Can Bibi do it?
Isi Leibler
Published: 10.03.09, 22:24
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1. Bibi is a true PATRIOT ...Livni a pathetic TRAITOR
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (03.11.09)
Livni is ALL about being "RIGHT!!!". She lives in a pathetic "think tank" bubble and expects to prove that in the end she was "RIGHT AFTER ALL!!!". Meanwhile she was a major force in destroying in 4 years what took 60 years to build. She lives for "KOL HAKAVOD!!!"s instead of defending a nation hanging by a thread.
2. bibi
leah ,   us   (03.10.09)
bibi will be one of the greatest leaders the west has known.
3. Isi blind deaf and dumb
BFPN ,   Tel Aviv   (03.11.09)
C'mon Isi! Bibi was the one whose 1st cadence began with 12 Israeli soldiers and 70 dead Palestinians over a tunnel in the Old City; he announced the end of Greater Land of Israel, then shook hands with Arafat who he swore he'd never meet, then signed the Wye Plantation deal on inter alia Hebron, then reneged on that, then removed the social safety net for the poor, then ducked misuse of state funds for private purposes, then lost the confidence of his closest advisers who he didn't trust, then lost his party and the country, then ruined Israel-US relations, then lost the re-election. Now he's going to make a racist our Foreign Minister and make us more of an international pariah than we already are. He doesn't need our good wishes or Divine Providence, he needs to park his ego and his "Greed Is Good, Fear Is Good" rhetoric and return the mandate to the President. That would be for the good of Israel.
4. A sober article
David ,   Shilo ISRAEL   (03.10.09)
The biggest step forward right now would be for national reunification, at ground level. Can 'lefties' take a look at my address above, which is in the middle of the so called West Bank, and still read my words as coming from a human being, rather than a sub-human villified 'settler'? I hope so! I can tell such Jews that contrary to popular media bashing, most of us are law abiding citizens of Israel that also have a strong desire for peace. It would be convenient to say that our presence in disputed parts of the country is the cause of all our problems. However, sane 'lefties' might remember the heroic struggle of 'genuine' socialists that stood fast against a determined enemy and turned the whole of Israel into one big settlement enterprise. They would also figure that our determined enemies want us out of every part of Israel. So how about concentrating on building the Jewish ideal again...before demolishing it for a fleeting whiff of an elusive peace that will only serve to weaken all of us? I agree that minorities in Israel should have greater self-determination, why not? Provided that the price is not undermining our national security there is much that could be achieved. I hope that Obama's mantra of 'change' can include avoiding the lemming dive for a 2 state solution & equally hope that Livni can see beyond her mirror, where the State of Israel needs reunification.
5. Can he do it
colin   (03.11.09)
YES Bibi can most definitely do it. The only pressing problem is the very leftest media,press editers. Ynet and Jpost will do every trick,twist any article ,print direct lies to irritate the governing of BIBI. The journalists see only black and paint the surroundings a dirty grey.Will the death of soldiers,men and children satisfy the thirsty appitite of these leftest backstabbing writers I THINK NOT
SAS ,   ISRAEL   (03.11.09)
7. lol this loser...
ghostq   (03.11.09)
I bet my money, that it will take him 6 months to ruin the israel's economy completely , and another 6 untill his coalition buddies will be at each other throats. see you in the next elections in a year from now.
8. Can he do it? YES HE CAN!
Talula ,   Israel   (03.11.09)
9. Unity, what unity?
Stefan ,   Tel Aviv   (03.11.09)
Dear Isi, Your text is somewhat pathetic. You see, national unity is not about everybody going after Bibi. If Bibi would be so interested in unity why is rotation out of question. For Bibi national unity is to get as many as possible to say that he is the king of Israel. Bibi said that he has a majority block. I'm not very impressed about the unity even in that block. Why would Kadima in the coalition add to unity? You want to blame Tzipi - then let her form the coalition. Bibi tried to bring Kadima in only by giving seats in the government but zero in ideology. Unity does not work that way.
10. bibi ruind the...
ghostq   (03.11.09)
israely economy in the 90's and he have no clue how to run things, he is good in talking but as for action don't expect to much.
11. Come on.........
gawain ,   israel   (03.11.09)
give us all a break!!!
12. is bibi capable
zechariah   (03.11.09)
Is bibi capable of taking kadima into the unity govenment on a one year -one year rotation giving livni year one and taking fm defense for yaalon and taking shas and united torah judaism to strenghthen the demographic power of the jews and strenghthen its jewish soul .
13. bibi
fcd ,   israel   (03.12.09)
NO. he is a big talker, uses bigger words and is not capable of doing anything. he also has surrounded himself with fanatics that even if he has good intentions he wil not be able to carry out any of his ideas. Israel is in a serious and sad position. I am scared and WNT TO LEAVE. That is also easier said than done.
14. zippi livni
disappointed ,   jerusalem   (03.12.09)
I, and many others that I personally know voted for Zippi. She has kept her principles and we got a right wing government. So what good has come out of her righteous position?We have been totally disappointed by her refusal to join Natanyahu. If the narrow government falls, we won't be backing Zippi again.
15. Make up your mind rightists
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (03.12.09)
You keep saying you won the election. So put your money where your mouths are. Have the courage of your convictions and form a right-wing government. Why do you need the support of non-right-wing parties if the people voted for the right?
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