Christian! ,   Tampa, USA   (02.22.09)
Rehashing Christianity's failings in medieval times is I suppose helpful to your propaganda as this theme is presented by your kind all the time, but it does not represent current realities. Those of us in countries not under threat of Muslim immigrants or Arab Oil acknowledge and know full well Islam in inherently anti Jew and anti Christian. So save your lies for your fellow ignorant muslims. We know better.
29. IT is MindBoggling.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (02.22.09)
One (i.e. Song Hongbing) who did not study Economics -- how can such a person write authoritatively about the world’s financial system, how can such a person be invited to lecture at financial conventions, how can leading financial executives in the country and state leaders take him seriously. IT is mindboggling. IT is unbelievable. And remember, the state is being run by those very same state leaders -- so, imagine the level of intelligence of those state leaders.
30. China
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.22.09)
China ! welcome to the internatinal antisemitic club,We did not kill your God,We did not still your land,what is your motive ?.
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