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Germany donates to Auschwitz repairs
Published: 28.02.09, 07:21
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31. Soeren , Cologne
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.01.09)
i begin to know you , that's why i wrote about those "hatefilled reactions" . I also wanted to adress my TB to those who generalise . My idea about them is that their hate is sometimes so blind , that they give everyone the same name . For me too , those hatefilled TB's are revolting . This Debra is an example . I answered already 3 times , not published . I told her : The Germans paid , pay , and will pay , this even that the Actual people in Germany are NOT guilty of the crimes comitted by their forefathers .
32. Greg , 25
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.01.09)
You never taught why you were pesecuted in 105 countries , You wrote . Let me ask you WHY ? I know some of the reasons : Ignorance , jealousy , hate of the stranger , blood libels , and so . Is that our fault maybe ? If some hatefilled talkbacks are the reason for your reaction , it says much about your ideas .
33. Charles @ 32
Greg ,   LA, USA   (03.01.09)
Charles, Charles.... Jews in Diaspora CHOSE to be different, to marry within each other, to NOT assimiliate with the host nation. THAT was of the reasons WHY they were so easily picked up by the Germans - different look, no POLISH language whatsoever. You dediced to live in a separate world, a ghetto of your own, and you never had been loyal to a host nation (as a majority). Was it - is it - host nation fault? Ignorance, jealousy, hate of stranger.... Rubbish. Poland had and still has a population of Tatars - they are muslim. Once they started living in Poland they became vigorous Poles, sharing their own blood, as a majority, in any conflict. They are Tatars, living waaaay shorter in Poland than the Jews, and they call themselves POLES and they bled for Poland, too. My hats off to them. 1. Don't preach me with cheap BS Charles, please. 2. Hatefilled talkbacks ignited my reaction, yes, what does it tell about me?
34. @ 28
Greg ,   Los Angeles, CA   (03.01.09)
"So you are cleaning up and forgetting Europe's bloody, racist, colonialist past just by looking at the last few decades then, aren't you? " Are YOU forgetting something? How dare YOU preach ME on what happened 70 years ago?!? Look what did you do 70 days ago! "So, you say that it might have been Jews' fault " Think twice, if you can, and answer this question yourself. "Russia started the WWII is a laughable statement." Yeah.... I figured you're one of those brainwashed types with ZERO history knowledge, yet with big mouth. Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. 17 September 1939, Poland. Have a good day.
35. To #34
Elik ,   Jerusalem   (03.01.09)
I'm not preaching, it's not my aim. I said Europe has a racist and colonialist past and that's not a long time ago. You can't deny that. How possible can you compare WWII, Holocaust and Gaza war??? Were Jews throwing rockets at Germans and other Europeans who collaborated with Germany? Were Jews armed then with suicide belts to throw Germans out of the country? Most of European bloody colonialist history was not driven by defensive nature at all, it was expansionist and racist. Nothing can ever whitewash European history of colonialism and racism. It is still not clear but it looks like you imply that it was Jews' fault that they were persecuted throughout history. It is simply scary if you think so. Horrible. Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and Russia did not start the WWII as you claimed. I already mentioned in my earlier post Germany and Russia made a pact but it wasn't the reason why the war broke out.
36. #33
Elik ,   Jerusalem   (03.01.09)
You said: 'THAT was of the reasons WHY they were so easily picked up by the Germans - different look, no POLISH language whatsoever. You dediced to live in a separate world, a ghetto of your own, and you never had been loyal to a host nation (as a majority). Was it - is it - host nation fault? Ignorance, jealousy, hate of stranger.... ' According to you, not assimilitating with 'host' nations are reasons to be persecuted??? You are justifying hating diverse cultures and hating others. This is one of the the reasons why Europeans and the US have such a racist and bloody past.
