Iranian defector tipped Syrian nuke plans
Associated Press
Published: 19.03.09, 23:34
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1. Will new US administration share such intelligence?
SL ,   NY   (03.19.09)
It appears that the Bush administration shared this vital information with the Israeli government, and presumably sanctioned its attack. Will the current US administration share such data? Will it confront the evil designs of Ahmadinejad and Company, or turn a blind eye? Will Israel have to go it alone?
2. Iran is going to get's inevitable....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (03.19.09)
we and the US are going to step on their beards.
3. Nice
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.19.09)
So if it weren't for this one Iranian defector, no one in Israel or in the United States would have known about this extraordinary threat to Israeli safety and security from an implacable enemy of both .... Maybe it's time for a new memuneh; a better one ....
4. Proceed with caution.....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.19.09)
Intel should be analyzed carefully and not used to coerce any attacks on Iran. Likewise, it is extremely important that the governments make use of:
5. Aaron # 4
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.19.09)
Thank you Aaron. That was a very interesting article. They are not quite correct though when they state that the treated Plutonium could only be used for peaceful means. Unfortunately it could still be used in dirty bombs.
6. #1 SL, NY... do you really have to ask that question?
secede Texas & Okla. ,   from socialist USA!   (03.19.09)
President Barry (aka Obama) can't even provide his REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE to prove he is a natural born US citizen! This usurper of the presidency is too busy hiding parts of his past. He will be the biggest appeaser the US has ever had.
7. #1 ,#6 American people elcted Obama to be the President
who give a s**** about what you think or what you say. no more Bush's BS.
8. No telephone nor calls
James ,   US   (03.19.09)
An electronic "black hole" in desert area where large facility being constructed under a dictatorship that supports terrorism, and no spy agency wondered about that at all- and never considered something being hidden ? Sure.
9. Bahahahaha #6!
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.19.09)
"Secede Texas and Oklahoma from socialist USA" You think you have it bad, try being a capitalist in San Francisco.
10. # 7
Eagle Beak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.19.09)
It's rather obvious you care, after all you responded to them. On behalf of numbers 1 and 6 I must thank you for your post. It shows us what sort of people voted for Obama.
11. I love the fiction columns
Persian CAT   (03.20.09)
How about you?
12. While you idiots bark....
Waleed ,   Lebanon   (03.20.09)
Iran will have several nuclear bombs, if they dont already have them that is!
13. #7 Bye bye Bushy boy , bye bye Bushy Bushy
bye bye Joke W. Bush !!! loooool
14. Walid you are an idiot
Salim ,   Beirut   (03.20.09)
if Iran nukes Israel, we will go too.
15. #12 Waleed in Lebanon
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.20.09)
I don't see the Iranians jumping for joy. Perhaps it's because they don't have jobs, can't afford housing or basic necessities. Public executions have increased along with Ahmadinejad's billion dollar budget that he can't pass. There's a reason Iranians are studying English and trying to get visas out of the Islamic Republic of Doom.
16. # 12
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.20.09)
Waleed ! why do you rejoice ?,in a nuclear duel,between Israel and Persia,you will be incinerated too.It is true,you will be siting in Allahs lap with 72 maidens.But those are the Rules,when the shaid is exhausted,and asks for a recess,the shaid,is thrown to the dogs,because in haven,no recess or viagra are permitted.Standarts are high,and rules, strictly enforced.And what is left after the vicious dogs devoure him, is consumed by wild pigs,to the last morcel.Because he was consumed by wild pigs,he can't enter the poor shaid,is doomed to be a wanderer in eternal darknes,together with the devil,forever. What do you think ? Bin Laden,Mulla omer,alzaharuri, nasarala,the elders of hamas,don't like young maidens ? of course,they do,so why don't they go out,on suicide missions ? the reason is ,they know the cosequences. So,waleed,you have no reason to rejoice.
17. To# 11Fiction or not Israel destroyed both of those,
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (03.20.09)
The Iraqi reactor and the Syrian and I don’t believe Israel will destroy the Iranian reactors because in reality Iran is not real threat to Israel, the dog who bark a lot will not harm but Iranian are real threat to Arabs nations which I love it. Long life to Iranian that understand that Israeli is not their enemy and long life to Israel too
18. #11 Persian Cat
Waleed ,   Lebanon   (03.20.09)
Its a combination of ficton and Israeli stupidity. God bless Iran and its courageous leaders.
19. #12 and that should worry you as much as us.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.20.09)
No sane person in the world wants a nuclear Iran. Not even most Arabs - unless they are affiliated with Hizbollah, Al Qaida, Hamas, or some other terror organization which worships death. So assuming you're not a terrorist, you should lose sleep over this as much as we do. Trust me, you don't want your southern neighbor attacked by a nuclear bomb. First, the fallout could easily reach your country. Second - many, many Palestinians would die in Israel (I assume you care for them). Third - who knows how Israel, having nothing to lose anymore - might retaliate against all its Arab neighbors.... So, why don't you keep your fingers crossed together with us - that we'll never get to that stage.
