ICC prosecutor mulls 'Gaza war crimes' probe
Published: 08.03.09, 23:05
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Jerry ,   Orlando   (03.08.09)
According to the Qur’an, Allah told Muhammad that Israel belongs to the Jews. So why are Muslims stealing our land? Surah 5, Verse 20 and 21 state the following: Verse 20- Remember Musa said to his people: "O my people! call in remembrance the favour of Allah unto you, when He produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave you what He had not given to any other among the peoples. Verse 21- "O my people! enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you, and turn not back Ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin."
2. Why listen to an obviously racist and biased "court"?
JPS ,   Efrat   (03.08.09)
What a bunch of racist two-faced liars. "Israel's alleged illegal activities" indeed. Amnesty International in 2002 produced a damning report showing that the Palestinians were guilty of crimes against humanity and probably war crimes for their stated policy of attacking Israeli civilians. So where is the trial against Palestinian leaders? What a bunch of phony bigots!
3. Hague is another tentacle of UN,EU,US and Saudis
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.09.09)
to punish the "disobedients". A dangerous organization;we must be aware with this new devil's tentacle. You see,now the President of Sudan,after years obeying arabs interests in conquering and "arabyzing"areas and more areas to them in Darfur(I mean,robbing areas and more areas,tranforming them in one more snap of "greater Islam" ),is now being caught by "Hague". Not that that monster did something right,not at all,but he certainly desobeyed arabs interests and now "deserves" to be judged by this new "international tribunal"(oh yeah!). You can be sure,they will find a way to hassle Israel,do not doubt it! I can even bet it was created with the interest of sooner or later "deal with Israel". This tribunal is certainly something created by Saudis(arabs),one can check!And if not,is being bought by them !
4. And more:Will Israel keep"piece" talking with Fatah?Will it?
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.09.09)
"However, he said he was reexamining the possibility of launching an investigation against Israel after the Palestinian Authority submitted documents it said proved Palestine was a legal state with the right to request such a probe." This is Rabin,Peres AND Beilin gift to Israel!!!! Will we keep "piece"talking to Abas-"the moderate"?
5. #1 - The problem is - Muslims and Xitians
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (03.09.09)
both believe the people in the quotes to which you refer is actually them. Luis Moreno-Ocampo is most likely not Muslim however Moreno could be derivative of Marrano which means hidden Jew?? See Rodrigo Lopez Jewish Doctor of Queen Elizabeth
6. Is it legal for Pal State2 commit Terorism in Israel State
Alan ,   SA   (03.09.09)
7. #1 Are you serious?????? never knew that !!
8. If the ICC does not do that....
Marco ,   Spain   (03.09.09)
It looses all credebility!
9. Your ignominious behavior
and he changed his mind
10. # 8 inquisitor from Andalus
Ivri   (03.09.09)
Can't lose what you friggin dont have. Thanks for shining a light onto your ignoramus world.
11. Moreno Ocampo, ally of argentinian terrorists!
Albert ,   Buenos Aires ARG   (03.09.09)
no wonder this man (a way to call him only) allied to montoneros terrorists (close to Mr Kirchner and wife) will do this evil. He is an ambassador of terrorism, and antisemite, a true show of Argentina in ICC (shame on them)
12. I wonder why Ynet publishes an imbecile as this marco from
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.09.09)
Spain. wow ah,the man is a nerd! (you know what I mean,marco?:an imbecile,an unclever imbecile ,thinking he has brain!Go wander around,go,you stupid idiot!)
13. Just one question...
Federico ,   Argentina   (03.09.09)
If at the beginning the ICC said that they cant investigate because it could proved that Palestine was a legal state, now that he is changing their mind...stating that they could prove that palestine is a legal state....then...the rocket attack from Hamas, wasnt an agression from one state to another (though a declaration of war), where does the right of self defense stands here....isnt this according to the ICC a legal state attacking another legal state?
