Police arrest 20 at Palestinian 'culture event'
Efrat Weiss
Published: 21.03.09, 17:46
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1. I like our national anthem thankyou very much.
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.21.09)
George Galloway's been barred from the country. Next!
2. jerusalem
gavriel ,   mevaseret   (03.21.09)
why not demand the pa to prevent this happening, it is the duty of the Dayton police. Just why is israeli officiels allways just trying to prevent, not demand pa to fullfil its obligations? Is it because of appeasement?
3. #1: God bless Canada for being brave on Galloway issue
Jonathan M. Boyko ,   Ofrah, Israel   (03.21.09)
4. This is how they respect agreements
Jean-pierre ,   Holon, Israel   (03.21.09)
"According to interim agreements it has signed with Israel, the PA is not allowed to organize events within Israel". What is it that they don't understand? Or is an agreement made only to be broken? And by the way it would be interesting (well, not so much) to see what is palestinian culture. Suicide belts? songs of praise to shahids? paintings showing masked gunmen holding hostages? Or is it just hummus and falafel? Thanks, we had enough of it before.
5. Capital of Arab 'culture'???
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.21.09)
Is this the same culture that brought the world suicide bombers, beheadings, genital mutilation, 'honor' killings, and mass murder under the guise of 'spreading the word of Mohammed?' Is this the culture that, in their 'holy' book, says Jews are pigs and apes and that when found hiding behind a tree or a rock, even the trees and rocks would call out for them to be murdered? I think it's reasonable then to forbid this 'culture' from ever stepping foot in Jerusalem. Time to dismantle the Dome and ship it to Saudi Arabia, to be with all those other shrines to a despot.
6. Culture?
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (03.21.09)
7. how about "Mecca as capital of Jewish and Christian culture"
Ariel ,   Sydney, Australia   (03.21.09)
8. Not even soccer games?
P ,   Philadelphia   (03.21.09)
This sounds unduly restrictive. What kind of a society is it that decides that a minority can't organise soccer games or other events?
9. It is just an attempt to steal what is not theirs
Ari ,   USA   (03.21.09)
"Jerusalem as the capital of Arab culture" is just another attempt to lay claim and steal Jerusalem, as well as the rest of Israel, from the Jews. This is why they so greatly fear Israeli archeologists, and try to do everything to keep them from digging and finding more artifacts. The archeology does not lie. And, the arabs know they can never argue with the artifacts throughout the land. There are just too many finds, and they, as well as the rest of the world, know Israel really belongs to the Jews. This is just another attempt to take what is not theirs. It is good it was stopped.
10. it's not just that EJ is the Capital for Pal
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (03.21.09)
change your attitude and believe in this sens you have too and it is just legality Don't change the subject to new settlement or other, this will be an escape from the peace process Good luck
11. No rasism here?
Hana ,   Jerusalem   (03.21.09)
Isn't the Jean-pierre's comment rasist? If not, then I can add how one may see Jewish culture: Oligarchs in Russia, maffias in Netanya, war-thirsty neocons in the US who destroyed Iraq, rasist graffiti-painters in Gaza in IDF uniforms. Thousands of Jewish colonist admiring terrorist Goldstein. And obligations fulfilled by Israel? You mean for example that one about freeze os settlements?
12. arabs also invaded madrid once, make madrid arab capital &
see how they like it   (03.21.09)
13. jerusalem was the capital of the jews in the last 3000 years
not an arab invador   (03.21.09)
14. It's called supersessionism
mea   (03.21.09)
This is what it is, the actions that overtake another religion, that overlord it. By ignoring the law and insisting on going forward with making some random declaration that Jerusalem is their capital, the Arabs attempt to supersede Judaism. They pointedly used the word culture to bypass the arguments about religion but it's still supersessionism. And btw, I have seen zero cultural events in Arab towns. Besides a couple of dance performances and good restaurants, there is no cultural drive that can be identified as stemming from the Arabs of this vicinity. So what are they attempting to refer to as some "center"? Anyone who has been to other Arab capitals would laugh at this idea. Nazereth is a pit, Bethlehem has no Christians left since Hamas drove them out, and E.Jerusalem has no separate merchant or culture area but only housing. What are they referring it, fantasy? yes. Supersessionism fantasy.
15. Jerusalem is the capital of Jewish culture...Not Arab!
freejsy ,   Israel   (03.21.09)
Just more cultures from other religions that the muslim Arabs are trying to steal. Eough of this farce....Arab culture is in Arabia....not Israel!
16. The only "culture" the palis have, we rather do without it
17. Stop Kidnapping Palestinians
Norman   (03.21.09)
18. tibi no longer even tries to mask his loyalty
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.21.09)
He now uses the terminology of hamass: "the occupier"; "the occupation". So now, his philosophy has been cemented: To him even Nazareth is "occupied territory." The 5th column needs to be removed. The arab triangle needs to be exorcised from our midst and put up in exchange for the settlement blocs. Any future "occupation" funds spent on the 5th column should be deemed as an act of providing aid and comfort to the enemy.
