Holland: Shoes thrown at IDF officer during speech
Roi Mandel
Published: 23.02.09, 15:35
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61. inventions!
Janet   (02.24.09)
I just did google- in the 20th century there was ONE arab invention- a design for building skyscrapers used today. Ancient arabs were better at inventing... Israeli inventions - tons including the cell phone ,ICQ, Pentium chip, a device to help the heart pump blood, well the list is really really long- amazing I never knew!!
62. thanks to arab terrorists
Ilana   (02.24.09)
flying on a plane is a major hassle to every human being flying. Now we will have to put up with removing our shoes before entering buildings. What next? Strip naked and be given a robe? How much lower can one stoop? Our lives are being hassled just too much.
63. #32 - Civilized Behavior - Hear! Hear!
Racheal ,   Rehovot   (02.24.09)
Thanks for the one lone voice of reason. The issue here isn't who is righteous or not - the captain or the protestors. The issue is civilized behavior and freedom of speech. They could have resorted to other forms of disruption that would have been just as effective - without committing assault. But it seems that most of the talkbackers get lost in the debate of right and wrong - not the implications of the act itself. Why not discuss the real issue? "The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins." Oliver Wendell Holmes (that includes shoes)
64. To # 30
EST ,   Miami USA   (02.24.09)
Read historical documents instead of buying all that BS you are being brainwashed with! The original palestinians are Jews, they have been in the area thousands of years before Muslims came here. Muslims were known as Arabs until a few decades ago. Arabs came from ARABIA. - remember Mohammed? In Mecca? Arabia??? King David, built Jerusalem as the capital of the Kingdom of Israel, a Jewish kingdom. Native owners are Jewish! On another note, white phosporus was used by Israel according to international accepeted smoke screens not to burn people the news and look into verified reports and do not listen to the ...once again, BS given to you by terrorist propaganda. We all know about that by now...the Al Dura libel (child killed by own people who lied to the world in order to fan anti-israel hatred), the supposed bombing of a UN school in Gaza and killing of hundreds of children" when the dust settled ...the UN itself told the world that the account given by palestinians was a lie ... and on and on and on...If you can still buy the lies they sell...then you really are brainwashed!
65. Conclusion
Scruitol ,   Formerly Jerusalem   (02.24.09)
If the Moslem world has decided that shoe-throwing is a new and legitimate way of protesting let them throw to their hearts content - all we need to do is start manufacturing and exporting more shoes!
66.  to EST 64 HI
lyly ,   Algeria   (02.24.09)
you create a state according to history loll. then we chase the arabs from algeria coz 20 century ago algeria was a berber country ruled by the king massinissa now we will tell the arabs go to saoudia. now all the world will go back to the map of 20 century ago, and send the people of the world where they come from 20 centuries ago, we panish all the previous civilizations of their wars and chasing the people from their land, we panish history .
67. To # 66 You brought up the issue of native owners.
EST ,   Miami USA   (02.24.09)
You can't have your cake and eat it too. You need to decide what do you want. Historical correctness or terrorist propaganda. You can't have it both ways. I noticed that you omit all the massacres of Jews by Arabs before the modern state of Israel was established in our ancient homeland... Jews have been in the area for thousands of I said before... and Arabs have always tried to take away from Jews...with one excuse or another. Today it is just the propaganda that you spout... even though it is totally incorrect.
68. Inventions.
Holocaust Gaza ,   Holualoa USA   (02.25.09)
The Jews must have also invented the wheel, the fire and even the air we breath. I worked with educated big Israeli shots and they were just as mediocre as anybody else.
69. # 45 Jalal in AZA...keep ur shoes...u may need them to run
70. Europe: Be aware of the spread of Islamism into your midst..
Sharon   (03.08.09)
...and the formation of the Unholy Trinity of Islamists-Clasical anti-Semites-anti-Jewish "Progressive" racists.
71. You have to be fast like Bush! lol!
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.27.10)
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