US senator hosts anti-Islamic Dutch lawmaker
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Published: 24.02.09, 09:39
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1. The prosters only prove his point
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (02.24.09)
No one complained when Mel Brooks depicted the Inquisition or the Last Supper, or when Monty Python portrayed the Inquisition or the Crucifixion, but when someone poses a depiction of Mohammad there are calls for murder. The very types of responses that this film has brought forth only server to prove its makers point - some branches of Islam are extremist and use the Koran to promote violence.
2. why anti-islamic?
Why is Wilders called anti-Islamic? He blames Islam for 9/11? Islam takes pride in this attack. He blames Islam for decapitating film-maker van Gogh? A muslim proudly admitted he did it. He says that women and gays are nothing in Islam? Saudi Arabia does not hide its law books.
3. Wilders
Joe ,   Israel   (02.24.09)
It's about time that someone had the courage to stand up to Islamic blackmail and allow the truth to be shown.
4. Victory for truth & free speech.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.24.09)
Unlike the Dhimmi Brits, some in America still have the courage to speak up & not submit ..... Why label Mr Wilders ''far-right'' by the way? What makes him far-right by any objective standard? Mr Wilders is anti-Islam the ideology & he makes a strong, logical, well thought-out case based on EVIDENCE. Mr Wilders only quotes the Qurán itself, only quotes Muslim scholars, only quotes Muslims themselves - so is quoting the Qurán Islamophobic? He is not inventing anything. Does no one think it odd that Britain banned his entry because he linked Islam to violence because his presence would provoke Muslim violence? That's exactly what he's been saying ...... Those that criticise Mr Wilders never refute what he's been saying, they merely attack the man with slurs & epitaphs totally unsupported by any facts rather than refute his arguments with FACTS.
5. truth seeker
John the revelator ,   USA   (02.24.09)
One day the entire worldwill Know Geert Wilders was right ! Islam is the breed of hate and chaos on that earth. But the truth will prevail over darkness
6. GOOD!
I hope every member of Congress and their staff sees this film. It is very informative and important. Everyone should see it.
7. Europe is not yet defeated.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.24.09)
Voices in the UK and in the Nederland are getting everyday louder. With hope coming back in the heart of the population, the west will overcome the invasion of Islam as explained at :
8. The truth will overcome!
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.24.09)
Fortunately, those of us who are pro-Israel can show our love of Israel without distorting the truth. We don’t need to play by the rules laid down by the Arab-favoring media, which distort the news and omit important items of information. Fortunately, we are not alone anymore. Voices in the Nederland and in the UK are getting everyday louder as expressed by Geert Wilder on the 11 MARCH 2008 in the Netherlands Parliament :
9. How you would react if the movie is an anti-Judism thema ?
Direct you would accuse him with anti-simitism but when the case is touching Islam or Christianity you call it free of speach ... you want make the world a la carte according to your interest .... strange people .
10. Only moslems are allowed to hate!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.24.09)
Everyone lets the moslems get away with murder literally. They are the only ones who are allowed,even encouraged to hate. Time for the rest of the world to put an end to this. We have to let them know that they are no better than anyone else and their religion is not the only one in the world. There are many religions and the moslems must respect all of them or they should have others hate islam and all that it stands for. Governments should not protect islam or even kowtow to their religious practices. There is one law for all and no exceptions for islamic law.
11. To Terry #4. I Endorse.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (02.24.09)
I endorse your TB completely. I could not have said it better.
12. To #7 and 8: Robert Bernier: You are wrong! Watch SkyNews!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.24.09)
Appeasement and more appeasement. Those are the watchwords in the UK. The rest of Europe is no better. The reason is that the Europeans stood by while the Nazis murdered 6,000,000 Jews then brought in 20 million Muslims to replace them. These people, given asylum and the chance to improve their own lives and those of their families, have chosen to become violent are totally ungrateful for the hospitality that their hosts gave them. Today the good citizens of Europe and the UK are just scared witless of their Muslim minority and will bend and scrape to make sure that they don't start rampaging and rioting as they did in France and Denmark! Even a Prince of the Blood Royal was "disciplined" for calling a colleague Pakistani Officer in Her Majesty's Armed Forces a "Paki". I am sure if the officer was Jewish and Prince Harry called him "Jew Boy", "yid" or "kike" nothing would have happened!
13. Fair and balanced
ben Ish   (02.24.09)
It's okay for radical islamics to murder others simply for having a different opinion. It's racism and hatred to point out that they do this. Just go ask any totally and completely objective group like the UN. The world thinks its ok for hamas to shoot rockets and Israel is an oppressor for defending itself. This is the world we have today.
