Israel: Syria's demand to get munitions from seized ship 'insolent'
Ron Ben-Yishai and AP
Published: 05.03.09, 11:42
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1. like iran syria needs weapons 4 friendly use & electricity
dumbarab imagination   (03.05.09)
2. make up your mind. was it intended to hamas or syria?
sami ,   son of palestine   (03.05.09)
or is it just privacy at work to please israel?
3. I have a solution to this problem
Debbie ,   Toronto   (03.05.09)
Put all the confiscated ammunition on a plane and drop it over Damascus problem solved......
4. sami #2 get real
j-dog ,   minneapolis, USA   (03.05.09)
ship>syria>hamas/hezbolla. get the picture....probly not. well you probly do but just as the arab media, you live in self imposed ignorance.
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