20. Let Jordan, Leb, Egypt & Saudi A. attack Iran, not Isr or US
bald nesher   (03.20.09)
finally some of israel's neighbors, hostile tho they may be, are waking up to the fact that a nuclear attack on israel will blow lots and lots of deadly radiation and other ugly stuff their way as well. so why don't saudi arabia, jordan, egypt, and lebanon, for starters, attack iran instead of, as usualy, making israel be a skapegoat and the u.s. take the heat?! (syria's suicidal aliance with iran just speaks volumes about its leadership) of course, perhpas a greater threat is that iran (or it syrian proxy) won't actually use the nuke directly, but use it indirectly as a threat while it tries to employ more deadly "conventional" weapons or worse (of course, bio/chemwould also blow or flow over into the population of its neighbors as well. see question above. (oh, and i think obama is just fine, thank you. and many of us wuld be just fine with oklahoma, and perhaps anti-constitutionalist bush's home state removing themselves from the u.s. electorate if they/you want. but that has nothing to do with israel, and #6 might want to think twice before advocating an assault on the union; them's the words of treason.) and now, back to our original programming, with apologies to our non-u.s. viewers.
21. Isn't this an obvious miracle how US and Israel foud out
Asher ,   NY,USA   (03.20.09)
about such a threat? What are the chances of defecting of a very trusted general to come up with such a report that even US and Israel didn't know anything about? In Syria, Israel's backyard something like this was going on and even no one knew about it! and among the very enemies of Israel who where financing this final soloution of Jews someone like General Asghari defects and OPEN the eyes. This has been the ways of Hashem the G-od of Israel that always brought the savior from the midest of the house of the enemy. Remember Moses who grown in Pharos palace or Ester who became the queen of Iran. Out of his tremendous of his Mercy He always saves his Nation Israel.
22. Israel, the best R&R facilities for islamists
julot   (03.20.09)
To Waleed, #13. from Lebanon You are right, idiots always bark loudly in order to show their " superiority, ineptitude ". They have been barking now for 1000 days, without respite. With ALL the cards on hand,IE: 10.000 terrorists VS one Shalit, they (the idiots), have and are giving allah's beloved warriors, all the tools required in order to continue their bloody struggle against Israel.: gourmet kosher food, clean clothes, FULL media access (radio,tv,papers,cell phones),colleges, medical, etc. From TV clips, one can see that our convalescent " guests " are in superb shape with high morale from non stop visits from relatives, family, friends and Red Cross (just like Shalit ). One must conclude that once released, our 10.000 " guests " will make room for the next batch of 10.000. Hamas, I have to hand it to you, clever you are. You don't have to build " hidden training camps " --- the " idiots " are doing it for you; with the acquiescence of the citizen of Israel.
23. I have a title subject; unprintable....!
julot   (03.20.09)
To waleed # 12, Lebanon. You are right, idiots always bark in order to show their superiority, their ineptitude. They have been barking now for 1000 days without respite, or change in their " repertoire " With ALL the cards on hands IE: 10.000 incarcerated terrorists VS one Shalit, they ( the idiots ) have given allah's sons, the tools to continue their struggle against Israel.--- gourmet kosher food, clean clothes, FULL media access (radio, tv, phones, papers),medical,college availability. One can see from TV clips, that our " convalescent guests " are in superb shape, with high morale from visiting relatives, friends, Red Cross, etc. Just like Shalit......! One must conclude that after their release, room will be available for the next 10.000 "convalescents. Hamas, I have to hand it to you. Clever you are. You don't have to build hidden training camps,---- the idiots are doing it for you, all paid by the acquiescent Israeli citizen.
24. The name of the Iranian General should NOT have been printed
Rivkah   (03.20.09)
His relatives in Iran will be arrested and tortured.
25. Ask the Iranian General if Ron Arad is still alive.
Rivkah   (03.20.09)
26. To: Rivkah at No. 24
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.20.09)
Sadly, Rivkah, the Iranian authorities already knew about his defection. Whatever family he may have left behind in Iran are already dead. That's how those primitive people act over there, you know? We can only hope that this brave man was able to get them out before actually defecting.
27. 7: Voter fraud by ACORN got Obama elected.
Rivkah   (03.20.09)
They registered one person as many as 75 times. Multiply that by hundreds of thousand registered that many times and you understand why Obama gave ACORN a 5 billion dollar payback in the stimulus bill. ACORN will also alter the Census information to try to guarantee socialism/communism/democrat agendas for decades. The American people who voted only once per person elected John McCain. Fraud elected a foreigner who is not even an American citizen. He is a British citizen born in Kenya by birth and an Indonesian citizen by adoption. He carried an Indonesian passport for much of his adult life and registered for colleges as Indonesian. His Presidency is a fraud that the US Supreme Court must overturn before America is destroyed by communistic agendas.
28. 26 Sarah: You are correct on that. Mike Evans wrote a book
Rivkah   (03.20.09)
on "Jimmy Carter, the Liberal Left, etc" or something like that which documents Jimmy Carter's financing the Ayatollah Khomeni in France to overthrow the Shah of Iran who was a friend of the West. Jimmy Carter is personally responsible for the dangers to Iranians and Israelis and Americans that this radical regime in Iran has become. "By peace he shall destroy many" is one of Daniel in the Bible's descriptions of the AntiChrist, the Assyrian, the ruler who betrays Isael. That probably is not Jimmy Carter, but he sure fit the mold.
29. #27 RIGHT ON, RIVKAH!!!
secede Texas & Okla. ,   from socialist USA!   (03.20.09)
30. 29 Irmo: That's the first time you called me Rivkah, my
Rivkah   (03.20.09)
Hebrew name. Thanks for the "attagirl" tb. By the way, studies have shown that a patient in long term care improves with a cat to pet and love and be loved by. Why don't you get your Dad a male kitten since they are more affectionate than female kittens. Have it neutered so it does not spray and put a sand box or a box with newspaper in the room.
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