14. The PA says 'Palestine' already exists.
bob kirk ,   los angeles, USA   (03.09.09)
So Luis Moreno-Ocampo, chief prosecutor for the ICC, says the PA "proved Palestine was a legal state with the right to request such a probe" - i.e. against Israel. So we can deduce that 1) a two-state solution' has been achieved and 2) The P.A. can be held legally respopnsible at the ICC for war-crimes (rocket attacks deliberately targeting civlians which the UN calls war-crimes) committed by Palestinians in the name of 'Palestine'.
15. Marco the antisemite
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.   (03.09.09)
Antisemitism in Spain: What about the crimes of the terrorists and the rockets from Gaza. That is OK with you. and Israel responding is not right according to you. This so called judge (a modern Torquemada is am typical Spaniard. I went to Spain and found texts in modern books that had antisemitic material. 40 % of Spniards are antisemitic and live in the middle ages in their minds. All they think is about their kings and queens and a version of Cathlicism that is medieval. Spaniards are today ready for another inquisition. Very racist country. So shut up and mind your own business!
16. Are the anti-semites investigating USA also?
Cynic ,   USA   (03.09.09)
The United States used white phoshorous in civilian areas in the battle of Fallujah, but ICC would not dare call that a war crime. Selective prosecution would show the hypocracy of the ICC and the rest of the world.
17. #8
Jason   (03.09.09)
This analysis by the ICC is absurd. First, white phosphorus is not illegal. Second, Palestine is not a state.
18. canadians, israelis and dutch
mohson   (03.09.09)
Canadians and among them jews saved your dutch ass from the nazis. The number one country in the world that fights islamic terror is israel, which ultimatley spares dutch lives. For the dutch court to respond to its arab citizens by launching extraterritorial prosecutions, is to give into arab terror. Your arab citizens condone suicide bombing, targeting buses filled with kids, lobbing rockets into apartments, tractor bombers etc.The arabs invented the word terror. You want to prosecute, prosecute all the arab nations and terror groups, hamas, hezbollah, iran, syria, turkey and its treatment of kurds. You snivelling dutch courts make me sick. The dutch always welcomed visitors with flowers and red light prostitutes. Now you welcome freedom fighting people with filthy islamic prosecution. Don't count on israel to defend you if you dare begin hague prosecutions. Rememebr, its you who have a big arab minority with a huge birth rate.
19. If , to Marco
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.09.09)
Let them investigate. There is nothing to be against it. But if the claims will be found wrongful then let prosecute the claimants
20. Bag. Hypo.Cuffs. Deodorant. Check
Gideon Reader   (03.09.09)
It is obvious that this is the exact time to present a case for indictment warrant against Ocampo for crimes dealing with anti semitism, and undermining the Jewish state. Pre empt this scurralous louse and make him look over his shoulder to determine if he is going into the bag and wake up in a glass box. Sic Semper Tyranis. And a hearty high yo Silverstein!
21. take icc to court for its racist biased record. oh cannot be
ralph   (03.09.09)
because it is a kangaroo court with no basis in law to exist. just racist ignorant talking heads
22. If ICC DOES do that
Ralph Haglund ,   Lund, Sweden   (03.09.09)
and not at the same time condemns Hamas for a number of crimes against humanity, then they have so obviously declared themselves antisemite, that nothing can save them.
23. Civilian casualties.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (03.09.09)
Israel has cancelled many military operations because of its concern with civilian casualties. But should civilian losses occur despite the best efforts of Israel to avoid them, it is ultimately not Israel's responsibility. As political philosopher Michael Walzer noted in 2006: "When Palestinian militants launch rocket attacks from civilian areas, they are themselves responsible - and no one else is - for the civilian deaths caused by Israeli counterfire." The respect of international law (2 parts) :
24. I Agree!
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (03.09.09)
I believe that Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni, and Ehud Barak should be tried by ICC. Because they have killed people without achieving their goals eliminating Hamas and stopping rocket attacks from Gaza. On the contrary if those two goals were reached than Israel acted under the International Laws of self-defense. Thus, ICC would have had a case to build.