37. @ 35
Greg ,   Los Angeles, CA   (03.02.09)
"How possible can you compare WWII, Holocaust and Gaza war??? " Qua?! Look WHO was killed en masse then speak again. "was not driven by defensive nature at all" Agreed. How many countries did Poland enslave during that colonialist spree? (I am asking about PL cuz this topic is about Polish Nazis, Polish concentration camps and massive Polish collaboration during WWII - all BULLSHIT) "It is still not clear but it looks like you imply that it was Jews' fault that they were persecuted throughout histor" Really? Still not clear? There are about 220 countries in this world. YOU were expelled from 105, and we're speaking about Europe alone. Do you mean HALF of the world is stupid and racist, or MAYBE there's something wrong with you? "Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and Russia did not start the WWII " Are YOU for real? Why am I wasting my time with THIS looser?!
38. Greg
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.02.09)
Jews in Germany were fully assimilated . Jews in Poland fought also in Poland's independance wars . Do people who are different have to bring hate on them ? Yes , people can hate those they don't know . People hate those who succeed and are jealous of them . I never looked at the number of countries were Jews were persecuted , for me it's more than enough that we were persecuted . 1] Don't come with nonsense , please 2] If you don't understand what it means , think a little There are others who also reacted against those hatefilled talkbacks , but in a correct way , not hatefilled , not asking your WHY
39. Greg 37
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.02.09)
This topic is about polish nazis , polish concentration camps ......You wrote . I tought that it were nazi camps in Poland ? i tought you always said that we may not call them Polish ? You compare the Holocaust and Gaza . By doing so you again show your ideas . It's impossible to compare . We don't want to exterminate those gazans , only to defend ourselve . We were expelled , yes , in many , if not most , cases the local rulers wanted to take the possessions of those who were expelled . Jealousy !!! Are you real with what started the war ? 16/03/35 germany announces rearmement , why if not for war ? 07/03/36 Rhineland is rearmed 01/11/36 Axis italy-Germany 12/03/38 anschluss of Austria 29/09/38 Sudetenland occupied 15/03/39 partition of chechoslovakia . 28/03/39 hitler annuls Polish german non-agression pact 23/08/39 only then was this Molotov Von ribbentrop pact signed . And you dare to call this the reason ?
40. Poor Poles!!
Chaya ,   Israel   (03.02.09)
The Poles are just worried that they may lose a lucrative source of income gained from all the weel meaning people who subsidize them by going there. How ironic that the Germans are suddenly the good guys who ae going to give charity. The EU is just trying to whitewash its members' contribution to the greatness of the site.
41. # 3 Greg
42. # 3 Ever hear of the St. Louis?
Petra ,   USA   (03.02.09)
I'm not sure what info Observer has but, Jews lives were worth zero to most of the world in WW11. And that's a fact. Research the St. Louis also or you may already know. There was a movie called "Exodus'. Not one nation allowed Jews to enter their nation to avoid a death sentence. No wonder Israel fights as though her life depended on it, it still does!!! G-D BLESS ISRAEL ETERNALLY!!!!!
43. Charles
Greg ,   Los Angeles, CA   (03.02.09)
"This topic is about polish nazis , polish concentration camps ......You wrote . " And then I added in caps 'all bullshit' if you didn't understand what that meant - well, cannot help you here. Is me who come here with nonsense? Read some posters from Israel - full of utter crap and fantasy, and non-existent 'facts'. Do you dare to suggest 'this' (as you lightly stated) Ribbentrop-Molotov pact had nothing to do with starting hell of WWII? Charles, please stop preaching me here.
44. Greg
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.03.09)
You want to make us believe that this pact STARTED WWII . It was ONE of the facts leading to WWII , and not as you suggest , THE fact . And , with or without this pact , WWII would have started , but NOT without rearmement . If you write Polish nazis , etc , ITS POLES who did it in POLAND . And still your WHY is very indicative of your ideas So stop YOUR BS preaching .
