Time not ripe for two-state solution
Eytan Bentsur
Published: 26.02.09, 13:22
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1. obama the socialist...
oded   (02.26.09)
has many other more important , fires to put out before attending to the ""palestinan"" problem.... he'll keep sending hillary all over the globe, and the ME ... but one thin is certain, obanation is no friend of israel....
2. Help Gazans
herb glatter ,   wyncote, pa, usa   (02.26.09)
With the Gaza battlefield still smoldering we now hear voices calling for the rebuilding of Gaza. Einstein defined insanity as – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It appears we are going to consign the Gazans to endless despair. In 1948 the population of Gaza was 250,000 today 1,500,000. Chronic shortages of water, energy and arable land will make it impossible for them despite all the billions of dollars that have poured in over the years from the EU, United States, Israel, UNRWA and others. Originally used as a dumping ground by Egypt for members of the Muslim Brotherhood, it has now become a hotbed of Islamic radicalism with the Egyptian Foreign Minister stating recently that Egypt would not allow an Islamist state in Gaza. What to do? Population transfer has some precedence. Prior to the 1990 Gulf War 400,000 Palestinians resided in Kuwait. When Arafat and Company backed Saddam and lost, Kuwait ethnically cleansed their Palestinians without any “help” from the UN or an outcry from any corner of the world. Saudi Arabia offers hope and promise for all with vast amounts of unused land, a population of some 27,000,000 including over 5,000,000 foreigners (guest workers). Why not allow Gazans and other Palestinian Arabs to flourish in place of these foreigners?
3. To the wonderful Brits, EU, and descending USA
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (02.26.09)
Were it anyone but Arabs in Gaza it would have long ago been cleared and deported of it's hostile (Hamas supporters), illegitimate (arabian foreigner) population. However, it is Jews that the world is having a rare modern opportunity to denigrate and berate, so the world true it's hatred of the Jewish race, funds continued hostilities.
4. hamas
chip ,   tel aviv   (02.26.09)
right on the money - we are definitely closer to seeing two terorr states alongside israel - this is the reality
5. Abbas Regrets : terror has not been a successful tactic …
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.26.09)
Some of those eager to cast Abbas as a "moderate" point to his criticism of the terror war launched by Arafat in September, 2000, and of current Palestinian terror. But Abbas's criticism has consistently been that the terror has not been a successful tactic; he has not criticized either its immorality or its goals. At the same time he has on various occasions praised those engaged in the terror. And he rejects Israel's right of self-defense against the terror. Virtually every time Israel has responded by targeting rocket-launching crews or those involved in recruiting, training and dispatching suicide bombers, Abbas has not only condemned the Israeli response, but characterized it in the most extreme, hyperbolic terms, as "mass murder" or "crimes against humanity." As to historical facts : http://xrl.us/bjcgn
6. Already two states, Jews and terrorists.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.26.09)
7. to 3
lyly   (02.26.09)
what brought the matter of hatred of jews again?
8. The 2 states and already exist , time will never be ripe
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (02.26.09)
Jordan and Israel ,this is the solution and we paid it dearly Jordan is75 percent of mandate surface The remainder for Israel How many arab states do you want ????
9. 2 states
elliot ,   usa   (02.26.09)
mandatory palestine is still too small for anther arab state--they have jordan already
10. Help Gazans, Move Gazans, Never Happen
Richard ,   Boca Raton USA   (02.26.09)
Herb in # 2, well said. Population transfer seems the right thing to do. The well-oiled Arab countries could certainly absorb the Gazans into their cultures and give them a taste of the good live. Never happen! The Arabs fuel their hatred of the Jews and Israel by having the world's favorite "victims" on the front burner. Behind all of this is the worldwide Muslim hatred of Jews which is responsible for the insane increase of anti-semitism. I'm personally so pleased that US Representative Keith Ellison (only Muslim ever elected to the US Congress) from Minnesota visited GAZA and was able to coddle the "victims" and announce how ruthless Israel was. Garbage!! Yes, population transfer is the answer, President Obama.
