Tel Aviv plans gay centennial celebrations
Yoav Zeitun
Published: 26.02.09, 11:32
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1. i'm just so
proud hetero ,   cheers!   (02.26.09)
disgusted. if anything will lead to israel's distruction, its the gay people, who do "pride" parades, like they're something special. go on, destroy the next generation. enjoy the consequences. and don't reply to me, i don't give a damn what u think.
2. yay!
ilan ,   ta   (02.26.09)
go on gays! one of a few groups who give the world so much culture, music, theatre, food, and that make straights become "metro"!! gotta love the gays of israel for lifting up this stagnic country :)
3. well done
proud hetero 2   (02.26.09)
enjoy the day and your own community. i am not challenged by your lifestyle as it does not threaten me or make me fear that any dark secrets/desires of mine i dont want known may be coaxed out of hiding. perhaps some other talkbackers here have this fear, but not this hetero.
4. Thanks 'proud hetero'!!!!!
Equality 4 Everyone?   (02.26.09)
Your oppressive, bigoted comments prove to the rest of us that the gay community still needs to march for equal rights.
5. gay awareness
MC ,   UK   (02.26.09)
What an offensive waste of time and money. Children and the elderly are going hungry. Where are our priorities? Why can't gays and lesbians keep their sexual preferences to themselves? why does awareness of them need highlighting? This should not be a public issue? how low we have sunk? Let the gays do what they like in the privacy of their own homes, but why should they be thrown into the public arena? Tel Aviv has little to celebrate here.
6. If TA is Gay capital, why march in Jerusalem
adam eliyahu   (02.26.09)
The only answer can be to anger the religious. I can't respect anyone, religious, secular, straight, gay, left, right, who insists on creating more anger in the world for no other reason then to increase anger and hate. The gays should be ashamed for not adopting what they themselves demand: a respectful live and let live attitude.
7. What an amazing world we live in
Tziporah ,   Israel   (02.26.09)
where we can accept eachother and learn to love eachother despite sexual preferences. Im straight and I cant wait to go in support of Israel's gay community.
8. Do not let ugly scenes in Jerusalem at least!!!
A little respect!
9. #1 - You sad, angry little man.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (02.27.09)
10. Well done Tel Aviv
Aharon   (02.27.09)
The previous talkbackers opposing the parade are simply bigots and their position is not at all consistent with the traditional and authentic Zionist vision. Herzl wanted a democratic, liberal, modern and scientifically advanced state to be born for all Jews - and this parade is an expression of that vision and its success. I hope that the civil marriage legislation introduced by the next government also allows for unions between members of the same gender. I'm not gay - but if someone else wants to be, that's entirely their own choice.
11. Sorry- gay capital of the middle east is definitely Beirut
Mark ,   New York   (02.27.09)
12. How Sad It Is
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (02.27.09)
that in the Land of Israel where Jews are suppose to strive for sanctity and holiness, the Land which G-d gave to the Jews for the promotion of sublime ideals of morality and ethics, public funds are being diverted to groups which promote and publicize a most abhorrent behavior and lifestyle. We have sunk low. Homosexual/lesbian lifestyle is a total rejection of Torah ideals and G-d's will for mankind and humanity. It is repulsive and worthy of condemnation; never acceptance. It is time that the moral public stand up against further deterioration of societal norms.
13. come to Israel capital of gay tourism
zionist forever   (02.26.09)
Hypocritical gays complain say they don't want people to look at them as gays and instead treat them as ordinary people. At the same time they hold parades to say to the world LOOK I AM GAY ISNT THAT GREAT. They not only want to hold these parades but they think they are the most important people in the world, knowing it provokes riots and upsets the locals they insist of holding parades in Jerusalem. Then they want to have super parade in Tel Aviv which is coming from the festivities budget but these parades are not festivties that the whole city, its for a closed group who are there to ceebrate their own sexuality. Your not going to find many parents wanting to take their kids out to enjoy the celebration more like they wil stay well away. Parades like this or for any individual group should be paid for privately, the city budget should pay for things for the whole community to enjoy gay, straight young and old. I get the impresion that Israel wants to be the capital of homosexuality and wants to encourage gay tourism. You want to tell the world your gay then come to Israel ..... we dont want tourists to come visit the sites we want gays to come and hold parades.
14. My husband and I will be there to celebrate
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (02.27.09)
I hope my boyfriend will be there too
15. No. 11 Mark
Beirut where Islamic radicals, like Hezbollah, are gaining power? Nobody who's gay can be safe in a country where Muslim extremists are gaining a foothold.
16. i too am disgusted
yosi ,   israel   (02.27.09)
nothing against gay but why flamboyant pride parades, to be "out" of the ordinary? just be normal, and we hetros shall accept all.
17. love my gay brothers but.....
alan ,   toronto   (02.27.09)
I cant stand how left wing they are (not all of them) Good luck
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