Prosecution seeks maximum sentence for 'Chastity Squad' offender
Aviad Glickman
Published: 04.03.09, 21:21
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1. Come to Iran
Mohammed ,   Isfahan   (03.04.09)
Your punishment can be to live in Iran. We agree with your thinking and encourage you to bring all your friends. We will even test you to see if you can be on a squad for Islamic offenders.
2. Shame about that plea bargain.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (03.04.09)
Did they not have enough for more than "severe battery"? Or were the prosecutors too busy to be bothered? One can only hope this creep and all his buddies get the maximum sentence. And tell me, how can such reprehensible behavior be "legal for the most part", as his lawyer claimed? His mother would be ashamed.
3. Execute him, like they wouldn't in Iran
Stu   (03.04.09)
4. Send them to Saudi Arabia
Yitzhak ,   Holon   (03.04.09)
This self-appointed "Chastity Squad" is another manifestation of the religious fanaticism that has taken grasp of Israel. There is no place for this kind of religious facsism, and the best punishment would be to send them to Saudi Arabia where such behavior is the norm. We have no need for this Jewish Taliban.
5. This Does Not Represent The Jewish Community
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (03.04.09)
This group, if performing actions described, is completely out of line with any normative religious Jewish norms and not representative of the Jewish community. I can't even begin to enumerate how many mizwoth they are violating if doing the actions described. I question Ynet's publishing this article except as some kind of sensationalism as you do not often publish the many good deeds done by Jews.
6. JAil time
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (03.04.09)
7. Iranians
David ,   Yerushalayim   (03.04.09)
Send the Chastity Squad to Iran. They will feel at home there.
8. life x 2
Sagi ,   Israel   (03.05.09)
9. Can you imagine the fascist he must be to his family ?
Rachel ,   usa   (03.05.09)
10. chastity squad
colin   (03.05.09)
Jail sentence is not suffient. He should be given to the woman as a playmate for them to create chastity on him.Woman tend to be a bit crueler than men.He will soon revise his stance.
11. Don't listen to #1
Mullah Abdullah ,   Kabul, Afghanistan   (03.05.09)
He is a Shiite infidel! Come instead here to Afghanistan. We have plenty of need for righteous men like you - burning down women's schools, honor killings of daughters, etc. I tell you, you'll fit right in here! Bring also your friends.
12. i wouldnt blame the woman for wanting to convert to x-ianity
birdy ,   usa   (03.05.09)
after something like this have happen to her? i would not blame her for wanting to convert to christianity. shame on those jewish men who did this. she should now hire a band of thugs for herself to get some kind of revenge for herself if the judge will not do it for her. what pigs who did this. they are the kind who give a bad name to being jewish.
13. throw the book at him
jeremy   (03.05.09)
14. In USA,
walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (03.05.09)
Oath of virginity is so soft in comparison...
15. not good enough!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (03.05.09)
now that he has pocketed the $2,000, and terrorized an innocent jewish woman, he is "very repentant"? that his wife and children will suffer is entirely his fault, and should not be a factor in his sentencing, since it certainly didn't factor into his commission of the crime. and what about compensation? what has he done to help his victim? at the very least, has he offered to give her the $2,000, and a few times more? has he paid for the damage to her apartment? has he paid for medical expenses, and counselling, for her injuries? the torah, which he claims to uphold, prescribes much more specific remedies, which the israeli courts could learn from. the court should make this worthless coward more than just "sorry" for his crime.
16. Women beating scum-funny how they are blamed on Saudis
Lars ,   Gothenburg   (03.05.09)
and Iranians when they are as Jewish as can be. Then don't get upset when Jews are blamed for things they have nothing to do with, like the economic crisis.
17. To Rachel - EXACTLY
Ben ,   Pennsylvania   (03.05.09)
"He told the court he was not asking for a minor sentence for himself, "but rather for my children and my wife, who are suffering because of my actions." FOR THE SAKE OF HIS FAMILY, DON'T LET HIM ANYWHERE NEAR HIS WIFE AND KIDS. G-d help them. He and his employers are scum! Unfortunately, someday in the not too distant future, these disgusting acts condoned or at minimum tolerated by the ultra orthodox community will cause a sever physical backlash on the entire community. To the majority Ultra Orthodox who don't condone the behavior... it isn't enough to disagree with it, you MUST act against it. All it takes for evil to succeed is for gutless fearful people to let it go on.
