EU threatens to boycott 'Durban 2'
Published: 16.03.09, 21:33
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1. Durban 2 Is Anti-Semites' Wet Dream
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.16.09)
2. WCOR's logo looks like a curved swastika
Ziv   (03.16.09)
How's THAT for sensitivity? It's backward. But close enough. However, it IS highly representative of this travesty of a conference, which under the cover of "protecting human rights" is attacking human rights. Program of action should be: 1. Dictatorships should be BANNED from the Human Rights Council of the UN, OR 2. the UN is the WRONG PLACE for a Human Rights Council. Democracies should refuse to play this game and should demand that it be dissolved. It can be replaced with a human rights council established by countries that actually attempt to pursue real human rights. Let the dictators create their own; it will be as worthless as the current one, without the sheep's clothing of the UN.
3. It's not as if we had to strain ourselves about it
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.17.09)
from the beginning.
zionist forever   (03.17.09)
Canada US Japan considering Australia considering UK considering Germany considering The EU wants to be a more fedralist organistion then why don't the speak with one voice for a change and say no. It would send a serious message to this circus so come on lets end this crap of maybe but maybe not say straight out yes or no and accept the political backlash good or bad. If the the EU & north America all boycott the thing then it will send a message if you want us to attand any future conferences then don't let it be a circus act which we have no time to waste on.
5. Durban II
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.17.09)
What if they held a hatefest and not a single country that matters came? Such disappointment .....
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