19. Just imagine
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.21.09)
A Jewish cultural event set to celebrate the historic heritage of Jews in Jericho. The islamonazis will riot and hurl qassams; btselem would file complaints and scream loudly; AI would issue condemnation of "provocation"; and the UN Security Council would be called in to emergency session over the "inciteful acts" of the Zionist entity. Oh wait, but these are islamonazis. They can abrogate agreements with no hesitation and no retribution. Jews are held to a higher and more moral authority!
20. what a freedom of speech and opinion
what a freedom claim   (03.21.09)
21. This tells me a lot about present Jewish culture
Realist   (03.21.09)
22. 'Song' is a lie anyway, so good riddance.
ME ,   USA   (03.21.09)
Another LAME attemp at trying to claim something. The world has enough 'Arab culture' with the suicide bombers and human shields.
23. Sheikh Palazzi about Jerusalem.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (03.21.09)
The parallelism of Mecca and Jerusalem offers the basis of a solution, as Sheikh Palazzi wisely writes: Separation in directions of prayer is a mean to decrease possible rivalries in management of Holy Places. For those who receive from Allah the gift of equilibrium and the attitude to reconciliation, it should not be difficult to conclude that, as no one is willing to deny Muslims a complete sovereignty over Mecca, from an Islamic point of view -notwithstanding opposite, groundless propagandistic claims - there is not any sound theological reason to deny an equal right of Jews over Jerusalem. To back up this view, Palazzi notes several striking and oft-neglected passages in the Qur'an . One of them (5:22-23) quotes Moses instructing the Jews to "enter the Holy Land (al-ard al-muqaddisa) which God has assigned unto you." Another verse (17:104) has God Himself making the same point: "We said to the Children of Israel: ‘Dwell securely in the Land.'" Qur'an 2:145 states that the Jews "would not follow your qibla; nor are you going to follow their qibla," indicating a recognition of the Temple Mount as the Jews' direction of prayer. "God himself is saying that Jerusalem is as important to Jews as Mecca is to Moslems," Palazzi concludes. His analysis has a clear and sensible implication: just as Muslims rule an undivided Mecca, Jews should rule an undivided Jerusalem. Mor information at :
24. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of palestine
Abu Jihad ,   Yaffa, Palestine   (03.21.09)
well, stop the denial, without Al Quds (Jerusalem) , there will be no peace. Jerusalem is the heart of arab and islamic , and not just palestinian nationalism. Israel must choose between east Jerusalem and peace, u cant have both and without Jerusalem, endless wars will follow. Olmert himself, as well as Barak, Peres and many other Israeli leaders have said that Jerusalem must be handed back in any peace deal, It is time for israel to start preparing its people for this eventuality. However, under Palestinian rule, Jerusalem Jews should be allowed to pray at the wailing wall and will even be protected by the palestinian security forces.
25. Dream On Abu
Yerach ,   Jerusalem,ISRAEL   (03.21.09)
Jerusalem was never the capital of any other people besides the Jews & never will be. Your capital is Amman!!!!! Regardless of what our self-hating politicos say Jerusalem will remane united & in Jewish hands!!!!
26. A case of imagination without boundaries
Debra ,   UK   (03.21.09)
The imaginary people of 1964 have evolved an imaginary culture.Dichter's action is a real necessity, as there is no place for a fantasyland in the heart of the Jewish Holy Land.
27. Pal-Culture equals Politics. Worthless.
The 11th Man ,   London   (03.21.09)
28. Jean-pierre
jennifer   (03.21.09)
You said "What is it that they don't understand? Or is an agreement made only to be broken?" They are probably only following Israel's lead in breaking agreements.
29. How about Mecca as capital of Jewish culture. Wait that was
Jae ,   Lynn US   (03.21.09)
before Muhammad had all the male jews decapitated and the women sold as slaves with the children. Its in the Koran for you to read about. Religion of my way or death, not peace. Nice try though. Too bad Jerusalem is not metioned once in the Koran. This is about modern nationalism for the arabs, for the Jews this is our only land, only capital., and it has been since 4000 years ago. And it will forever be our one and only true homeland. Give arabs citizenship and everything good if they are genuine in defending the Jewish country against arab aggressors. If however they dont accpet the Jewish country give them the worht of their proerty and they take all their assets and deport them to Jordan aka "palestine".
30. Hana #9. Racist is calling Jews sons of monkeys & Pigs
Jae #9 ,   Lynn US   (03.21.09)
in Islamic religious texts. Racism is banning Jews from living in our ancestral homeland as Arabs succesfully made British do before Jews returned en masse to their eternal homeland. Racism is arab refusal to let Jews live as your leader became a Nazi recrutier and organizer- haj husseni. Jews have all races. Our black brothers and sisters testify along with Indian , Russian, and Arab Jews.
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