Iran test runs 1st nuclear power plant
Dudi Cohen
Published: 25.02.09, 10:53
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1. Ahmadinejad and nuclear power.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.25.09)
To understand why Ahmadinejad has chosen his dangerous path, one must understand his origins. In his youth, the Iranian president was a member of the basij, a radical paramilitary movement built by Khomeini at the onset of the Revolution. Literally translated as “Mobilized Resistance Force,” the basij became a zealous arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) where devotion and sacrifice were the basis of “human wave” surges during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), leading to hundreds of thousands of senseless deaths. Khomeini taught that survival of the fighters was irrelevant; they were participating in a battle for Allah, which was to provide ultimate fulfillment and gratification. Thus, when Ahmadinejad entered public life, first as the mayor of Tehran and then as head of state, he injected basiji irrationality into politics. In the name of revolution, Ahmadinejad seeks to achieve Iranian grandeur via nuclearization, and to fearlessly spread anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, even if leads to war as explained at :
2. #1
hakim ,   usa   (02.25.09)
Israel spreads anti-semitism. You put yourselves under the lime-light when you go barbaric against your neighbors(lebanon Gaza etc etc) And Iran has every right to protect herself and she will PERIOD...
3. Hakim...
Kev ,   London   (02.25.09)
If Iran mobilise against Israel, they are finished. 100% guaranteed. The Persians chose the wrong enemy this time.
4. NOT AT ALL,KEV...............................#3
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.25.09)
Iran continues with its progress and your contention about choosing the wrong enemy exists only theoretically.Equation and balance of power will be witnessed in the Middle East and no one will be able to get away.Haven't you already witnessed that?Or are you still wondering?
5. Hakim #2
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (02.25.09)
Fighting terrorists is not "going barbaric". Supporting terrorism definitely is. Iran will "protect herself... PERIOD"? This sentence is a great example of the Muslim excellent demagogy, by which the agressor is the victim. Good on you. BTW, you know what? If Iran fires a nuclear missile at Israel, that will definitely put an end to Palestinian terrorism. The wrong way. Would you like to see that?
6. #3 Kev
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (02.25.09)
It seems that you are an alien from outerspace. Even your hawkish prime minister to be admits that Iran is an existential threat to Israel.
7. All, please read #4...
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (02.25.09)
...and witness the hatered and aggression of fundamentalistic Islam. Read Mahmood and see, beyond interpretation, what extreme Muslims addmittedly aspire for.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.25.09)
Like your masters Dana.I clearly meant that so far,one country has been able to get away with numerous cases of using atrocities against the Palestinians.No more of that will remain.Get it into your head and get it right!!!
9. Not at all, #8
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (02.25.09)
Did you panic at how you sounded to me? I re-read #4 and understood it the same way, and #8 only reinforced that interpretation. Atrocities are used against those who call to destroy Israel. That will remain. One more thing: unlike depressed citizens in many Muslim states, I have no "masters".
10. 2 types of people...
Greg ,   New York City   (02.25.09)
...I don't bother talking sense to anymore.Muslim fanatics and anti-zionist liberals. Lost causes. Down is up and black is's an Orwellian world with them.
11. Israel MUST behave like a civilized nation
IRAN#1   (02.25.09)
If they intend to exist in the Middle East. The 60+ year old free pass has expired, it's time the zionists started acting like responsible adults. Even their supporters in the west are giving them that message. The balancing pressure from Iran is part of that message. Get it before it's too late!
12. #10 agree. Absolute waste of time.
Slamobator   (02.25.09)
Somehow I just know its going to end very badly for everybody - especially the Iranians.
13. I test ran a nuclear power plant in my bedroom
Danny   (02.25.09)
i used cardboard instead of bricks and made beeping noises instead of actual equipment. Why does ynet publish this useless Iranian propaganda?
14. #8, how are iranian nukes
Danny   (02.25.09)
going to stop the Lebanese?
15. Let's pray for a 'work accident'
Steve from Raleigh   (02.25.09)
Turn a chunk of Iran into a glass parking lot and the world can only be a better place.
16. #11 Israel is too civilized
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.26.09)
Nearly 3000 lethal missiles landed in Israel before Israel responded militarily. What Iran#1 refers to as "balancing pressure" resulted in 1200 dead Lebanese and 1300 dead Palestinians. These people would be alive today if not for Iran, Hamas and Hezbullah. The Islamic Regime is nothing to be proud of.
17. A FAR CRY...........CYNTHIA.............#16
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.27.09)
People round the world have acknowledged the might of Hezbollah's and Hamas.You may choose to remain in the slumber,of course.
18. Mahmood
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (03.01.09)
You're so lucky to be living in the UK. Imagine you had to live in a Muslim state. Oh, boy. So, how does it feel to take over the world and still claim to be a victim?
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