'Olmert rejected dialogue with Hamas before war'
Published: 01.03.09, 07:23
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1. Ali Baba stories from the Obsever
I. Barr ,   USA   (03.01.09)
Giving credibility to the type of stories expressed in the article remind us a letter that was left for Senator Kerry on the steps of UN misssion in Gaza. These type of stories are meant to embarass Israel and in a way Hamas too. Relations with Hamas are too serious for Israel to go Ga-Ga. This is another phase of Hamas propaganda war in association with Israeli collaborators. Without having any concrete evidence in the matter it is irresponsible to publish Ali Baba stories.
2. Hamas will never recognize Israel
Ibrahim-el-Awal ,   USA   (03.01.09)
"We reject any pre-conditions in the formation of the unity government. Hamas will never accept a unity government that recognizes Israel," Taha said.
3. Meddler
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (03.01.09)
This peace activist was obviously some sort of meddler getting involved in something he knows nothing about. There is no such thing as "overtures" from Hamas they are low life killers intent on war and revenge. Israelis and the west need to remember that Hamas do not share any of our values and have more in common with the Taliban.
4. Is the Observer accusing Gershon Baskin of treason?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (03.01.09)
Contact with the enemy during a time of war is treason. If Gershon Baskin was doing so then he is guilty of treason, and this needs to be investigated (should take about 6 years given the way investigations run around here) and then prosecuted.
5. any other jews out there that wanna stab
vashDi ,   israel,jew   (03.01.09)
us in the back? gershon needs to consider the possibility that if he was kidnapped by them, who would try to get him back and why!
6. to be more precise,
jerusalem   (03.04.09)
it was apparent when he didnt take advantage of the publicly publicized speech that mishal gave when he won the elections in 06'. neither side wants peace.
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