25. Hammurabi idea
Ben ,   USA   (03.09.09)
My girlfriend had the following idea - why doesn't Israel send the exact same kind of rocket back to Gaza every time Gaza launches one into Israel? The self-proclaimed humanists of the world who hate Israel because it looks like Goliath in this confrontation are sympathizing with whom they see as the underdog - the Gazans. If Israel retailiates by sending a rocket back for every rocket Hamas launches, Hamas might lose credibility in the eyes of the Gazan citizens every time it launches a rocket. The rocket would be exactly of the same kind as those launched into Israel, with Israel claiming it was aiming for a Hamas target of interest. Please note, this need not replace large scale military operations, it could be in addition to those, as needed. The international community couldn't ignore the irony of Israel sending an identical rocket back every time they're hit by one, and the Gazan citizens would see direct consequences of their leaders launching rockets into Israel in real time. An eye for an eye may leave both parties blinded, but at least the aggressor loses his eye in the process ... This is the kind of PR the Palestinians have been exploiting forever, of which Israel could borrow. In the wishy-washy court of world opinion, it doesn't matter who really has valid grievances, it only matters who is perceived to be the weak underdog.
26. ICC probe
David Rosenberg ,   New York, USA   (03.09.09)
The ICC has no credibility to sit in judgment of Israel. Before probing alleged Israeli war crimes (Jewish self defense appears to be a "war crime") the ICC should probe Arab war crimes against Jews such as indiscriinately firing lethal rockets on civilian population centers with the intent to cause mass casulaties amongst civilians. Why doesn't the ICC probe Muslim Arabs enslaving and massacring black African Christians in the Sudan? What about probing the ethnic cleansing of Lebanese christians by Muslim Arabs? How about probing Saudi Arabia for prohibiting Judaism and Christianity from being practiced there? What about probing Jordan for its racist property laws in allowing only Muslims to own land. Let's not forget that the ICC should also probe gender Apartheid in the Arab world where women are treated as personal property and subject to "honor killings". It looks like rather than probing the inalenable right of self defense exercised by the Jewish state of Israel, the ICC should spend its time probing Islamic facism.
27. Hey Marcel the Spanish Antisemite
David Rosenberg ,   New York, USA   (03.09.09)
Marcel, many of us have witnessed your slanderous anti-Semitic inspired hatred against Israel and the Jewish people. Before you start dangling your accusatory finger at Israel with slander let’s examine your own history for a second, shall we? For the past 500 years Spain has contributed little more than despotism and fascism at every turn. Starting with the Spanish inquisition when you expelled, confiscated the property of, and killed both Jews and Muslims for refusing to convert to your form of Christianity, which ironically, was started by Jews well over 1000 years beforehand when neither Spain nor Spanish “culture” existed. If that was not enough, you sent your barbaric conquistadors to the Americas where they systematically raped, slaughtered, and robbed the natives of their gold and treasure. Your satanic conquistadors then shipped these riches back to Spain and your own people were not smart enough to invest the bounty wisely resulting in Spain, to this day, being the poorest nation in western Europe. But your fascism and despotism did not end there. You were ruled by a series of deranged dictators who not only sought the slaughter of others, but of your own countrymen culminating in the rise of Franco, a fascist nazi who ruled your backwards country until the mid 1980s in a globally condemned dictatorship. Therefore, Marcel, stop trying to project the ills of your history onto the Jews who have given you so much including the Christian faith you worship and the technology you use to spew your venom on the internet. Rather than support the Palestinians, who behave in the exact barbaric manner your people have in the past, make a mends with those you harmed and pay reparations to Jews, Muslims, and the natives of the Americas from whom you plundered so much.
28. Isn't this old news?
Danny   (03.09.09)
They said the same thing after Cast Lead.... Can't be going well for the "war crimes" trials if our Palestinian propagandists can only recycle old press releases...
29. while you're doing that ... don't forget Sri Lanka
Hen   (03.09.09)
They've made 100,000 (one hundred thousand) people disappear in just two to three weeks, how do you like them apples.
30. The Hell wit The Hague; Palestine is a banana republic
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (03.09.09)
and not a state. The white phosphorus shells were added later by Palis actors.
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