14. The best in show
Gideon Reader   (02.24.09)
Senator Kyl is one of the few U.S.Senators that actually make me proud and comfortable having him in office. Calm, responsible and intelligent, he does things in a measured and logical fashion with the wellfare of the entire nation in the forefront rather than his personal enrichment or nest feathering. This is yet one more example of Senator Kyl's character shining through. If only there were just one Democrat that was fit to serve in the U.S.Senate, or in any responsible position, I would feel much better. Sadly, THAT is not to be. Locally, when met by a candidate for office, I inquire not if they are a Republican, but if they are or subscribe to Democrat Party principals(laughing)and if they respond in the affirmative, I tell them they are unfit for elective office and go on.
15. cool,
vashDi ,   israel   (02.24.09)
when do we get to see it? nice one wilders. the truth is out there
16. #9 true and false
The Other Ron ,   Pittsburgh, PA   (02.24.09)
To #9, you miss the point. It is true that if it was anti-semitism, we Jews would call him on it. But he would still be allowed to speak and we would not try and kill him. We would try and kill him if he was a murderer of our people!
17. Maybe..
meg ,   Israel   (02.24.09)
if we just stopped screaming antisemetism" everytime there is something not to our liking, and just ignore any TB that gets our goat and we answer with this. Lets be the strong and proud ppl we are and stop moaning about it. Crying makes us look more apologising for being Jewish and Israeli!!!!
18. #9 apparently you've been asleep...
Tahl ,   Israel   (02.24.09)
When Mel Gibson's Passion of Christ reached the cinemas, with its hateful and slanted depiction of Jews. Although Jews protested this film, no one had ever attempted to silence Gibson or stop the screening. Furthermore, unlike the Muslims' reaction to Wilders, not a single Jew had ever threatened to kill Gibson over this. Muslims, unike Jews, cannot accept criticism about their religion without resorting to violence and creating havoc. Wilders is not the only example. Other recent examples include the reaction to the Muhammad caricatures in Denmark, or to the Pope's speech that implied that violence exists in Islam. By their fanatic reaction, the Muslims only validated their critics. I advise you to google Wafa Sultan or Brigitte Gabriel to learn more about the inherent violent and hateful nature of this religion.
19. America's Freedom of Speech
Brod ,   USA   (02.24.09)
must be protected. Americans have sacrificed their lives to fight for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness around the world. The Islamist-JIhadists have NO right to sabotage America's freedom of speech. In the wake of 9/11 and since then, the world must know who these dark forces are so that they can be confronted and defeated. John Kyl should be commended for helping to get Wilder's message reach the world.
20. UK Foreign Secretary says guilty of extreme anti-muslim hate
Scott ,   Sunshine Coast, Aust   (02.24.09)
Where in Wilder's film does he do anything but allow the muslims themselves and the Quran do the talking? Excerpts from the Quran clearly making violent anti-semitic charges. It seems that the same irrational behaviour usually reserved exclusively for Jews and Israel is now being applied to anybody that dares take an opposing view - even in this case where Wilders simply allows the truth to point itself out.
21. Bravo USA! Shame on you UK.
Mongo ,   Paris   (02.24.09)
Churchill is rolling in his grave. You people should be ashamed.
22. ok Let's give the chance to discuss the Holocaust
There are many people in the world has diffrent opinions about the Holocaust at least about the amount of the victims which you say 6 millions whenever no body was counting and there was nothing to prove the amount and alot of Jews escaped and hided themselfs somewhere can be that counted from the victims .... would you allow anybody to open this subject and to make movies about if the opinion doesn't agree with you ... i tell the answer .... NO ... not allowed ... you will accuse him with anti-simitism and you will ask to put him in prison .... and you will forget and ignore totaly something called free of speach ... you make it a la carte ... you want the world just to serve you .... you laugh and koke about Jesus and Virgin Mary and you call it free of speach ... you support the anti-Islam and you call free of speach but when the point touching you you call it anti-simitism and the old broken discks will come direct out .... what a strange people .
23. "Fitna" can be shown in Israel, US, but not UK or EU.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.24.09)
Wilders attended a conference in Jerusalem recently dealing with the Islamic threat and, yes, "Fitna" was shown. The US Congress hasn't yet totally surrendered to political correctness; there are still a few like Kyl that will not submit.
