Hamas to buy caravans for homeless Gazans
Roee Nahmias
Published: 25.02.09, 14:52
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1. It is not Hamas's right to deliver weapons into Gaza
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.25.09)
"It's our right to bring in anything – money and weapons". Actually, it is not the right of any authority in the Gaza Strip to acquire weapons!!! A basic component of Israel's agreement with the PLO has been the limitation of the inflow of weapons into the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Since those agreements still hold – the Oslo Accords – any weapons delivered into the Gaza Strip without Israel's approval is considered illicit. Hamas of course, does not accept agreements reached by the parties and signed by them, but then Hamas should not expect Israel to adhere to other agreements which are part of the same Oslo Accords, such as the opening of crossings and the passage way between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. This should be pointed out over and over again to those who either don't know or don't care about this state of affairs.
2. Combing that grey greasy hair over?
Brad al-Zahar ,   Tel Aviv   (02.25.09)
No-one's fooled dude, you look like a donkey. Shave it off.
3. Israel downgrades the rights of its own captured soldiers.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.25.09)
Israel downgrades the rights of its own captured soldiers. By exchanging prisoners with the terrorist organizations as if they were law-abiding states, Israel can be seen as upgrading the status of the organizations’ unlawful combatants from terrorists and war criminals. Such exchanges afford them the same rights as lawful soldiers, without demanding from their leaders the reciprocal obligations. At the same time, Israel downgrades the rights of its own captured soldiers by overlooking the organizations’ systematic depravation of POW rights for Israeli soldiers under the Geneva Conventions. More at :
4. Trailer park
Avi ,   Rochster, NY   (02.25.09)
and the first middle eastern trailer park is born. Cant wait to hear the humanitarian agencies complain in 30 years when people still live there. Probably blame it on Israel..
5. al zahar
you look a bit gray as of late????
6. # 2 Brad, it covers the spot where
Petra ,   USA   (02.25.09)
a brain should be. I guess even mindless terrorists are vain too.
7. When.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (02.25.09)
are we going to off this man?
8. Caravan is a code word for 'stealing'
Steve from Raleigh   (02.25.09)
Hamas is a criminal gang that rapes its own people. Anything they steal from someone is always used to line their own pockets. Hamas is scum and that's giving scum a bad name.
9. better buy a couple thousand more in preparation ......
Bernard Ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (02.25.09)
....for next round
10. $900 Million Urgently Needed for U.S. HOMELESS SHELTERS
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.26.09)
In October, 2004, the Bowery Mission reported: "The number of homeless people in New York is at its highest since the Depression era." Since that time, the situation has dramatically worsened. People are losing their jobs and homes. Tent cities are springing up in America. The government is living off borrowed money and spending like there is no tomorrow with money we don't have - and freely giving away hundreds of millions of tax dollars whilst Middle Eastern countries possess enormous oil wealth - more than enough money and land to take care of PA Muslims. In U.S., HOMELESS Shelters are filled to capacity. Lisa Ling Goes Inside a Tent City US/EU congratulated Israel when Gaza's Jews were cruelly evicted; forced into poverty and made homeless. Many impoverished Jews had to live in tents for a long time. Now Americans who have lost their jobs and are homeless are living in tents. The government is doing absolutely NOTHING to help them - the number of homeless is continually increasing. U.S. government response: $900 million dollars for PA/Hamas terrorists. PA Muslims CHEERING murders of Americans on 9/11
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