Comverse to fire hundreds – many in Israel
Golan Hazani, Calcalist
Published: 04.03.09, 11:38
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1. well that sucks balls.............
david ,   tel aviv   (03.04.09)
2. Making that much money, you would think they would be hiring
Rivkah   (03.04.09)
3. Converse
Marilyn ,   USA   (03.05.09)
Interesting pictures and captions there.
4. The CEO should be the first to go...
Ex-employee   (03.06.09)
Comverse current CEO is the worst in it's history, ever. The only thing this guy knows to do is talk and fire, no management skills whatsoever. If Comverse fires someone, he should be the first to go...
5. Except...
John   (03.29.09)
He's only the second CEO for the company.
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