Olmert probe 'probably' over
Efrat Weiss
Published: 27.02.09, 15:45
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1. ,...and now light a cigaret and layback
Gideon Reader   (02.27.09)
With a little Olmertian umglueck, it will finally be time to find a sufficiently tall tree(with limbs high enough and strong enough for a corrupt BS laden polititurd, and a length of stout hemp(*not* the kind smoked by latterday American Presidents) and let ultimate justice take it's coarse course. Some "swing" music of the late '40's would be appropriate, n'cest pas??
2. You were so quick to accuse on BankLeumi
sheila ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (02.27.09)
that you even got Frank Lowey's name wrong!!! I would suggest that now the real investigations begin - those which will find out why Mazuz, Lindenstrauss and the police talked non-stop about foul play yet did not come up with one indictment - which surely suggests political interest and foul play by those whose job it is to protect us from both.
3. Police must start pay rent to Olmert for use his office...
Bob   (02.27.09)
4. Give Immunity to P.M.s But Not To the Palis
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (02.28.09)
Ah my brethren, you do more harm to yourselves, than all the Arafats and Abbas. We Jews never learn anything do we? We bargain away terrorists for dead capitives. We give arms to Fatah (which longs for their final Jihad against us). We punish Barghouti types for murder, by a life long Las Vegas type jail sentence. Oh Jews wake up, as Hitler said, your necks will be broken and Arafat linked every (Palis) attack to the 100yr old "Zionist" war. Most of the planet hates us. Obama is talking and engaging with our enemies, and yours., while bankrupting our country. Bottom line: if we don't stop knifing ourselves..we will be knifed for real. Give your P.M, immunity from prosecution..until AFTER he (she) leaves office. Write a constituion. The 2 state solution is your death knelll. autonomy for the Arabs,, that's it my fellow Jews.
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