US won't participate in 'Durban 2'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.02.09, 23:10
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1. for the life of me,
i can not understand how a respectable country such a switzerland, a democratic country such as switzerland, would devase and insult itself by hosting a conference such as this one. it is humiliating for the swiss to even contemplate hosting a conference attended and headed by the most notorious racist regimes, the most notorious abusers of human justice and humanity and freedom, the most notorious killers and abusers of their own populations, the most notorious despots and dictators that imprison, torture and persecute their oppositions, the most notorious dictatorships and the most notorious human rights abusers and criminals against humanity.... to sit in judgement of what is racism and to claim israel is racist. it baffles the mind to even allow these despots to set foot in civilized nations that give these killers and destroyers of freedom and humanity, a podium from which to speak, from which to blame and from which to judge others. they are the most vicious racists and abusers of human rights in the world. for them to sit in judgement of a solid, sovereign and democratic humane nation such as israel is a very bad joke indeed if one were to really look at their misdeeds and their complete lack of humanity. the world is up side down indeed. hameed abigaze tehran, iran
2. Until today Canada was the only one boycotting Durban along
Marcella   (02.27.09)
with Israel. Canada' s PM Stephen Harper rocks!!!!!
3. Us will find out same with Iran,Syria,Arabs,Cuba,U name it
Alan ,   SA   (02.27.09)
4. good news
alan ,   toronto   (02.27.09)
Free Palestine from hamas
5. To #1 No Real Big Surprise
karen US/Australia ,   Australia   (02.28.09)
Switzerland played kissy face with the Nazis. When the war ended they rushed to give the Nazi families money that was put in their banks, but Jewish families had to produce a death certificate. Don't remember Nazis ever providing the victims families with death certificates so the Swiss just stole the money.
6. The Jewish American loby started the game with Obama
Here we are again the same old story America will stand against the international comunity because of Israel ... the American tax payers has to know how much Israel costing them because of the blind support ... don't blame the arabs ... the American possetion will not change alot ... Israel will be announced as racist state anyhow in most of the world ..... face it .
Hinda ,   SF Bay Area - Calif   (02.28.09)
To us all who have been faxing, calling, writing the B.O. Administration -- we won!!! See what can happen when we all come together to show that NO we won't go to the gas chambers for the bigots!!! The B.O. Administration is losing alot of credibility with their picks for international positions - from Hitlerly Clinton to Charles Freeman and even John "hamas" Kerry - we won't stand for it anymore. We are watching -- Israel is the US's only true ally in the region and we who are truly Zionist and Jewish -- (and thank you to the non-Jews too-you guys are great) will always support Israel. Shalom!!!
8. #1 Very well said - Wish others were to understand this too.
Mark   (02.28.09)
9. Obama
Steven ,   Sarasota   (02.28.09)
is on a steep learning curve re: the degraded state of the Islamic world and its genocidal hatred towards Israel and the Jews. I expect some interesting policy shifts from him in another year or two.
10. This is a Joke
Ronald ,   South Africa   (02.28.09)
I quote: but the document does currently include a passage rendering any criticism against Islam a criminal act. Fact is... Islam is a criminal act, read the koran, its a murderers text book.
11. #1
Tamir ,   Los Angeles   (02.28.09)
Hameed thank you for proving to me that there is some intelligent life coming out of Iran. Most rational people already know how big of a joke this conference is and trying to legitimize it is a slap in the face to anyone who stands for morality. The swiss are infested by extremist arabs and they have always been a pacifist society that bends to the will of the oppressors. I am glad that obama finally came to his senses but the idea that he was even considering being a part of this is concerning
12. Hallelujah!
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (02.28.09)
It is good to see the man that I voted into the presidency has declined to attend the anti-US/anti-Israel symposium that Durban II will prove to be. This is a strong message to rejectionist states and petty tyrannies whose foreign policy is devoted exclusively to anti-Israel and anti-United States rhetoric. It won't be too much fun for the Durban II participants what with the United States and Israel declining to attend, but I do not expect to lose much sleep over it. It gives me considerable satisfaction to know that the failure of the U.S. and Israel to attend is a crushing blow to the rabble that will attend. In fact, I shall sleep much better knowing that the two countries I call home have inflicted such a major disappointment upon the hate-mongers of the world.
13. Concur with #1
Rhonda   (02.28.09)
Well said! I can't add a thing to that, other than I am so grateful that the Obama administration didn't decide to shame us with US representation. I was really scared it would!!!
14. with hillary clinton as Secretary of State
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.28.09)
I AM surprised!
