Respect our wishes
Arieh Eldad
Published: 04.03.09, 19:13
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1. Very true, so where to next?
Aaron ,   SF, USA.   (03.04.09)
Islamic terrorists will always attack Israel and other parts of the world if their are some of them who believe Jihad is a sixth pillar and they actually act on it. The surrounding countries don't give a shit about Land. If they did they'd be fighting one another instead of Israel....Oh wait....they are. 'Tis why once again the revolution must come from inside Iran. It comforts me to know that the U.S. is on our side, but this article points out blatantly that their support matters only in the way in which US diplomats lead the process. Clinton pledging to give Gaza millions of dollars? Sure....that may help to stabilize Gaza a little bit but the pressure for Israel to give away land needs to end. Have the west bank join in a confederation with Jordan and Gaza join with Egypt(without extending the Gaza land). After that, the United States and Israel need to focus its efforts to helping those two countries in stabilizing themselves against radicals. If there is a revolution in Iran within the years that this happens as well, maybe peace can finally be achieved.... one can dream, eh?
2. love letters
Michael ,   Haiifa   (03.04.09)
Dear Mr, Eldad, Thank you for your charming letter. I believe that you know as well as I do that after a few turns of the "economic screw" most Israelis will support the "two state solution". Yours sincerely. Hilary
3. respectfully disagree
Palestinian ,   Beirut   (03.04.09)
your article is an admission of israeli responsibility of 9/11 (to change the US policy ) just as you said it ..you knew about it ..you let it happen . any human being ,(forget about palestinians ) ,any human being who lived through your lebaneese bombing in the 80s or 2006 ..or witnessed via satellite what you did in Gaza to our fellow citizens ..will agree to be his neighbor . yes to no 2 states solution ,but eventually your so-called culture will be melted in ours ,just like sugar in the water ..you are surrounded by enemies ,with a much stronger ideplogy ..you can stick your 3000 years argument in your ***..you are talking like NOAH ...so what ??
4. Don't sweat it, Eldad.
Cameron ,   USA   (03.04.09)
The existence & behavior of Hamas in Gaza has been so utterly malevolent that the 2-state scenario is truly dead in the water. Clinton's visit is simply a PR stroll. Even earnest progressives like Obama & Clinton are fully aware of the mindset and intent of the Palestinian folk, and the wider Muslim world.
5. and this guy will be in the government?!
avramele   (03.04.09)
Only a crazed messianist would dare to write such an arrogant and condescending open letter to one of the world's most important leaders and the foreign minister of Israel's last true friend in the world. Are we now like the Arabs once were? Fighting the last war over again and sticking to our three no's... No end to settlements, no negotiation on a Palestinian state and no easing of the border closure with Gaza?
6. Abbas sees $$$ when he met Madam Cliton
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (03.04.09)
7. #5 and avremele you learnt nothing from history
Norman   (03.04.09)
Right before the holocaust people spoke exactlly what you are saying. The intentions of all arabs are not a secret. Iran is threatning with total annihilation we better take him seriously !!! Wake up and smell the Cofee Eldad is right on target
8. Einstein's definition of madness
Daveza ,   ZA   (03.04.09)
Israel attempts to repeat the same action time and again, in the hopes that the result will be different next time. Bomb them, lock them in, bomb them, deny them, bomb them, keep building illegal settlements, bomb them, claim total innocence then bomb them some more. How long before Israel realises the madness in this approach.
9. Cameron #4: Don't be so sure.
Steve   (03.04.09)
10. Best Article EVER...however we must leave & stop settlements
Jeff ,   Nazarit Illit   (03.04.09)
As a new jewish immigrant, I find my opinions represented in this article short of how I feel about the settlements...
11. avramele #5 & #2: This letter could have been stronger.
Steve   (03.04.09)
For people of faith, this letter is not nearly strong enough. It is too polite. America will suffer if she continues down this suicidal path. The warnings are clear from ancient times. 'Don't mess with the land of Israel'. American leaders like Mr. Bush, and now Mr. Obama ignore these clear warnings at America's peril. America is still -- for the time being -- a great empire. There are many former great empires.
12. Eldad's letter
MC ,   UK   (03.04.09)
This is an excellent letter and should be addressed to all including Israelis who still think there is anything to gain by giving away the land to enemies who want to destroy it. At last a sane voice. May we hear more from Eldad and others who understand the danger to Israel of this outdated non workable concept and who will work to transfer Israeli policy to a more realistic and save path. Enough of fantasy peace plans Time to get real.
13. To 5. America is no friend of Israel's
David ,   Israel   (03.04.09)
A friend does not try to twist our arms into doing something its citizens don't want it to. Most Israelis at least the one's on the street agree with the sentiments in this article. America funds the very forces that are presently seeking to harm us. No America is no friend of Israels, they are a very good actor though.
14. Our wishes? Just 7 seats left for Greater Israel supporters!
Avner   (03.04.09)
The far right continues to be detached from reality.
15. Delusional! Even Lieberman supports PA state
Alex   (03.04.09)
16. Hebrew or English, Hilary won't understand..,
Ronen ,   Ramat Gan   (03.04.09)
the words of a land crazed messianic. What she will understand is that there are extremsists on both sides that are unable to share.
17. Arieh Eldad's letter to Mrs.Clinton.
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.04.09)
Brilliant letter. Thankyou Mk.Eldad.
