Tel Aviv stripper gets drunk, wakes up in Ramallah
Efrat Weiss
Published: 13.03.09, 14:52
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1. You guys are going to make me ruin my plasma!
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.13.09)
2. Stupid, stupid
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.13.09)
This young woman is truly lucky that she is alive. For pity's sake.
3. The Next You Call The Palestinians Animals
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.13.09)
think about this. After all you put them through they reach out to you to show you that they too are human beings wanting the same thing Israelis want. Safety and education for their daughters and sons, shelter, food and clothing and above all, to be treated as human beings deserving respect and the civil rights that Israelis receive. The land of Palestine is their land. They didn't move there from other countries. They don't occupy the West Bank, Israel does.
4. Maybe she was a peace envoy sent on Livnis advice
zionist forever   (03.13.09)
Abbas lives in Rammalh. Olmert is no position to negotiate anything & Netanyahu isn't PM yet so he has no authrotity. The palestinians are not very compromising on their demands to the politicians, so appeal to Abbas manhood ... you make political concessions i will make clothing concessions to you. She was sent as a peace proces negotiator at Livnis request as this week she has been complaining about gender equality and that not enough women are in politcs in Israel. So send a woman to negotiate it gets women into politics and there is a tactis she is capable of making that no man has.
5. thank you the world citizen number talata
rashid ,   palistinian   (03.13.09)
you took the words right out of my teeth we are human beans we dont fire rockets at sderot we dont send suicide bombers to busses and discos we dont send send women with bombs to israil hospital that treat our sick no we are human beans send us more money we are humus beans
6. Outstanding simplistic naivete, World Citizen
Cameron ,   USA   (03.13.09)
Reading & listening to the foolish babble you progressive types throw out is like watching vacant, glassy-eyed cattle in a field chew their grass. As always, you've thrown out a take on the hard, complex world worthy of a high school student.
7. To: World Citizen
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.13.09)
No one called the Palestinians who took her to Ramallah "animals." That said, other news accounts state that the hospital where she was taken reported that the she was raped and sodomized repeatedly. So --- maybe "animals" is not far off the mark.
8. world citizen,
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (03.13.09)
Aren you a stand up co... pathetic ?..
9. Mr. World Citizen is right....
reality check ,   Tel Aviv   (03.13.09)
I'm going to think twice before I ever call another Palestian an "animal" because they were good enough not to kill this lady after they drugged her and raped her all night. Thanks for helping me see this revelation.
10. She was sent there under special order
Raptor ,   TA   (03.13.09)
from the Commander in Chief of the Israeli Navy.
11. Could've ended in disaster?
observer   (03.13.09)
that last strip could've been offed?
12. LOL! The Palestinians doing the "nasty"?
D   (03.13.09)
13. #3 world citizen;We've been here since before the Pyramids!!
world citizen two ,   Lynn, US   (03.13.09)
Please understand that the Jews are the Aboriginals of Israel; NOT the arabs. They come from Arabia hence the name Arab. Jews come from JUDEA hence the name JEW. The majority of the world Jews joining a minority of Jews already in the "Land of Israel" are returning to their ancestral land. We have been here since before the Pyramids in Egypt were built. You however are likely living in a house on land that belongs to native americans. Do you therefore smell the hypocrisy of your message? trivia question: what famous founder of a western religion was born in , what the world would call today, a settler in the so-called- and completely-erroneous-occupied territories? answer: Jesus the Jew We have been here since before the Pharoahs and this is our only native land. If you hate Jews so much that you are blinded and led by your ignorance on the subject that is a shame.
14. show a picture of her at work!
nate ,   canada   (03.13.09)
15. Lets Give Them the Israel Prize
Mighty Moe ,   Israel   (03.13.09)
for not murdering an innocent (and probably non-Jewish) Russian stripper. Lets never forget, on the other hand, the lynching of 2 innocent Israelis by the PA police in Ramallah at the start of the current intifada. And the next time Palestinians found illegally in Israel are detained and returned to the PA unmolested lets run huge headlines and give ourselves a humanitarian parade and use it as evidence of our morality. Rabin, Peres and Beilin should be prosecuted for having armed them and giving them an authority in the first place. The fact that this is news is sick.
16. Re: # 3 Dear World Citizen(s), the world over
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah   (03.13.09)
B"H Dear World Citizen(s), the world over, Maybe [sarcastic] the "land of Palestine" is "their" land, but the Land of Israel, that Hashem, our G-d gives us to "possess it" and to "settle in it" (Deut. 17:14) is Jewish Land. You may not like this, dear World Citizen, but this Jewish Land became to be known as "Palestine" only after the destruction of Jewish Jerusalem and its Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount by Tito's Roman legions in 70 e.v. hundreds of years before the invention of islam. We didn't move here from other countries as you insinuate, we are the rightful possessors of our G-d given Land. When you will come against us, all nations united, including the united nations, the quartet and the troika and the bicycle and special envoy Blair and special envoy Mitchell, there will be war, the war of Magog and in a huge fire ball the Jews will win and you will succumb to the will of Hashem, our G-d, as your only way to save your worthless lives. The prophecy is happening right now, in our time, in front of our very eyes. Your days are numbered, dear World Citizen! P.s. They do occupy the "West Bank" as the West Bank is nothing else than the Jordanian name given to Judea, Benjamin and Efraim, our central biblical, Jewish, territories. The fact that the Arabs don't want Jews to live there is a symptom of their racism, not of ours.
