Holland: Shoes thrown at IDF officer during speech
Roi Mandel
Published: 23.02.09, 15:35
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1. shoe throwers
Mike ,   New Yawk, USA   (02.23.09)
Aren't the people holding shoes in their hands a little suspicious? I think all Jewish groups should start watching for people holding shoes. In all seriusness though, these Palestinian fanatics and sympathizers will not be happy till we are all dead or all Moslem. I give credit to this captain (Ret.) for speaking in Holland. I also give credit to all Israelis who take the time to explain Israel's right to exist and defend herself. Unortunately, many in the world will never accept Israel, and blame Israel for everything any opportunity. Am Yisrael Chai!
2. The love affair of the extreme left with Islam
DM ,   Amsterdam   (02.23.09)
3. Throwing shoes is antisemetism
Eli ,   Ashkelon   (02.23.09)
throwing shoes is antisemetic acts
4. #3 Eli
Dave   (02.23.09)
Even throwing the truth at you is anti semitic!
5. and the culprits where? Let me guess - foreigners???
Jo   (02.23.09)
boy how they like PR. Now if they really cared for their bethren they would demonstrate for the community in Iraq - who are in much danger. But they wont.
6. How about
Sagi ,   Israel   (02.23.09)
throwing a couple of piglets back at them.
7. Throwing Shoes
mark ,   canada   (02.23.09)
Is that democracy? Throwing shoes in order to keep someones mouth shut in a democratic country, is what appears to be some mozzels way of silencing democracy. It has nothing to do with antisemitism. The Arabs are semitics , also. The Radical Mozzels in the Hamass group are leftists. They hate democracy. It is more that they want good old Sharrie's Law, and to hell with democracy. Our leftist, the extreme ones, love the radical mozzels. Why is that? Holland seems to have subscibed to the loosey-goosey political correct extreme leftism of today's lifestyle. 10 years for assault would be a good start --for each of them. What should the punishment be for Canadians who 60 years ago, left a country free to practice democracy? To you with failing hands we throw-the torch- be yours-to hold it high. Ever hear of that? I wonder what it means.
8. How many kids they killed?
John ,   NY   (02.23.09)
The Israelis think they won because of the high number of innocent people that they have killed in Gaza many whom where kids. I can't understand why they like to kill kids so much. But, just in the same four weeks period of their attacks on the on the people of gaze, about three thousand kids ware born. God plus Gaza and its people.
9. Welcome Holland to Islamic coercion
Steve   (02.23.09)
10. #7 Correct ... up to a point
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.23.09)
"It has nothing to do with antisemitism. The Arabs are semitics , also. " This is a misconception Mark. Read Wikipedia and you'll understand why you are falling too easily prey to the apologetic rape of the term "anti-Semitism" to dilute its innate and visceral meaning of hatred against Jews and Judaism. Here are the first two paragraphs of the article: "Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism; also known as Judeophobia) is a term used to describe prejudice against or hostility towards people of Jewish lineage, which is ultimately rooted in, and based upon, an historical religio-cultural aversion to their core ancestral religious beliefs and way of life. This prejudice or hostility is usually characterized by a combination of religious, racial, cultural and ethnic biases. While the term's etymology might suggest that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic peoples, it has been used exclusively to refer to hostility toward Jews since its initial usage." I guess it is clear now, eh?
11. Who wants to bet money
Danny   (02.23.09)
that the shoe throwers are white and middle class and have no actual skin in the Palestinian game?
12. Thats Nothing , In Seattle They Shot 6 Killed Pam
Martin Pitman ,   Seattle US   (02.23.09)
6days after the Jewish Federation held a support Israel rally in Seattle (July 22nd) a Muslim barged into the J.F. Building in downtown Seattle and shot 6 defenseless women . Killing Pam Weichter. When another women covered her bulging stomach and cried , no not my baby , the Muslim re-aimed and shot directly at her unborn baby . I guess the left wing of Holland would go along with all of this . I mean , in their minds , they were zionistic terrorist . I guess #4 dave would call this left-wing justice . Not anti-semitism , no dave , not at all . Enjoy your miserable hateful life dave !
13. HEROS...
USA ,   USA   (02.23.09)
I think its fabulous. and the IDf will be held accountable for its crimes against humanity. Shoe throwing has just become a symbol for total disrespect against a war criminal. so those calling the shoe thrower 'anti-semitic' - like # 3 , thats not necessarily the case. they may not like him and he happens to be jewish, but they didnt like you before he knew that.. the jewish part is a conicidence.
