Police: Palestinian cultural event failed
Efrat Weiss
Published: 22.03.09, 07:36
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1. Abbas is always demanding Israel follow
ME ,   USA   (03.22.09)
agreements, yet he can't seem to do the same. Wow, I am shocked. NOT!
2. Picture up there is in wrong article.
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.22.09)
I believe that's supposed to go in the article regarding Syrian leadership. P.S. what the hell is palestinian culture? Seriously....I want an answer. What is ONE unique thing about Palestinian culture? My only hesitation for saying the ultimate solution is for them to go back to Jordan is that i'd pity the Jordanians for having to deal with them.
3. again we see words 'palestinian' and 'fail' in same sentence
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.22.09)
they are becoming synonymous with each other.
4. the palestinians distorted
ghostq   (03.22.09)
the koran to their political gain jerusalem is only a third rank important to islam, madina is second, Mecca is first, center my a$$.
5. Palestinians apparently know nothing of their heritage
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (03.22.09)
To you palestinians: There is something called the Arabian peninsula. From that arabian peninsula comes a people called the Arabs. Whatever arabian culture is it is to be found there. Now go find it.
6. #3 Nah, they always were
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (03.22.09)
7. #2-Ha! ha! ha! ha!
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.22.09)
Assad's balloon popped...
8. Stopping cultural events?
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (03.22.09)
...Israelis must be so proud of their security forces!
9. Hollywood should make a movie'the arabs& us
Jojo   (03.22.09)
Hard to understand or comprehend why the need for fatah, hamas,arabs,Abbas, Tibis,etc., to show the world how sophisticated islam is. Nothing is ,what one might call "festive" in THEIR world. CULTURE ? : stoning, girl slashing, suicidal children, maiming,and more,are part of their scholastic curriculum, kindergarten through higher education. NARRATIVE ? : < behind every stone, every tree,......! > The koran's,The imam's " cris de guerre " spewed without respite ( sometime with the swash of a sabre) from the pulpit of every mosque. Fortunately, islam's need to expand, like many other sects throughout history, are bound to fail; with doomsday not far off.
10. Jerusalem IS Jewish.
Avraham ,   NYC   (03.22.09)
11. Take the chance and arrest all those displaying
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.22.09)
maps of "palestine",in which there is no Israel. Tear away them where ever they are seen,and punish those who display or possess such a thing.
12. That convent is related to Sirians
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.22.09)
and Israel should keep very aware on what's going on there.
13. To Johnny in Stockholm
Palestinian   (03.22.09)
Palestine is in the northern parts of the Arabian Peninsula. In ancient Greece, Arabia used to refer to all the area up to the Syrian deserts. The tribes who have inhabited Palestine since the dawn of history are Arabian. The Palestinians are descendants of the Semitic people of Palestine, and did not come with the Islamic invasion as what it appears you are suggesting. The Arabian tribes have presence in Palestine since the Canaanites. Arabs are not only Muslims, and prior to Islam, they had a Christian kingdom in Palestine and Syria called the Ghassanids. Before Christianity the people in Palestine were Pagans or adhenerent to the religion of Abraham, a.k.a. Jewish in faith. Not all the Jewish adherent people of Palestine were Israelites. Judaism was the religion of Choice for 10% of the Roman Empire! Herod the Great was an Arab and a practicing Jew. A Roman emperor ruled the empire and came from Palestine/Syria area known as Philip the Arab! Christianity rose up from within the Jewish community in Palestine, and many Palestinian Christians later also converted to Islam. Arabic is the language that seamlessly replaced Aramaic in Palestine. It borrowed the Aramaic Nabatean character and this is what the Arabic speaking people today use all over the world. Many of today’s Jews have nothing to do with the Semitic people of Palestine and the Levant in general. Judaism was always considered a religion that people convert in and out of it. It has never been a nationanlity. This is the reason why many Jews of East Europe are originally Khazars and not Semitic!
14. I was interest to read about Arabia, and found this:
Zebra ,   Jungle, Africa   (03.22.09)
Here is what History Channel says about Arabs and Arabia: "The earliest known events in Arabian history are migrations from the peninsula into neighboring areas. About 3500 bc, Semitic-speaking peoples of Arabian origin migrated into the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia, supplanted the Sumerians, and became the Assyro-Babylonians. Another group of Semites left Arabia about 2500 bc and settled along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea; some of these migrants became the Amorites and Canaanites of later times." This one more or less says the same thing: It seems MSN Encarta is saying the same story:
15. you are right,"palestinian"
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.22.09)
The 10 Commandment,that gave parametrs to ALL civilizations in the world is an arab invention right? It was given by G'od to arabs in the Sinai,right? "Let my People go"was said by Moses to Paraoh to let free arabs ,right? "Exodos"is an arab history ,right? The destruction of the Temple by the Romans ,is a mention to an arab temple right? David,was the king of arabs ,right? Listen,"palestinian",it is getting near and near the time when all peoples of the world will fully internalize the factual Torah truth that Ishmael is one people with its hands agaist all.A wild people. Suicides bombing everywhere,in trains,restaurants,every where, in virtually all countries in the world .are a Torah proof of the savagery of arabs. The ancient People of Torah,us ,the Israelites,don't do such things. And more over,20 or 30 generations are not that much and makes us able to trace our ways since our first diaspora from Israel ,our land. We are just back home!