11. A renewed committment to UN Security Council Resolution 242
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.26.09)
What is needed before all else is a commitment to the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 242. It is obvious by now the Palestinian Arabs refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist and accepting it as the nation-state of the Jewish people, on any parcel of land between the River and the Sea. Therefore, the only realistic approach is a strict application of 242, a Resolution that does not mention the "Palestinians" and wisely does not call for the establishment of a "Palestinian state". Instead, it calls for the withdrawal of Israeli troops from "territories" – not all! – captured in the Six-Day War, and for the demilitarization of the areas that Israeli troops will vacate.
12. There already ARE two states!
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (02.26.09)
They were created by the partitioning of the British Mandate, since the Arabs categoricallly refused any Jewish presence in their lands. 78% of British Palestine was given to the Arabs, who then re-named it JORDAN. 22% was given to the Jews, who gave it back its original name of ISRAEL. That still seems to me the best solution.... if only the despotic Hussein family would allow their "Muslim brothers" back in. Since the king fears any threat to his rule, that is not happening in the near future.
13. The guy is delusional
Amir ,   Jerusaken   (02.26.09)
It does not matter how you call the "peace process", Oslo, Madrid, Annapolis, etc. The fact is that is has failed because the Palestinians cannot agree to a single concession, including the so-called "right of return". So long as they do not make some concessions, there will be no peace. Full stop.
14. respectfully disagree
Fayez ,   Beirut   (02.27.09)
Israel wants to delay the 2 states solution to create more facts on the ground around Jerusalem .. what we need is a VIABLE palestinian state ,not any palestinian state . the only option left is 1967 line and for the blocks east of jerusalem ,our attitude will be ...oops 'we told not to build there fox . time is ripe ,actually ,we are 18 years over due ...since 1991 . for the author ,nice try ..but you are in no position to tell the Americans what to do ...or give them advises for that matter . you need to talk to us and look us in the eye .
15. Israel representatives had the honor to appear in madrid
cathrina israel   (02.27.09)
and be told: territory for peace. they were outnumbered by their arab counterparts, and their hosts who had deliberately disregarded history to appease arabs, and the fact israel is a tiny spot in the arab world. israel was thrilled it was invited to listen how all extremists should not veto any peace processes, while at the same time its tiny territory was divided & sold from under our noses, and "occupation" became a legitimate word against israel, as if the arabs of palestine were autonomous before israel (they were not) there also was an influx of arabs into israel since 1880, when they knew that jews were comming in large numbers with an agenda for the land of their fathers. comparing to the arab population growth before 1880, it can be estimated that a lot of arabs have immigrated to palestine after 1880, even though jews came in larger quantities then arabs. arab population estimate in 14th century is around 200,000 people in palestine, it took them 500 years to become 400,000. natural growth rates were massivly supported by arab immigration from then on, as well as jewish, untill establishment of israel. it doesn’t stand to reason that immigrants occupy immigrants, not to mention there were palestinian jews long before there were palestinian arabs, or islam, therefore one occupation was certain to have taken place, the occupation of jewish land by arabs. arabs are a nation who took over the middle east, now they have all the middle east, but they still covet the spot of the jewish nation. they want some of the jewish land, but they do not offer to get arabs out of israel, and into their new state. the plan is that arabs should remain in israel and in new palestine. They just all want to see Israel destroyed that is all there is to know about Madrid conference and the hope for a new middle east means a middle east without Israel in the long run..