15. Yay! Obama ROCKS! You McClaimers needn't have worried
Obama voter ,   usa   (02.28.09)
16. I'm Glad
emanon ,   USA   (02.28.09)
It seems that the US is finally catching on that it is the terrorstinians that are racist. According to them, either you are either moslem or dead.
17. I'm sorry what?
Marni ,   FL   (02.28.09)
"...but the document does currently include a passage rendering any criticism against Islam a criminal act." Perhaps I am reading this wrong, but is Durban proposing to criminalize any criticism of Islam? Are you freaking kidding me?! How is this possible? This makes me want to go out and exercise in my First Amendment Free Speech rights and degrade that stupid made up religion until I'm hoarse.
18. This conference is a joke, right?
Anon ,   NY   (02.28.09)
Any criticism against Islam is a criminal act? Talk about a racist pot trying to call the democratic kettle black. I wonder why Britain has not removed themselves from this racist conference. What a bunch of losers.
19. what?
a Black man   (02.28.09)
what a joke, Arabs accussing jews of racism! Black people in some of those Islamic Countries are still regarded as slaves.
20. to hell wit the UN
Igor ,   Munich, Germanz   (02.28.09)
"....any criticism against Islam a criminal act". well, you liberal self-hating idiots do not tell me about freedom of speech. I cannot understand how Europeans can defend Muslims so much; I wont be surprised if Muslims govern the country in 50 years. The western world has always been anti-semitic; recent studies prove it! Though I have never experienced anti-semitism in Germany myself (probably because no-one knows I am Jewish), a friend of mine did, when Germans suddenly stopped coming to his kosher restaurant in downtown Munich. To hell with the UN and Liberal Scum!
21. To #1
Gábor Fränkl ,   Budapest, Hungary CE   (02.28.09)
Hameed: I am very fearful for your personal safety! How can you be so careless? Please BE ALERT, for God's sake! Gábor Fränkl (30) freelancejournalist
22. darban 2
shuli ,   london   (02.28.09)
to number 1,you are so right. well done,and well said.
23. The true losers from this conference...
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.28.09)
Are the voiceless minorities around the world who TRULY suffer from racism, oppression and discrimination - and cannot take this opportunity to voice their plight, as this conference is completely hijacked by Arabs for their ruthless propeganda. The fact that a miniscule (and normative) state like Israel draws all the ire and resentment, while all the real oppressions around the world are ignored, speaks volumes on the influence of Arabs on world politics. It is scary to realize they are taking over the world. Wilders is right.
24. #4 keep yourself safe over there!
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.28.09)
With your intelligent and enlightened mind, you may be the target of sinister people in your country. Is this a good idea to identify yourself by your whole name? Do keep yourself safe, we need more intelligent free thinkers like you!
25. "Durban" Conference
Spencer ,   Israel   (02.28.09)
Well done USA on your decision. Now stop talking to Syria as well. Rememeber that you still have Syria on your list of countries supporting terrorism.
26. The UN isn't relevant. It's an enemy of Jews and Israel.
Grigorius   (02.28.09)
A long time ago the UN allowed the creation of Israel, but since then it became our bitter enemy. I can't trust any of the UN agencies to report the truth and to help the needy. In my eyes this is an organization of liars and thieves and I'll be damned if I entrust my life and freedom in their smeared hands. No more UNIFIL in Lebanon, they are afraid of Hizb-Allah. Not UN in Gaza - their schools teach Jew hatred and employ terrorist leaders. Scrap the UN, they make more evil than good.
27. U.S guilty of the same.
28. Let's hope this anti-Jewish racist international orgy is...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.28.09)
...also not attended by countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, in addition to Canada, US and Israel.
29. The left and the Jewish state.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.28.09)
Anti-Semitic leaders have disguised their appeal to base instinct by pretending that they are actually appealing to sublime aspirations. In the case of the Nazis for instance, Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels appealed to Germanic pride and love for the Fatherland. Today, the Left appeals to people's aspirations for peace and justice. It is only by permitting and indeed enabling Jews to die and the Jewish state to be destroyed that "peace" can be secured and the Palestinians can receive "justice." Israel should not hide its head in the sand. Consult :
30. Anti-Zionism and “Peace”.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (02.28.09)
The Western champions of "peace" have opted to sell Israel and the Jews out to the Jihadists because as anti-Semites, Western "anti-Zionists" fear Jewish power and therefore want us to be weak. So it is that for the past 40 years, European governments and the US State Department have bankrolled anti-Zionist groups in Israel like "Peace Now", "B'tselem" and "Four Mothers". So it is that they have blamed Israel for Palestinian terrorism. And even when Israel succumbs to all their demands for territorial withdrawals, they always manage to demand still more. More at :
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