16. #8 - you missed the point, you're way off
azi ,   NY   (03.22.09)
They didnt stop cultural events. a sovereign government prevented a foreign "governmernt" from holding events marking the city as their own capital. How about America holding events celebrating Montreal as part of their own country? Does that sound all right to you too? Ignoring the fact that it's actually a Canadian city. You simply missed the point.
17. #13 This is what happens when you grow up reading
usa   (03.22.09)
textbooks edited by Hamas.
18. #13 Which history books are you reading?
andy ,   orlando,u.s   (03.23.09)
Alice in Wonderland.? The Emperor Hadrian changed the name of the province to Syria Palaestina and Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina in an attempt to erase the historical ties of the Jewish people to the region! If Palestine existed before this then how do you explain the united Kingdom of Israel which was a kingdom in the Land of Israel which existed from c. 1050 BCE until c. 930 BCE!
19. Abbas" Jerusalem capital of Arab culture"
William ,   Israel   (03.23.09)
Really? Can you name just one thing that Arabs can claim was added to their culture originating from Jerusalem? In historical texts, and still the foundation of battles between Arabs today, Arab culture originates from several places - Cairo, Mecca, Medina, and Damascus. NOTHING comes from Jerusalem...except for the biggest Arab cultural items - usurping another's religious sites and homes to claim as their own, and new forms of terrorism. If there's anything else Pals or Jerusalem has given the Arabs, I haven't seen it.
20. #8 Sean - Are you sure you're talking about us?
William ,   Israel   (03.23.09)
Just last week, Pals torched a music school in Nablus. A more succinct place of cultural. This parade was simply a political stunt to lay claim to a city that isn't their's under the guide of "culture". I wonder what you would do in Montreal if citizens from Ottawa showed up to have an English cultural event across the city, laying claim to many tourist attractions and history.
21. #13 - Assuming you're correct....
William ,   Israel   (03.23.09)
then all arguments against Israel existing in the ME are collectively false. Those very claims say "This is Arab land" and "This is Muslim land. No Jews here." From your claims, the original people here practiced Judaism, whether Arab or Mediterranean. So those inside Israel are the rightful heirs to the land and Israel does indeed have an "Arab" ancestry allowing it full rights in the inherently racist ME, but that's assuming you're correct. The claims you listed have been proven false (except among Arabs) about 20 years ago. DNA tests have shown Jews the world over do: 1) constitute a race, and 2) are related to those of the region from before the Roman expulsion, which is why the test showed a Jew in India, in Morocco, and Ukraine have some genes in common. Such DNA tests also showed a failed link between Pals today and Mediterranean groups like Philistines, Canaanites, Samarians, etc. Even Jesus is NOT Palestinian as Arafat claimed. Maybe you mean they are related to groups like Moabites or Jesubites - those that lived over in today's Jordan. Your claim also ignores the majority of Arabs who illegally immigrated into Israel/Palestine in the 1920s/30s in order to find work, from Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and Arabia. British records show this unequivocally. My guess is you haven't been truthful to yourself, or have spent some time sipping from the Arab propaganda kool-aid. Either way, your claim has been proven wrong a long time ago.
22. #14 - Thanks for the links
William ,   Israel   (03.23.09)
After I read these, I see where Palestinian (#13) missed the mark. They all cite Arab migration into the region before Moses and the Israelites, however, they mention civilizations that are long gone with no tie to a present culture. They also ignore more current events like, the massive influx of Arabs in 642 AD in order to ensure the region stays stolen from the Byzantines, the conquering by the Turks who played musical chairs with different cultures in the region to stem rebellion and the destruction of the Jewish Temple Mount for their own mosque, and the massive illegal immigration of Arabs in 1920s/30s for economic reasons. The sources also wrongly give the impression that Arabs took the whole land up to the Sea when infact numerous regions were ruled by Mediterranean (non-Arab) tribes along the coast - Gaza, Ashkelon, Haifa, Akko, and Tyre were just a few of those regions. And let's not forget that Abraham and his family and followers were not Arab either but they did live in the region around 2500 BC and purchased property in Hebron to bury his family...the same city Arabs refuse to allow Jews to settle in or worship in peacefully.
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