18. A lasting peace is the best defense
P ,   Philadelphia   (03.04.09)
Eliminating Hamas, and coming to an equitable agreement with Fatah is the best path to peace, one-state or two. Both Israelis and Palestinians who refuse to budge an inch must be swept aside. The lives, the security, and the development of the nation and the region depend on it. Peace must and will look like Israel at peace and enjoying good relations (formally and actually) with Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Afghenistan, etc. Compromises will be made, and the desires of the more paranoid/jingoist palestinians and israelis are going to fall aside. Either that, or the region will continue to be a thorn in the world's side, and people will continue to die, feel insecure, and be distracted from making real progress in other areas because they're fixated on "the enemy". Which future do you want?
19. And most of Palestinians want all Palestine back .
20. Now you show your real face
No two states ????? which peace you are talking about then ..... this is the real ugly face you have ... now the world will find out what colonial policy you have , now the world will be sure that the protocoles of elder zionists are true and that you want to only more and more lands to steal ... Israel should be internationaly punished for long occuping another people , for war crimes , for rasicm , for violating international laws , for violating UN resolutions .... like you came you will go .... like Jesus said ... from dust to dust .
21. Wishes of the occupiers not to be respected
Enough what America did to you till now , now you bite the hands which feeded you and was the main reason that you are still there .
22. Wake up Israel
CAptainkate ,   texas, USA   (03.04.09)
Democrats rarely side with Israel on any debate. You may want to tell the 2 staters to take a hike now while you still can.
23. There Is Only One Alternative Then
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.04.09)
If the majority of Israelis oppose a viable, contiguous Palestinian state with access to clean water and free access to the sea for fishing and control of the natural gas field off the coast of Gaza then there is only one other alternative. That alternative is a single SECULAR state for ALL PEOPLE matter what their religion, color, creed, past nationality, sexual orientation or gender. That means full citizenship rights for all people inside what you call Israel or what many of us call the Palestine before 1947. It means that Israel will no longer be a Jewish state whatever that originally meant or currently means. There is no other alternative. Expulsion (ethnic cleansing) of the Palestinians from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza is not an alternative. Israel has gotten away with much in its 60 year history. But it will not get away with that. Don't even contemplate it. Finally most of the civilized world is very tired of the outright lie being repeated in the Israeli press and government propaganda organizations. The writer of this article is lying too. The president of Iran never said he wanted to destroy Israel. What he said was that the current Israeli ruling government would pass away because of its own bellicose actions agaisnt neighboring countries. He said your government would destroy your country if it continues down the path your leaders espouse. This man spoke the truth. Israelis need to step back and listen to themselves sometimes. What your government says and what many of the poster on this site say seems like the ravings of lunatics to the rest of us. Our advice to you is do what is just and fair or Israel will wither away. The president of Iran said basically the same thing.
24. Comments to Arieh Eldad's Letter
Rudolph Ferro ,   Aguadilla,PR(USA)   (03.04.09)
Thank you for the truth as to the erroneous stance which the U.S. now has regarding the reality and very existence of Israel and for reminding us that in your last elections, by electing a conservative majority in Parliament, the Israeli people decided what their future should be. As you say, recent and long past history are the clearest evidence to support the Israeli People's beliefs now. You may have to go it alone against Hamas and Iran, but be sure that the great majority of Americans stand beside and behind Israel 100%, thus any American Administration would be behind you also whatever course you decide. Fight to the death for the Existence of Israel, its people and government forever on this earth. May The Lord Jesus, who was Himself a Jew, be with Israel always, and Protect, Keep and Guide Israel in His Wisdom, Peace Prosperity and Joy. Sincerely, Your friend always, Rudolph Ferro P.S. Sometimes we Americans forget that according to The Word, The Bible, Jews were and still are God's Chosen People on this planet.
25. Eldad's article-Respect our wishes
sandy browning ,   Tiger USA   (03.05.09)
As an American supporter of freedom, democracy and Israel's rights to the Land..I want to thank you for expressing what many American's believe about our present leader's delusion's about Israel and our responsibility to support her. It is madness that they cannot see the ultimate spoken purpose of the Palestinians is NOT peace, but to wipe Israel off the map. Your own Old Testament prophets said that Israel's restoration (ie 1948) will never be destroyed again.
26. Let me get this straight,
CaptAhab ,   Texas   (03.04.09)
you steal a land, launch an ethnic cleansing campaign against its inhabitants, place them in cages in 22% of the land that you stole from them and then you ask Clinton (as if she was the owner of the land) to "respect your wishes" of objecting to two-state solution? What planet did you come from? Can you still go back there where you will have no more enemies to blame? Or is the "victim" status too good to let go of?
27. mk eldad is right!
oded   (03.05.09)
h.clinton's b.s visit , to shake hands and show the world that she is in charge, was just another waste of time and money.... eldad is right- most sane israelis don't and wont accept another terror infested, radical iranian backwards society in our midst.... we have enough in gaza ,s. lebanon ....
28. random lessons of history
avramele   (03.04.09)
1. partition and compromise are in the zionist interest 2. Zionism and Israel always relied on the support of great powers, first Britain, then US 3. Messianistslike Eldad are suicidal zealots and lead us to exile(Massada, Bar Kochba) 4. We Jews have a way of believing the myths of our international power and arrogantly acting accordingly 5. Bibi blew it once and with a narrow coalition he'll do it again 6. when it comes to the shoah there are tragic lessons for all - left and right, zionists and haredim 7. economic decline turns voters to the left -- the Russian olim and the development towns may not always be on the right (a 4% voter swing and its a new ballgame)
29. Great talk Mr. Eldad! I second this motion!
Gábor Fränkl ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.04.09)
30. Eldad
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv   (03.04.09)
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