Israel tells UN it will respond to rockets
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.03.09, 23:29
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1. That's more like it.
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.02.09)
2. Complain to the UN? what a joke
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (03.03.09)
The UN is already a terrorists organization funded by Iran. It's OK for Hamas to kill Israeli civilians but not OK for Israel to kill Hamas terrorists or civilians accidentally
andy ,   orlando   (03.03.09)
4. #2 not complaining. Warning.
Zvi   (03.03.09)
It's an important step in the process.
5. Zohan:
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.03.09)
I don't think she was complaining.
6. Shalev to UN: "Why are you laughing?"
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.03.09)
7. It's a first step and somebody has to at
Yakov   (03.03.09)
least get the word out. It is a whole lot better than silence, especially at the UN.
8. talk
tom ,   toronto, canada   (03.03.09)
talk will not end hamas' terrorism, but it's important to lay the groundwork for the military reaction which must follow. every official complaint like this costs hamas' public relations, and makes it easier to explain israel's need for self-defence. talk by itself is cheap...
..............DACON9   (03.03.09)
10. Hamas should be totally destroyd!
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (03.03.09)
Israelis know that Hamas is totally dedicated to their personal and collective destruction. The group will not moderate, cannot be bought off, and will not respect any agreement it makes. As a result, the usual kinds of diplomatic tools — concessions, confidence-building, agreements, moderation resulting from having governmental responsibilities, will not work. Any solution short of Hamas's fall from power will bring more fighting in future. Hamas shouldn’t exist :
11. Stop the rockets now
Steve   (03.03.09)
The rockets must be stopped NOW. F--- the UN; if they are not going to help, they do not deserve to have a say. For every rocket fired, Israel should fire rockets back. We should begin targeted assassinations of Hamas leaders, and not stop until the rockets stop and Gilad Shalit is released.
12. U.N
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (03.03.09)
Okay and now what?? We don't want U.N troops patroling our border, Hamas won't let them in anyway, so what do we want the U.N to do. It's not like they aren't all ready helping Hamas. Time to hit back and if need be level Gaza once and for all.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (03.03.09)
Due to the fact that the Israeli establishment is more concerned with the UN's and world opinion , from now on we will only shoot falafel balls at our Islam Nazis in Gaza. Because heaven forbid we kill any civilians there, while our civilians are just canon fodder in the eyes off our esteemed leaders and are paying their taxes to suffer and to be ignored by our great state, which has no obligation to defend us. No matter how many rockets are fired at us we will wimp out and resort to whining and complaining to our sympathetic UN friends. On top off that we will publish another shoah story on our website , to get the world to feel sorry for us , because so far the worlds compassion towards killing Jews has always been heart warming. So much for having our own country after 2000 years , our elite is really showing what Jewish pride is all about.
14. # 1 Whats more like it???
hakim ,   usa   (03.03.09)
Throw it all in the garbage!!!! GARBAGE, GARBAGE
Petra ,   USA   (03.03.09)
16. rockets
Gary Loftus ,   Calgary, Western Can   (03.03.09)
Israel is a paper tiger. You can't treat these islams with kid gloves. If they send a rocket to you , I would send back 2 of them. If they send 2 I send back 4 !!!! If civilians die, so be it , I don't care. This is the only thing those fanatics will understand. You should know by now that these people will always hate, cause it is taught to them from 3 years old. So get off your backside and send rockets back to the area where they come from. They can cry all they want but if the people don't stand up to their terrorists buddies, they deserve what they get.
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