14. #8 apperantly its the only way to fight these cowards
Mike ,   Israel   (02.23.09)
As a result the Americans in Iraq and Afganastan, just to mention a couple. Should these arab coward decide one day to be men and soliders then they may rethink there tactics and actualy protect there women and children rather than putting them in harms way every chance they get just to save the lifes this in my books = COWARDS
15. Islam=Submit! This is how they operate ...
They coerce and intimidate people through whatever means, legal or illegal, to submit to their will. The hotels cancelled a scheduled presentation because of threats!!!? Give me a break! Where is the Dutch democracy? Under Islamic rule I guess...
16. Copy Cats
Rosie   (02.23.09)
It is amazing. The Muslims have made no contributions to humanity for the past 100 years...the only one I can think of is a primitive behavior of throwing shoes. What a pity on them.
17. Post # 12
Schmidlap ,   Canada   (02.23.09)
Your post gives a relevant description of the "religion of Peace".
18. #7 mark ,canada
Would you rather a couple of grenades were tossed at Captain (Res.) Ron Edelhe, the idiotic showman?
19. A shoe......
Marco ,   Spain   (02.23.09)
gets an upclose and personal introduction to Captain (Res.) Ron Edelheit face. Its about time a heat seeking (missile) shoe connects with its target. Well done boys!
20. "Truth"-since they threw the shoes BEFORE the officer spoke
#4 Danny ,   Sharona   (02.23.09)
How could they have known what he would say??????? Your "truth" is simply anti-Semitic BS of Europe. Not only anti-Semitic-perfectly acceptable in Europe but also anti-freedom of speech. Democracy is well and truly dead in Europe!!!!!!!!!
21. Europe - your journey to EuroAbia has started!
VK ,   Jerusalem   (02.23.09)
22. #13 "coincidence" my foot!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.23.09)
If being "Jewish" is only a coincidence then explain why nobody throws shoes at crazy immams inciting to terror and destruction of the UK, Israel, US and the West at large? Is it maybe because Islamo-Anarchist racist cowards prefer to attack a victim which will not respond in kind? Try throwing a shoe at one of Hamas CRIMINALS in Gaza and you'll see how fast you and your family will disappear off the face of the Earth. Many Palestinians have been tortured, permanently incapacitated or murdered by Hama terrorists led by Hannyia and his acolytes, for far less than that! You Sir are a RACIST, pepetrating more lies and libels and for as far as I suspect - you are nothing more than an Islamo-Anarchist agitator not nearly in the USA as you claim. Your spelling and grammar expose you! Your hatred just focuses us on our survival - the more you hate and attack us, the stronger we are. Keep at it. Israel is your demise!
23. antisemitic phobia
adon kanaan ,   jafa- palestine   (02.23.09)
its like saying that sky is blue became antisemitic haha
24. #10 Marco
Mike B ,   London   (02.23.09)
Clearly 191 murdered and 1,800 wounded in Madrid in 2004 was not enough of a shoe in YOUR face. The mantra of Islam is simple; Let us kill you, or we will kill you. The Muslims want Al-Andalus back again and will kill YOU if you get in the way.
25. Marco #19
Manco ,   Yokohama   (02.23.09)
you´re a pretty funny guy - for a Spaniard. Must have Arab blood somewhere around your brain?
26. #24 callit whatever you want but it is RACISM nevertheless!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.23.09)
...and no amount of ridicule and double-talk will change the fact that you and your coward friends hate Jews, Judaism just for being Jews who practice Judaism, even before Israel was created. And whatever you call it, when you unconditionally hate Jews and Judaism (and today Israel) you are a racist and this kind of racism is called "anti-Semitism". You cannot avoid it and you cannot beautify it. You are a RACIST against Jews, Judaism and Israel and that means you are an "anti-Semite". This is a definition you cannot change regardless how hard you try to hide your ugly racist face behind a slightly less primitive picture.
27. Europe Got Rid of most of its Jews
marvls ,   usa   (02.23.09)
...and now has many millions more Muslims instead. Now they're reaping the benefits of societies of hatred, intolerance & propoganda. It seems they can't tolerate when Jews aren't victims and buy into all the crap about Jews being murderes when they defend themselves.
28. to 7
lyly ,   Algeria   (02.23.09)
the shoes were thrown by 3 palestians - are u sure they sympathize with hamas , may be used by israel to worsen the reputation of the palestinian and the muslims in general all over the world and to play the victims - this is democracy
29. to 26 - you are full of hatred the doc
lyly ,   Algeria   (02.23.09)
30. to 16(copy cats)
lyly ,   algeria   (02.23.09)
You said"It is amazing. The Muslims have made no contributions to humanity for the past 100 years...the only one I can think of is a primitive behavior of throwing shoes. What a pity on them." what about the jew scontribution to humanity for the 60 years loll yeas they havent thrown shoes but white phosphorus on hundred of children . what else, they created , at least from centuries of shephering around the world, a country on the expense of the the killed and slaughtered native. owners. you'r brainwashed
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