16. 4STATES 2+2
NOOOOOR ,   JERUSALEM   (02.27.09)
FARWA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.27.09)
18. A simple gesture can make miracles: Recognize Israel's right
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.27.09)
to exist - and not only the fact that it does - based on UN Resolutions and based on the universally accepted right of all peoples to national self-determination and independence, as the nation-state of a people, of the Jewish people. So far the Muslim-Arab world has attempted to wipe Israel off the face of earth through all out wars, by stages, through political and demographic threats and through many decades of on-going campaign of terror. All that the Arabs should do is state Israel's right to exist in Arabic, Hebrew, English and French, without ifs, ands or buts. Such an act will melt the ice very fast and will enable us, Jews, within and without Israel, to lower our guard substantially and take additional risks towards peace. The longer the Muslim-Arabs refuse to make such a statement - one which they have been asked to make time and again - the more obvious reality is to us: Their long term intent is still to wipe a member state of the UN off the face of earth and with it Jewish civilization of which Israel is its cradle along with the Jewish population of the country. P.S. The long term intention is still spelled out in the Fatah's Charter of which Mahmoud Abbas is its Chairman!
19. Regarding the difficulties Arabs face in Jerusalem, please..
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.27.09)
...note: Prior to the outbreak of hostilities against the Jewish community of Jerusalem, Oct. 2000, and the rest of the country, Arabs in Jerusalem could move freely. Their own acts of terror, of mass murders, were the reason for the setting up of security measures. Life, dear poster, is the very first of all human rights, and the protection of life, including the life of a Jew, is more important than the inconvenience you may experience. Also pleae note, until Jerusalem came under Israeli control in June 1967, no Jews were permitted to visit, let alone reside, in the eastern part of the city, including the Old City, despite written agreements to the contrary. Indeed, no Jews to this day are permitted to reside or acquire real property neigher in the PA nor in Jordan, just because the person is Jewish. Contrast this reality with the fact that Palestinian Arabs reside inside Israel, including Jerusalem, as citizens who are equal before the Israeli law as all other citizens. Thus, I suggest we view matters in the proper perspective before compaining about Israel.
20. Gazans in Saudi Arabia?
Jack ,   Us   (02.27.09)
Better to stay in gaza. You would curse Palestinian women to such a brutal and bigoted existence? You either know nothing about Palestinian women or nothing about Saudi laws. Such a dumb idea. Let them return home or set them free in gaza by simply opening the sea borders that way they can avoid bothe Egypt and Israel and deal directly with Europe and the rest of the world. No ethnic cleansing that is what brought us here in the first place. Better yet, let us do an analysis of the ancient graves and give the land to their closest relatives, which would certainly include Palestinians as descendants of ancient israelites, as well as Jews, in other words one state solution. Either let them be free or keep them as full citizens but no forced relocations. Jewish or Palestinian.
21. Time will bring victory to the Palestinians.
Jack ,   Us   (02.27.09)
Without a doubt time is on the Palestinian's side. One can only hope that they prove more civil than their predecessors.
22. Time is never right for two state solution
John   (02.27.09)
The time is never right for a two state solution for Israeli's. i guess they are cool with buying time to take more land that doesn't belong to them.
23. Comments on this editorial
Robert Klein ,   Brooklyn, NY   (02.27.09)
The two Palestinian States are at least honest reality. The 2 states solution is as phony as ever. Hamas and Fatah are going to unite when Ahmadinejad and Obama will sing cumbaya together. The world must by now see the reality of a TWO FACE solution.
24. Zionists Just Want To Keep Ripping Land Off "In Peace"
J. Abramoff ,   Zion   (02.27.09)
They also want to murder, slander, assassinate, destroy, and ethnically cleanse, always, of course, "in peace"
25. IDC Herzliya Ad
Walter Cole ,   Tucson, USA   (02.28.09)
It's almost impossible to read the front page with the distraction of moving figures from the IDC Herzliya ad following you down the page on both sides of the article. (If I were younger I'd go to the open house.)
26. Time not ripe for two state solution
Charles Duran ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.01.09)
There will never be time for a two state solution as long as Israel has the decision. What is obvious is that Israel wants all of Palestine, without any Arabs. Fortunately, that decision will be taken out of Israel's hands. I just can't wait for the fire works to start. At the moment we are witnessing a prelude dance around the subject. Obama means what he has said and no Jewish lobby or threat from the Jewish right is going to change his mind.
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