24. question
mr. david miliband, the world has seen via news reports and your bbc tv and radio how muslims vilify jews in england and especially london, how they all shout down with britain, death to jews, jews to the gas chambers...etc... the world has heard one or two of your parliament members vilify israel and jews in israel in your own of those was a SIR, son't recall his name. he was an ARAB IN YOUR PARLIAMENT AND A MEMBER OF THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT. yet, england and you, were quiet!!!! your country didn't regard these vile antisemetic demonstration and vile speeches in your parliament as incitful. neither did you abolosh them from occuring. you didn't do a thing to stop these hate marches in your cities or hate speeches by an arab in your parliament. neither did you do anything to stop arab islamic groups from boycotting israel and murdering jews, burning of synagogues and beating jews by your muslim populations in london and in england at large. now, you complain that american permission to show this anti terror movie by geert wilders IS INCITEFUL?????? SHAME HAS NO MEANING FOR YOU???? HYPOCRICIY HAS NO MEANING VFOR YOU???? SO, IT IS OK TO BE ANTI JEWISH AND ANTI ISRAEL IN YOUR COUNTRY, BUT IT IS NOT OK TO SHOW ISLAMIC EXTREMISM FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS??? WHILE JEWS ARE KILLED AND HARRASSED IN YOUR COUNTRY BY MULTITUDES OF ARAB MASSES, YOU TURN A BLIND EYE. AND WHILE WE FIGHT BACK, YOU BLAME US? yet, you sir,
25. Yediot, u made a mistake
Avigdor ,   Belgium   (02.24.09)
He is not extreme right, he is simply right. Geert Wilders is the only telling the truth in Holland and continues Pim Fortuyn's way..
26. The "old broken record" #22 is YOU
GZLives   (02.24.09)
Holocaust cartoon contest in Tehran and Holocaust conference in Tehran. There are literally hundreds of web sites claiming the Holocaust never existed, was grossly exaggerated, or was an invention fo Jews to make money. The truth is that the Holocaust has been the most investigated even to ever take place in human history complete with eye witnesses, film footage, diaries - you name it. Unlike any event, no one can claim that every aspect of the Holocaust has not investigated. To say, as people like you so often do, that there's still doubt or other opinions of coirse is true, but we all understand who the doubters are, The same people who claim the death of 1000 people in Gaza is a "Holocaust" the same people who claim there were no gas chambers when the very construction plans of the camps with the gas chambers are available for all to see. The former German Chancellor himself told the chief Holocaust denier himself Ahmadinajad that yes indeed the Holocaust happened. The only thing "strange:" is how you can continue to use the same tired false argument that no one is allowed to discuss their baseless opinions about the Holocaust. Shall we have a debate whether Mohammed was a pedophile because he married a child or would you be the first in the streets screaming to murder those who dared to accuse Mohammed of anything ? I think we all know the answer.
27. Wrong title...He is not anti-islamic... Anti-Jihadist Islam
BJL ,   USA   (02.24.09)
28. To non-existing #22
val ,   germany   (02.24.09)
The Holocaust is the best documented event in human history. If you still claim there is no evidence of this, I won't argue. But I think you are a myth also. Nobody, Nothing. No name, No brain.
29. Please read
American ,   Chicago   (02.24.09)
People really need to stop relying on media to tell you what religions are about. In Islam (Quran), we respect all the religions whether Judiasm or Christianity. You can't put Islam and the Radicalists on any level. Real Muslims are just as against them as you. Please take the time to really look in Islam (not the media, but actually read some about it). Then you will see it is a very beautiful and kind religion.
30. Is being anti-Nazi ideology also under "Blasphemy" laws?
Noach ,   FL   (02.24.09)
If Nazi Ideology Were Enshrined in a Book (which it is) and made an oath that "There is no worthy people but Aryans and the Fuher is our leader," and if people lived their lives according to this book (which they did/do), could Nazi Ideology be considered a religion? Now, assuming Nazism is a religion: Anyone who has read Mein Kampf will know, there are many parts that can be construed as promoting violence against non-Aryans, especially Jews. In fact, it calls for every last Jew to be killed. You can also take from it that the Nazis were imperialistic and thought of themselves as superior to all other peoples. If I were to point this out and juxtapose the sayings of Mein Kampf with pictures of Auschwitz or the Nazi invasion of Poland, would I be considered a Naziphobe? Nazism is as much of a religion as any, and there are ways to prove that it is violent and intolerant. If there are other religions that also promote violence and intolerance, why can’t we point this out?
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