17. #3 - We can admit some Pals are kind....
William ,   Israel   (03.13.09)
can you equally admit that some Israelis are kind and some Pals are animals??? I remember a heartening story where a Pal lost his life saving an Israeli child in the Kinneret back in 1999. I also remember current heartening stories of Israeli doctors working for free to help save Pal children's lives from a heart defect. And Israeli employers so upset at the Intifada that they sent money to their Pal workers even though they couldn't report to work. Equally, I remember stories of snipers targeting Israeli children and bombers who target those very doctors who helped saved their lives before. I believe without terrorist leaders and politicians, and schmucks like you, there could very well be peace in the Land. And this I am hopeful of despite what we Jews have been put through by Arabs since 1920.
18. #3 You have constructed for yourself a world of fiction
Jake   (03.13.09)
In the not so distant past, two Israelis that took a wrong turn into Ramallah and were in Palestinian police custody in the Ramallah police station, were captured by a lynch mob and lycnhed in cold blood. Your post is nothing but a poor laughable diatribe. Aren't you embarrassed?
19. #13 Lynn
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.13.09)
Funny I remember reading in your Torah that the Amalekites and the Canaanites where in Palestine before the Jews. So if Jews have been there forever is your Torah wrong? And does that mean that the Palestinians who have lived there for all this time are the descendants of Jews that converted to Christianity and Islam? Please explain this dilemma.
20. #16 - AMEN!! (End)
Alastair ,   Australia   (03.13.09)
21. to #19, World Citizen
World Citizen 3 ,   The Real World   (03.13.09)
Correct, Jews have only lived in the area for some 3300 years -- the earlier groups you mentioned having long since disappeared from the world. But 80% of the "Palestinians" in fact migrated to the area from surrounding lands over the last 100 years once Jews moved back in greater numbers and started restoring the land. Go read some history on the subject -- you'll find that it is quite different than your assumptions.
22. To: World Citizen at No. 19
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.13.09)
You haven't been reading the same Torah as the one I read. G-d made his covenant with Abraham, renewed it with Isaac and reinforced it with Jacob. Remember the part where G-d says to Jacob, "Jacob, because thou hast met adversity and conquered it, Jacob, thy name is Israel." The land was given to the Jews, and the Jews were ordered essentially to clean out everybody else. But back to Jacob/Israel: Israel has a dual identity: Israel the LAND and Israel, the father of the 12 tribes (i.e., the Jews). The land belongs to the Jews, and only the Jews, going back over three millennia. You cannot put any other spin on it but that. Israel the people and Israel the land are inseparable. Maybe you should try reading the Megiddo edition of the Bible. Finally -- how many Amalekites and Canaanites have YOU run into lately? Right. That's what I thought.
23. To: Rashid at No. Hamsa (SECOND TRY)
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.13.09)
Human beings, dear, not beans. Beans = Fasulia
24. World Citizen
David ,   Rhode Island   (03.13.09)
"the IDF reiterated that Israelis were strictly forbidden from entering A territories and that entering B territories is also deemed dangerous and should be avoided." Who occupies the west bank, and who is doing the ethnic cleansing? Arabs can live in Israel but no Jews in palestine (that includes Jordan)?
25. lol
jerusalem   (03.13.09)
maybe the men that she got into the car with were "patriotic israelis" that thought that she would be killed by the palestinians one she got on "their territory" what a big disappointment.
26. #3 - Just like they did in Gaza? Turned it into no-mans-land
D   (03.13.09)
27. World Citizen and Others
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.13.09)
Before turning this into the age old argument of religious nationalism, remember this situation has two sides to it: The positives: The Palestinian's do have good among them. The negatives: Unfortunately they are weakened by their own scum who sodomize and rape, blow themselves up, fire rockets from schools, etc. Needless to say, the West bank is 9856x better than lets focus on the positive more than the negative? Alright?
28. #7 Sarah
Marco ,   Spain   (03.13.09)
She is a stripper for God's sake Sarah! It was not rape, but a business transaction. OK, may be she could have charged a little bit more if she knew that she will be crossing international borders, but what the heck!
29. #10 Raptor!
Marco ,   Spain   (03.13.09)
Now I see the picture. So thats what the Commnader in chief of the Israeli navy was doing in a srip club not too long ago. He was recruiting strippers for a special mission. lol.
30. World Citizen, to sum up: an old friend once said
Jake   (03.13.09)
"We will be more than happy to give Jerusalem back to the Jebusites."
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