18. Revolting
david cohen ,   china   (03.05.09)
this Buzaglo should have been "crucified" and not offered a plea bargain. he calls himself religious? going in to a lady's home, touching her? is this Tzniut? I am religious and my beautiful Jewish Religion teaches ethics. Ahavat Yisrael: the more a person is doing what i consider immoral the more i should pray for him/her and the more I should try to show the beautiful side of our religion. Not attack him/her and judge him and alienate him. we have enough enemies doing this Mr. Buzaglo. Take your frustration out on yourself!
19. 'bout time!
Talula ,   Israel   (03.05.09)
This has been going for on ages. At last some dopey law writing lame brained pen pusher has woken up. Chuck them all in prison, for a long long time. We are NOT a lawless country and we don't tell each other how to live, religious or not. I’m sure there will be lots of grateful women knowing this tribe of monster trash will be locked up. Better still, the sick evil Misfits should be exiled to Iran, they'd feel at home there.
20. Send him to prison for twenty years!
Mea   (03.05.09)
Unless this man is made an example, others will follow. Persecute him to the nth degree!
21. Lock him up and throw away the key
Avi ,   ramat gan   (03.05.09)
people like this lunatic belong behind bars, If this is an example of a religious jew then we are all in trouble. Still on the brighter side im sure he`ll find some big butch boy friend in jail !
22. Plea Bargain???? Just let him go like Kuntar
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (03.05.09)
23. Plea should include his giving evidence against the rest
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (03.05.09)
If this plea deal had any real meat to it he would have agreed to give states evidence against the rest of the men who were in on it and on whom ever paid him to do it.
24. Make him clean up the garbage on the beach.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.05.09)
That'll fix him :)
25. He will see how a "wife" is treated in prison.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.05.09)
26. Haredim
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.05.09)
These Haredim are an ugly blot on Israeli society.
27. his lawyer seems confused
meg ,   Israel   (03.05.09)
how is behavior like that legal for most part?? The monster did a job for payment, that obviously isnt within the law. The "Mod Squad" should also be put on trial as they are as much to blame as this horrible person and his gang. They sound as fanatical as the taliban, and we certainly dont need that here. Modesty Squad, you are a disgrace and can't think of you as Jews.
28. I knew it.
Josh ,   Herzliya   (03.05.09)
The secular society here hides their women away from converts. I have seen this in Herzliya. At first I thought it was boyfriend abuse, but I see it is not an isolated case but rather a rule of conduct by managers and owners in dozens of restaurants and clubs. A woman can work week after week at the same job. If I politely say hi to a girl and she says hi back, the next week she no longer works there, is rescheduled or transferred. One day she is nice and the next week terrified to even look my way. I have spoke directly to managers about this when I see them yelling at a girl who was friendly with me. You treat my the way Jospehs brother treated him. Let me remind Israel that Moses states one law for all. Additionally Torah states you shall love the convert. Isolation, barogus, and defamation are not following this law but rather mockery of God and what he told you to do and what he set for returnees. Do you think I would flee after Moses predicted that Israel would go into Diaspora and return from serving God's of others to love Elohenu as Moses predicted? Does the light to all nations say to a convert you cannot stay and have a life here loving Elohenu? You stand in the path with stumbling blocks against those God loves and instructed you to love? What do you think you're doing? It is a grace sin. Sin hurts us all and empowers our enemies. Is a convert or returnee an enemy? It will not stand by God. You should know this from Torah and our history which is bound top repeat based on this kind of behavior. Torah's warning against allowing the daughters to dress like tramps but there is no law for beating or mental abuse of grown women who have committed no crime. Even the ancient lashings were limited. Never has there been authorized kicking and beating of women. There is also no law in Torah for forcing women to be part of a rabbinic cult to wear wigs (not in Torah) and illegal additions. Women can take naps in the afternoon and they sure can look for husbands. Love between those who worship Elohenu is a gift from God. Who stands against this? You cannot add to Torah. Devarim 13. Israel should use its energy for chose life and good, not for violating Torah. I see we are so proud of the assault of a BB player that it is front page. Would Abraham have treated foreign guests this way and then shout it in the stree as a badge of Israeli honor? I hear people snickering. Shame on that. Our forefathers would be ashamed. Men who run and participate in these instruments of sin should grow up and into real Torah. Stop acting like the goy cultures of the middle east. Muslims do this.
29. His behaviour was legal for the most !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.05.09)
His lawyer said . What a chutzpah . Legally broken into her house , legally beaten her . If all this was "legal" , what was ILLEGAL ?
30. #12 What?!
Josh   (03.05.09)
With that reasoning, maybe alterboys should convert to Judaism to escape abuse. What will becoming lawsless and recieving God's curses do postive for the woman?
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