45. Greg , 33
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.03.09)
Jews chose ........TO NOT assimilate with the host nation . You decide to live in a separate world ...... You wrote this as reasons for expulsions and so . Well , if what you wrote is correct [ it's not ] why did the Holocaust START in a country with the greatest assimilation ? Were they spoke German ? Where they had fought for in WWI ? Where they considered themselve as Germans ? Jews in Poland , could easyly be recognised , yes , many . But not ONLY they were murdered .
46. Charles
Greg ,   Los Angeles, CA   (03.03.09)
The pact included a protocol of DIVIDING the independent countries between Germany and Russia. What do you think that meant if NOT A WAR?! Think twice, if you can, I am sure you'll understand that then, the pact wasn't only one of things leading to WW2 - it was the source of subsequent occupations and killings. And again: I wrote 'polish nazis' as a sarcasm, because there was NO SUCH THING. No Polish concentration camps, either. Honestly, Charles.....
47. Greg?!
Does preserving your culture, faith and identity bring the result of genocide and concentration camps? Jews did assimilate and did not assimilate in some other places, but always served and obeyed the rule of the country that they lived in and this is what it counts. By not assimilating do people invite genocide on them then? And do you justify that too?
48. Cash crisis threat to Auschwitz
poischiche ,   canada   (03.04.09) "The Polish government has been funding the site of Auschwitz and Birkenau for more than 60 years (a museum since 1947 and the museum is not allowed to charge an entrance fee), so if we wouldn't receive any help from Polish government this place would have collapsed years ago," said Mr Sawicki. "Unfortunately Poland is not a very rich country, and Auschwitz is not the only site the Polish government must take care of. That's why we expect countries like Germany - which of course is responsible for what happened here - despite the help that they've already given - we still think that the scale of the help should be bigger."
49. @ 47
Greg ,   LA, USA   (03.04.09)
Where did I say that by not assimilating the Jews invited the genocide on them, and when did I try to justify that? I stated that this was the fact WHY they were so easily picked up the Gerries. You know it's true and there's no point to argue about that. Don't put words into my mouth, please. Have a good day. Greg
50. Greg , you don't know what you write !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.05.09)
First you ask : did you taught why you were persecuted in 105 countries . and you say that it was because they did'nt assimilate . After this you claim that because of this they were easily picked up . First persecuted , then easily picked up . Not related , but you did'nt know how to get out of this not so nice question [ why ] so you distorted it . Your WHY says more than enough of your ideas
51. Charles @ 50
Greg ,   Los Angeles, CA   (03.07.09)
Why are you effing lying, C? Does it make you feel good? I pointed out few things, OBVIOUS things, and I didn' t say (whatever happend) it was because of ()' You cherry-picked bunch of my words and MANIPULATED it, that is just disgusting, C, but on the other hand - what ELSE could I expect from you and your ilk? "First persecuted , then easily picked up (..) [ why ] so you distorted it " WHY are you lying, AGAIN? Charles, at first I thought you were a genuine guy to talk to, but by now I see who you are: a hasbara spammer. I have only two words to hasbara f@#$%s - get lost.
52. Greg , only one reaction
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.07.09)
to your "low" level words , but i will NOT say it , you are not even worth this . Your "WHY" said more than needed about you , i was deceived by your earlier writings , now i'm sure about your ideas .
53. Charles, 52
Greg ,   Los Angeles, CA   (03.08.09)
Oh, really? You're wiggling like a worm on a hook now, still cherry-picking convenient words and making biggo hello about 'em. I know exactly who you are: a hasbara troll who's only job is to spit a venom at everybody. "now i'm sure about your ideas" Yeah, YOUR ideas are clear to me since late December of 2008.
54. Elik at 36
Greg ,   Los Angeles, CA   (03.08.09)
"According to you, not assimilitating with 'host' nations are reasons to be persecuted??? " Can you read? Non assimilation was the reason WHY the Jews were picked up so easily. "You are justifying hating diverse cultures and hating others" I beg a pardon?! Europe - more then 1k years - wars, genocide, blossom, civil rights Israel - 60 years - constant wars, genocide, apartheid How dare YOU preach ME?!
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