Amos Gilad suspended as Israel's emissary to Egypt
Roni Sofer
Published: 23.02.09, 07:54
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1. Still there is some honored people in Israel
2. Olmert it is too late for forgiveness.
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (02.23.09)
Olmert in his last days in the office is trying to show the nation how he is trying to free Gilad Shalit when he had more than two years to do it. Israeli's are not that supid to believe that. You, Kadima, and the company has failed us and brought us to the level of danger that Israel has not seen since 1948. May God have mercy on your soul. No more political correctness, no more double standards, no more lies come and join our new blog at where we are not afraid to tell the truth.
3. contradictions of israeli leadership
S Awaad ,   Rafah   (02.23.09)
This confirms the dilemma of israeli leadership. Also it confirms the opinion of HAMAS leadership concerning freeing of Shalit .
4. Gilad was way out of line and Olmert was right
Avi ,   Geneva   (02.23.09)
A civil servant cannot overstep his mandate. Olmert did well to suspend him.
5. Thou shalt not question Olmert
Holger   (02.23.09)
Kadima-ites are perfect - they do not make mistakes - and only they know Peace, True Peace - so the moral of the story is - whatever Olmert says - accept it, just shut up if you disagree, for he is The Truth Teller. (Between us, yes he does belong in a mental asylum for the criminally insane but what can you do).
6. removed only because he hit their pride nerve
observer   (02.23.09)
Gilad said: the Egyptian army almost destroyed Israel in 1948 and defeated it in 1973, and you treat 85 million Egyptians as if they were your employees.
7. ohlmert/amos gilad
sas ,   israel   (02.23.09)
why did ohlmert not fire livni when she spoke against him during the the first war in Gaza???????????
8. like teenagers spat
Petra ,   USA   (02.23.09)
get ahold of yourself. Olmert aint no hero. You know what they say about him behind his back? One of the words is goniff.
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